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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 31 Recap

Lao Song and Xiao Tan learned from the vegetable seller that Ma Wu was about to burn incense and worship Buddha in the temple. The two hurried to the Jade Buddha Temple and forcibly took Ma Wu to the patrol room. Luo Qiuheng rushed to see Director Jia, so she asked Shen Xiaoan. Go and record a confession to Wu Ma. Shen Xiaoan called Su Wenli. Su Wenli was finding a valuable silk pajamas from Axiang’s room. She received the call and hurried to the patrol room. Wu Ma insisted on telling the female police officer that Su Wen Li came by herself to make a statement for Wu Ma.

Wu Ma whispered out the reason for leaving the Wu family. She didn’t know that there was a murder case in the Wu family. She left the Wu family because she saw A Xiang appear on Qiu Zilong’s bed, so Su Wenli held the silk pajamas. Come and find Qiu Zilong. Qiu Zilong directly admitted the matter between him and Axiang, but he insisted that Axiang took the initiative, and when Axiang appeared from his room, he met Lao Li, and Lao Li dragged Axiang back to the room. He thought It is possible that Lao Li was the murderer, and the bottles of red wine in Lao Li’s room were given by him to block Lao Li’s mouth. After understanding what happened, Su Wenli only let Qiu Zilong do it for herself, and stop having trouble with Yaqi.

Su Wenli came to see Lao Li. She said that she already knew about Axiang and Qiu Zilong. She could also understand Lao Li’s anger. Lao Li mentioned the incident the night before Axiang’s accident. He saw that Axiang learned from Qiu Zilong Coming out of the room was angry and anxious. He took Axiang back to the room on the spot and beat Axiang with a riding whip. Axiang accused him of treating Axiang badly, and wanted to follow Qiu Zilong, even if he was a concubine. After playing Axiang, Lao Li kept drinking, and didn’t know the news of Axiang’s death until the next day, and he didn’t know his repentance.

In the evening, the birthday party was about to begin. Su Yun received a letter to Su Wenli while she was changing clothes. She placed the letter on the table, while Qiu Zihao watched Su Yun leave in the dark. The dinner party downstairs has already begun. Su Yun told Su Wenli about the letter. Su Wenli was ready to take the letter. At the same time, she also remembered that there was a porcelain doll mask in Qiu Zihao’s room. Qiu Zilong refused to let Qiu Zihao go downstairs. I was going to let Qiu Zihao go downstairs with a mask. Qiu Zihao didn’t want to go downstairs, and Su Wenli didn’t reluctantly, just let Qiu Zihao wear a mask and go downstairs when he wanted to go downstairs.

Little Taozi asked Shen Xiaoan to help her find out about Ding Rushan. Shen Xiaoan found out that it was Old Lady Jiang who had cremated Ding Rushan. Little Taozi wanted to go to Old Lady Jiang to ask about the death of Qing Ding Rushan, but Shen Xiaoan said that Old Jiang was already too early. Not in the address anymore. Little Taozi wanted to find out the matter by herself. She asked Shen Xiaoan to find Ding Rushan’s ashes. She found that Ding Rushan’s ashes contained glass, and that old lady Jiang had a false eye. The glass ashes were not Ding Rushan. It was Mrs. Jiang, whose body was dropped.

Luo Qiuheng went upstairs to look for Su Wenli. When Su Wenli opened the letter, she was surprised to find that the envelope was Wen Fei’s hairband. She believed that this hairband must have been given to her by Ding Rushan. When she saw this hairband, except for her mother Besides, there is Qiu Zihao. Qiu Zihao was two witnesses at the scene. The two came to Qiu Zihao, but Qiu Zihao disappeared wearing a mask. Su Wenli panicked. Wen Fei and the girls were both at this age. Su Yun is very likely to have an accident. .

At the birthday banquet, Su Yun followed Qiu Zihao away. Su Wenli and her group could not find Su Yun. At this time, Su Yun looked for Qiu Zihao in a forest. Qiu Zihao wanted to attack Su Yun when she was unprepared. But Su Wenli and her party arrived in time, and Su Yun escaped. Qiu Zilong scolded Zihao and even wanted to beat him. Qiu mother and Su Wenli stopped Zihao, Qiu Zilong left the house angry, and Luo Qiuheng found a bunch of candied haws in the corner. Zihao claimed that the candied haws were not his, but were given to him by the man who kidnapped Wen Fei.

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