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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 30 Recap

After Luo Qiuheng interrogated Qiu Zilong and Lao Li, there was nothing wrong with the confession of the two, but Su Wenli raised the suspicion of Qiu Zilong. Qiu Zilong always likes to sleep in and is not interested in cars. She thinks it is impossible for Qiu Zilong to go to the garage early in the morning to find the elderly. Li, there is also a major suspicion of Ma Wu. Ma Wu and A Xiang have always been in a good relationship, and her disappearance at this juncture is also very suspicious.

In the patrol room, Su Wenli came to Luo Qiuheng with a bunch of candied haws found near the corpse. She saw A Xiang’s autopsy report and found that A Xiang was not a virgin anymore, and she was strangled and suffocated to death. The night before her death, she also drank a lot, and she had whip marks on her back, which made Su Wenli and Luo Qiuheng had to reexamine the person A Xiang. After discussing the case, Su Wenli mentioned that she had learned from Shen Xiaoan that Luo Qiuheng was going to be promoted, but Luo Qiuheng was not at all happy, and Su Wenli didn’t understand his thoughts at all.

Su Wenli helped Qiu’s mother’s birthday party. She heard from Yaqi that Lao Li would use a horse whip to beat Ah Xiang after drinking. She and Luo Qiuheng approached Lao Li for this. Lao Li’s room was full. It is a low-quality wine bottle, but there is an empty bottle of Australian red wine. This bottle of wine is not available in ordinary stores. Recently, Qiu’s mother also lost several bottles of red wine. Lao Li denied that the wine was stolen by him. The bottle of wine was given by Qiu Zilong. Letting go of the red wine, Su Wenli asked about Lao Li’s flogging and abuse of A Xiang. Under the pressure of the two, Lao Li revealed that he had beaten A Xiang twice, but it was all for the sake of A Xiang. She associates with inconsistent men.

Shen Xiaoan couldn’t find out about Wu’s mother. Su Wenli guessed that Lao Li was very likely to protect Qiu Zilong. She wanted to find out the whereabouts of Wu’s mother first, so she assigned the task to everyone in the family and tried her best to find Wu. mom. After that, Su Yun accompanied Zihao to write. Su Wenli came to Zihao’s room. She learned from Zihao that Zihao was the first to find the body. Just when she wanted to continue to question, Qiu’s mother called away. Su Wenli, she didn’t want Zihao to be involved in this matter, but Su Wenli didn’t think it was a way to keep Zihao from her.

At this moment, Zihao’s screaming voice came. As soon as he saw the word Wen, he remembered Wen Fei who had disappeared that year. He also looked excited and mentioned that Axiang and Wen Fei were both taken away by the sugar gourd seller, Su Wenli Taking Zihao seriously, she asked Zihao to take her to see where the accident happened. Sure enough, she saw a rope stained with icing in the back garden, where Ah Xiang was strangled to death.

When Su Wenli returned home, she mentioned Zihao’s words and thought that Ding Rushan was definitely not dead. Her expression was broken and she couldn’t calm down. Luo Qiuheng stayed with Su Wenli to comfort her, so that Su Wenli should not think about it. It is very likely that I have remembered something wrong. Su Wenli gradually recovered her sanity with Luo Qiuheng’s company. When she sent Luo Qiuheng to leave, she gave Luo Qiuheng an invitation and asked Luo Qiuheng to attend the birthday party tomorrow to find clues.

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