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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 29 Recap

On the circus stage, Su Wenli appeared in the magic box. She publicly mentioned that Qiu Aiping was strangled to death. The reason why the murderer cruelly killed Qiu Aiping was to warn those present not to act rashly. Although Chen Zixin had a criminal record, she Chen Zixin didn’t have any motivation or ability to commit the crime.

She was framed by Ajie of the circus, and Hu Haoxuan was Ajie’s real name. Hu Haoxuan was able to escape from the prison because of the powerful tranquilizer in her hand. Someone had stuffed the tranquilizer into Ajie in advance, and Ajie sneaked into the modified coffin of the magic box. Unconsciously escaped from prison, the reason Jiang Weimiao had the money was to get the cost of this big change.

Su Wenli exposed Hu Haoxuan’s tricks. Hu Haoxuan secretly escaped when he wanted to, but Su Wenli stopped Hu Haoxuan with a gun. Hu Haoxuan mentioned that the reason why he knew this method to escape from prison was because of Ding Rushan. Su Wenli guessed that Ding Rushan was very good. She may have escaped from prison. She was emotional, but Police Officer Wang came behind Su Wenli and pointed his gun at Su Wenli. It turned out that Police Officer Wang was the police officer who cooperated with Ding Rushan and Hu Haoxuan to escape from prison.

The reason why he killed Qiu Aiping was because Qiu Aiping knew about it. Qiu Aiping had been blackmailing him, and he had paid for the hush money time and time again. Now that Su Wenli knows the truth of the matter, he will not leave Su Wenli alive. When Officer Wang was about to shoot, Deng Siyuan suddenly rushed out. He fought with Officer Wang, and Luo Qiuheng arrived in time. He beat up Officer Wang and warned Officer Wang not to touch his woman. Then he slammed Su Wenli held her in her arms.

Chen Zixin was acquitted and released. Luo Qiuheng took Hu Haoxuan into prison. He saw Old Man Hu in prison. Old Man Hu gave Hu Haoxuan a slap, but he looked at his son distressedly. Anyway, as long as his son can live. Su Wenfei has always been a hurdle in Su Wenli’s heart. Luo Qiuheng told her the news of Ding Rushan’s death. Ding Rushan died accidentally in prison. A cousin from a distance came to claim the body and cremated Ding Rushan on the spot. As everyone knows, Ding Rushan still escaped, and returned to his circus.

Qiu Zilong helped her mother choose costumes, and the day after tomorrow was his mother’s birthday party. Qiu Zilong and Yaqi’s engagement banquet would also be held at the same time. Therefore, Qiu’s mother told Qiu Zilong to do well, and Yaqi was very arbitrary. She asked Qiu Zilong to take care of it. With Yaqi. When the words were over, Qiu’s mother found Axiang. She saw her other son Qiu Zihao who was not very clear. Qiu Zihao said that Axiang was asleep in the swimming pool. Qiu’s mother stepped forward to check but was shocked to find the servant Axiang. Died in the swimming pool. Qiu’s mother is Su Wenli’s aunt. She had arranged for Su Wenli to have lunch with her, but Axiang’s death made Qiu’s mother very upset. Su Wenli helped Qiu’s mother call the police and came to Qiu’s house.

Su Wenli and Luo Qiuheng arrived at Qiu’s house one after another and learned that the location of the deceased was the fountain. Qiu Zilong said that he was the first person to find A Xiang’s body. Luo Qiuheng examined the deceased’s body and found a head injury. It is not fatal. She has strangled marks on her neck, so she asked Shen Xiaoan to send Axiang to a forensic doctor. The case was murder. When Mother Qiu learns that the case is a murder, she mentions the recent abnormality of Axiang’s emotions, but conceals that Zihao is the last person to see Axiang. At this moment, Zihao went downstairs, and Luo Qiuheng learned of Zihao’s existence and planned to interrogate everyone in the family, including Axiang’s father Lao Li.

Lao Li is the driver of the Qiu family. Luo Qiuheng came to question. He asked about Axiang’s recent emotions. Lao Li only said that he didn’t know clearly. He and Axiang didn’t live together. He met Axiang last night. On the last side, when Axiang was in the accident, he was washing the car. Qiu Zilong was able to prove it for him, and Luo Qiuheng also learned that Qiu Zilong had an undocumented wife. Then, Luo Qiuheng came to interrogate Zilong and asked Zilong some alibi as usual, while Su Wenli went to talk to Yaqi. Yaqi and Qiu’s mother could not get together, and the two quarreled in front of Su Wenli. Don’t let each other.

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