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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 25 Recap

Park Qicai immediately assured Director Kong that when everyone came back, he would organize training for everyone. Director Kong said that he wants to wait here for everyone to come back. Quan Xizheng couldn’t stand it, and was about to tell the truth to Director Kong. It happened that Friday Xian returned to the practice hall. She saw Park Qicai’s eyes sign, and tacitly mingled with her.

Director Kong walked out of the practice hall, but saw a group of classmates sitting outside talking about Park Qicai. He walked over and warned everyone that either he would return to the practice hall to practice now, or he would all go to his office tomorrow to find himself. Quan Xi was sending Park Qicai home, telling her that she must believe in herself, and in a few days, she would be qualified for this guidance.

Yao Yao and several classmates were upset because they were told by Director Kong, they were ready to trouble Pu Qicai. Park Qicai came to the practice hall nervously. She was very happy to see everyone in the practice hall. I didn’t want Yao Yao to collude with a few classmates to make trouble during training. Park Qicai heard that something was wrong and interrupted everyone. Unexpectedly, everyone suddenly quarreled. Park Qicai was very sad. She said that the orchestra should rely on everyone’s cooperation, not a mess of porridge like this. The students did not listen to her persuasion, and expressed their opinions one after another, clamoring that they would not practice anymore.

At this time, Director Kong took the principal and his party to the practice hall, ready to look at the training results of the students, but saw this farce, and said on the spot that if this is the standard of the Whale Orchestra, then don’t perform anymore. Director Kong was very angry. He severely criticized every player, especially Park Qicai. Piao Qicai wanted to fight for the performance of the players, and took the initiative to take on all the responsibilities. Director Kong was fined to wash the swimming pool for a month, but still failed to win a chance. Quan Hee arrived at the scene late and saw everything messed up, and Park Qicai who couldn’t cry.

Park Qicai and Kwon Hee Jong came to the swimming pool very quickly. She told Kwon Hee Jung that she was incapable, which caused the band to lose this opportunity. Just as Quan Xizheng wanted to persuade her, he saw Friday Xian leading the team members in the swimming pool to help them clean. Friday Xian said that he and she are both candidates for pianist, and they don’t want to be said to be invincible. Yao Yao said angrily by the side that all this was caused by Park Qicai’s informing Director Kong, which led to a performance error. On Friday, Xian said that she saw Park Qicai alone when no one came to rehearse. Helped everyone round the lie. Yao Yao wanted to leave angrily, but accidentally let a team member fall into the swimming pool. Park Qicai quickly reached out and rescued her.

Everyone’s feelings seemed to warm up at this moment. They returned to the practice hall soon, and Park Qicai said sincerely to everyone, I hope everyone will give themselves a chance, and she will take everyone to train well. In order to help the orchestra regain the opportunity to perform, Park Qicai took the initiative to find Director Kong, hoping that he could help the orchestra to let the principal come to visit again. Facing Director Kong’s refusal, Park Qicai took a different approach and thought of a way.

She took the team members to the principal’s only way on campus and played a piece to the principal in person. The principal was very satisfied and decided to give everyone another chance on the spot. The official selection of the pianists came soon. Park Qi Cai and Park Jae Woo came to the competition site together. Because a player temporarily retired, this selection became the main battlefield of Wu Xian and Park Qi Cai. Wu Xian even directly gave Park Qicai throws a problem.

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