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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 23 Recap

Park Qicai came to theroomwhere Quan Xizheng was practicing the violin to practice the piano. She walked into the room and sat upright next to the piano. The two played a natural ensemble, which was very harmonious. Quan Xi was asking why she hadn’t gone home yet, and Park Qi Cai said that she was watching how he practiced. Quan Hee is encouraging Park Qicai, saying that her piano voice can keep up with her violin rhythm more and more, and she can work harder in future training. When Park Qicai came home and saw that some of her older brothers were unhappy, she realized that it was Park Jae-Jak who suddenly stopped taking care of everyone’s affairs, which made Park Jae-jung very sad.

Park Qicai said that everything needs a buffer period. She found Park Jae-jung with some food, and persuaded him that Park Jae-joe just ignores him and does not cut ties with him. She also said that she can also help him. Asking for the manuscript fee, let him wait for himself at the school gate after class. However, afterwards, Park Jae-Jak found her, so she must not help Park Jae-jung again, saying that she was doing it for his good, and he could not have grown up like this forever.

After class the next day, Quan Xizheng blocked Park Qicai immediately and asked her to practice the piano with herself. Park Qicai said that she had something to do today and must go, and gave Quan Xizheng angrily. Park Qicai and Park Jae-jung soon came to the publishing house and found the president. The president said that his books are now selling very well and are planning to publish another 100,000 copies. But now the publisher has encountered a problem, and the balance payment may not be settled temporarily.

When Park Jae-jung heard that he had to publish it again, he was so happy that he forgot to ask for money, and said directly to the president that it was okay. Park Qicai and Park Jae-jung walked out of the building. The more she thought about it, the more things went wrong, and she pulled Park Jae-jung to return to continue looking for the president, but was stopped by the security guards, and even the president’s phone could not be reached.

The two returned home very late. Park Jae-Kak was injured in the push with the security guard. He cried to Park Jae-Kak, saying that he had been beaten. Park Jae-Jak was cold, saying that he couldn’t help him forever, so this time he must let him fight back by himself. Park Jae-jung was very sad, and Park Qicai couldn’t bear it. She told Park Jae-jung that she would definitely help him, and she would go to Cha Yun-hyun to find a way.

The next day, Park Qicai found Cha Yunxian, told him about collecting debts for Park, and asked him if he could do anything. Cha Yunxian said that he has no experience in asking for debt, but he can find a few people to beat those people and help them out. Park Qicai said, since he can’t do anything, let it go, go to Quan Xizheng, and he must have a solution. Cha Yunxian told her not to go to Quan Hee Jung, let her give herself some time, she would definitely figure out a way.

But soon, Park Jae-jung received a call saying that the publisher had called himself and said that he agreed to pay the balance and that he would pay them dividends. Park Qicai was very happy for him, and when he returned home, he took the initiative to find Park Jae-jiao, and found that he was quietly helping behind the matter. Park Jae Kok took out the medicine Quan Hee had placed at the door before and gave it to Park Qicai.

Only then did Park Qicai understand that this was another kind of implicit concern. Park Qicai returned to the room and looked at the medicine that Quan Hee Jung gave to herself. Only then did she understand Park Jae Kyok’s dedication to Park Jae Jung and said that she would protect Quan Hee Jung’s secrets in the future and would not be casual. Leak out. Park Qicai came to the piano room again, and heard that Quan Xizheng’s piano was getting better and better, but accidentally discovered that Quan Xi was hurting his hands to practice the piano. She was very sad, saying that if he wanted to beat herself so much, she would give up now, and she would never say to quit the orchestra again.

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