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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 22 Recap

Park Qicai and He Yuanzhu were shopping together. The two bought a lot of things in large bags and were very happy. Quan Xizheng came downstairs to Park Qicai’s house, and happened to meet Park Qicai who had come back from shopping. He asked Park Qicai why she had to submit an application to withdraw from the group. Park Qicai told him not to care about his own affairs, he was not his puppet, and he might really be just a piece of dead wood.

Quan Xi was persuading her not to give up because of this, she would definitely be able to work harder, but Park Qi Cai refused. Park Jaegong originally wanted to book a spot for everyone to watch his movie go online, but he didn’t expect to be temporarily withdrawn because of the bad box office of the movie. He was very frustrated and drank alone. Aman walked over and scolded him, what he looks like now, if it is photographed by paparazzi, it would be another scandal. Park Jaegong said that in the past, he could attract countless fans with this face. Now no one likes it anymore.

Otherwise, the box office will not be so bad. He has already worked very hard, and he blames the audience for not knowing how to appreciate it. However, Aman said that the real good actor does not depend on how handsome he looks, but on how to improve his acting skills. If Park Jae-gong played a bit more handsome on the set and improved his acting skills, the box office would not be so bad now. Park was anxious in the palace, and asked Aman to tell his agent to take the show for him immediately, and he had to prove it to everyone.

Quan Xizheng’s mother saw that he seemed to be worried, and asked him what happened. Quan Hee was asking her why she always made others feel uncomfortable when she said that she was doing it for the good of others. His mother told him that there is a saying that the speaker is unintentional and the listener has the heart. In this case, it is better to say less and put into practice to make the other party happy.

He understood the meaning of his mother’s words, and soon returned to the room to write an application form, ready to join the whale band violinist. Although the teacher advised him that the violinists of the Whale Orchestra are very competitive, he is still very optimistic about him. He came to the piano room to find Park Qicai and asked her to make a bet with him, saying that if she can successfully join the orchestra in a month, Park Qicai must stay in the orchestra.

Park Qicai believed that this was something that could not be accomplished at all, so he agreed. She tried her best to warn herself, and just insisted on it for another month. She plucked up the courage and went to the concert hall again. Kwon Hee started his violin training very quickly. He was full of confidence when he thought of Park Qicai, who is also playing the piano in the orchestra.

Park Jaeyu wants Lin Yi to eliminate his obsession that he can’t dance as soon as possible, but he doesn’t know what to do. When I walked out of the room, I saw Park Jaegong post photos of himself all over the house. After asking Aman, I realized that he was frustrated because of the bad box office. Suddenly, Park Jaeyu had an inspiration and said that he had thought of a way. In order to practice tacit understanding with the orchestra first, Quan Hee also came to the orchestra and asked to listen, and took the initiative to stand beside Park Qicai.

Park Jae-yu hurriedly came to the Lin family and said that he wanted to come and play with her today, which was where Park Qicai and Quan Xizheng had been last time. The two rushed to the ancient town. Park Zaiyu took a lot of photos of Lin Yi, all of them were the most natural ones. Park Jae-jung saw that his book was published online, and he happily told Park Jae-jung the good news. At a glance, Park Jae-Jiao saw the tricky inside. The publisher might be maliciously defaulting on Park’s manuscript fees, so he asked him to go to the publishing house to resolve the matter, saying that he could not stay with him forever.

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