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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 21 Recap

Park Qicai came to the performance hall to practice piano and found that everyone had arrived and was waiting for her alone. The teacher soon came to the scene to prepare everyone to start training. Park Qicai’s performance this time was finally better, and the teacher relaxed a little bit for her. However, the classmates seemed to criticize her quite a bit, saying that because of Park Qicai’s existence, the performance level of the whole orchestra was lowered. Park Qicai felt very sad because of the criticism from her classmates. On the second day of training, she pulled He Yuanzhu to make her must accompany her to train, saying that all the classmates isolated themselves, and every time she walked into the orchestra, she felt very depressed.

He Yuanzhu said that Park Qicai is so good, and he wants to help her find Kwon Hee Jung and Cha Yun Heon , and go to the orchestra to cheer for her. She quickly came to the library and found Quan Xizheng. Quan Xizheng directly said that he would not go. He was so angry that He Yuanzhu turned around and went to find Cha Yunxian. When Cha Yunxian heard that he was anxious, he quickly followed her to the band.

Because of the arrival of He Yuanzhu and Cha Yunxian, Park Qicai seemed to have some confidence in her heart. She took the initiative to greet Yao Yao who entered the stadium, but she didn’t expect the other party to ignore her at all. Cha Yunxian couldn’t stand it, let her stop, and asked her why she ignored Park Qicai’s greetings. Yao Yao was not to be outdone, and walked over to him and said that Park Qicai had dragged the band’s hind legs. He Yuanzhu was also anxious and walked up to push her a few times, and the two quickly scrambled together.

The teacher was very angry when she found out, saying that Park Qicai indirectly caused the fight and asked her to apologize to Yao Yao. Quan Hee came to the orchestra to see her when he heard about it, but pretended that nothing happened, and asked her why she didn’t practice the piano if nothing happened. Pu Qicai felt very tired and ignored her and left the hall alone. Cha Yunxian and He Yuanzhu had already been waiting for her outside the door.

Looking at the wound on He Yuanzhu’s face, Park Qicai said that he would not be allowed to say a few words, and don’t be so impulsive in the future. Cha Yun-hyun blames Kwon Hee-jung, and shouldn’t let Park Q-Chai join the orchestra because of her own desires, because Park Q-Chai is not happy in the orchestra. Quan Xizheng said that not everyone can enter the Whale Orchestra. Even if it is not happy now, it is just a pain on the way to growth.

However, Quan Xizheng came to the performance hall to watch her play before the piano practice started again. Park Qicai was absent-minded, and the sound of the piano was chaotic, interrupting all the rhythm. The teammates rushed to accuse her, and Quan Xizheng also stepped forward and asked her why she was upset. Looking at Quan Xizheng, Park Qicai picked up her bag and rushed out. Kwon Hee is catching up. Park Qi Cai said that she quit. It was a mistake to come to the orchestra.

She was just a joke in the orchestra. She said that no matter how others look down on her, it doesn’t matter. What she values ​​most is that she is right. With her own attitude, she didn’t expect her to be on her side. Park Qicai said to He Yuanzhu that he had decided to leave the orchestra, and now he was finally relieved. Park Jaeyu wanted to teach Lin Yi to dance, but Lin Yi always said that he was physically uncoordinated and he had no confidence.

Park Qicai returned home unhappy, and when Park Jae corner saw something on his mind, he took his freshly baked biscuits to her room to comfort her. Park Qicai said to him, whether he wants to quit the orchestra, why should he be controlled by Quan Hee Jung. Soon Park Qicai came to the orchestra with her withdrawal letter and handed it to Wu Xian, and had a fight with Yao Yao. Quan Xizheng heard that Park Qicai had submitted an application to withdraw from the group. He directly found Wu Xian and asked her to hand Park Qicai’s application to himself.

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