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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 5 Recap

Luo Tianran’s bag and mobile phone were forgotten in Jin Zeyi’s car. After Jin Ze found out, he planned to send her back, but at this time Luo Tianran had walked for a long time, and Jin Zeyi drove around in the car. After several laps, Luo Tianran was not found. Luo Tianran was penniless, didn’t know where he was, and was very helpless. At this moment, Yun Shu appeared in front of her again. After discovering that Luo Tianran’s feet were worn out, Yun Shu asked her to temporarily put the tissue between the wound and shoes. Luo Tianran felt it, and it did not hurt that much.

Luo Tianran complained to Yun Shu about Jin Zeyi, saying that if Jin Zeyi had one-tenth of his kindness, he would not be so bitter.

After returning home, Jin Ze saw a lot of public security news nearby, and became more worried about Luo Tianran, so he drove again along the road to look for it.

Because Yun Shu asked, Luo Tianran told Yun Shu: He didn’t really want to marry Jin Zeyi, and later asked him to send himself to a friend’s house. Luo Tianran came to Jin Xiaoqin and Lin Che for a drink, and said why he wanted to marry Jin Zeyi because of a house. Jin Xiaoqin agrees on the surface, but secretly intends to promote the marriage of this village.

Tiffany intensively began the final preparations for the wedding venue, but learned that Luo Tianran was missing.

Because Luo Tianran has not come, Tiffany has prepared two PR drafts urgently. Jin Zeyi also picked up the microphone to announce the cancellation of the wedding. At this time, Luo Tianran was finally pulled to the scene by Jin Xiaoqin. The wedding finally officially began. Jin Zeyi took the wedding oath and said “I am willing.” Luo Tianran hesitated a bit, and finally reluctantly cooperated with the oath. In the last part of the wedding, the groom kissed the bride, but the two chose to borrow.

Shi Dong called Tiffany, because the unexpected situation of the wedding questioned Tiffany’s professionalism. After being scolded, Tiffany noticed that Lin Che’s milk tea cart was the stall offering free milk tea. Tiffany told Lin Che that he could not park the car here. Lin Che said that he was gifting a hundred cups of milk tea to help a good friend celebrate the wedding. He also pointed out the animated image of Luo Tianran on the car to Tiffany, but Tiffany teared it up without saying anything. Lin Che also became angry now, and the two began to argue. In the end, Tiffany kicked the dining car several times and then gave him money to repair the car and leave. Lin Che thought she was really a strange person.

Luo Tianran and Jin Zeyi traveled together to shoot a honeymoon advertisement. The two came to the Tomato Music Festival. There was a huge hot air balloon at the entrance of the music festival. As soon as Luo Tianran saw it, he began to dream about the scene of himself riding a hot air balloon. As soon as Jin Ze saw that she was looking forward to it, he told her to wait for the two to go on a hot air balloon sightseeing together. Luo Tianran was somewhat surprised.

Luo Tianran found that the appearance of the hotel he was going to stay in was very high-end and luxurious, and he was surprised that it was like a place where immortals lived. After entering the hotel, it was even more eye-opening. Luo Tianran laughed that she had never seen the world. But there was only one bed in the room, which was occupied by Jin Ze, and Luo Tianran had to sit on the couch outside and stare at him angrily. Jin Zeyi gloated and told her that although she was close to nature outside, there were a lot of mosquitoes at night. Luo Tianran said: “I was killed at night and would not go in.”

Lin Che came to pay Tiffany’s extra money specially. Jin Xiaoqin joked that he didn’t like Tiffany anymore. Lin Che saw that Tiffany was working overtime, so he went directly to her company and found her in the office. Tiffany refused to accept the money. Lin Che didn’t. What said he took the money and left, Tiffany felt that he was probably not a mistake.

At night, Luo Tianran couldn’t bear to stay outside, and asked himself to sleep on the sofa, but was driven back. Luo Tianran sneaked in and fell asleep next to Jin Ze. Jin Ze woke up immediately and saw Luo Tianran staying still and offered a lore. The stinky socks wanted to drive Luo Tianran away, but Luo Tianran went on a tooth for a tooth with him. At first sight, Jin Ze couldn’t figure it out, so he simply started to take off his clothes. Luo Tianran thought he was going to be a hooligan, so he quickly covered his eyes and rushed out.

There are many interesting things in the process of the two people shooting the honeymoon advertisement. The director felt that the two showed a genuine and sweet love, and lamented that the shooting of the advertisement was perfect.

Luo Tianran and Jin Ze accidentally lost their wedding ring when they were fighting. She found it and returned to the shooting location anxiously.

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