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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 4 Recap

Jin Zeyi held Luo Tianran’s face under everyone’s gaze and kissed her lips. The two kissed deeply, proving their relationship to the people in the audience.

After returning home, Luo Tianran, who planned to teach Jin Zeyi a lesson, gave Jin Zeyi’s toothbrush to Erlangshen, but she also felt that she was too sinister and contemptuous. Isn’t it the same as Jin Zeyi? Finally, the toothbrush was thrown into the trash can.

Luo Tianran asked Jin Zeyi what to do next. An innocent girl of his own was now being scolded by someone pointing her nose at him. Jin Zeyi said, “Then get married.” Luo Tianran was stunned for a while before reacting. Inexplicably, Jin Zeyi said that as long as he gets married, he doesn’t have to face scandals and blind dates, and Luo Tianran does not need to move out of the villa. Luo Tianran is angry that he has never seen a selfish person like him.

Luo Tianran returned to the room and turned the nasty ghost away. Jin Ze chased him outside and told him that he was willing to hire her as his wife, and that the house could be returned to her. They would divorce after the matter was resolved. Luo Tianran hesitated.

Tiffany called Shi Dong and told him that it was because the company decided to let Jin Zeyi and Sa Sa team cp, Jin Zeyi had serious rebellious psychology, and now there is such a big crisis.

Many of the partners that had been scheduled now want to terminate the contract with Jin Zeyi. Jin Zeyi told her about his plan to get married when Tiffany was in a scorch, and Tiffany was about to collapse.

Jin Xiaoqin saw the news that the two were getting married from the entertainment news, and told Luo Tianran that she should take the opportunity to open a shop and become an Internet celebrity, and make a lot of money.

Tiffany told Luo Tianran: Jin Ze wanted a nominal contract marriage, and the house would return to the original owner after the divorce. Luo Tianran thought of the memories he had with his family in the house, and finally agreed.

Meng Meng took the three-chapter marriage contract to Jin Zeyi for signature. Jin Zeyi suggested that she needed to cooperate with herself in public and could not reveal to anyone that the two were contractual marriages.

Tiffany dressed Luo Tianran well, and the effect was amazing. After facing the media reporters, Luo Tianran was a little nervous, and Jin Zeyi told her that she was there.

The two attended a press conference on the wedding together. The media asked what the two parties liked about each other. At first, Jin Zeyi answered very seriously and successfully created a sweet atmosphere, but then Luo Tianran’s answer angered him, and he simply indulged himself and began to answer casually. , Tiffany held his forehead in the audience. Dean Jin, who watched the live video of the two, felt that they were fooling around. The two went to take a wedding photo together and received a small red book.

Tiffany helped Luo choose the wedding dress naturally. A handmade treasure in the shop attracted her attention. The clerk said that she had a good vision and the wedding dress was suitable for her, but Tiffany said that purple was not suitable for her and she was too young.

Luo Tianran was called by Jin Zeyi’s grandmother. Luo Tianran didn’t want to tell Jin Zeyi, but Jin Ze could easily guess where she was going. Grandma Jin Zeyi loves her grandson very much, so she seems a bit picky about her grandson and daughter-in-law, but when Jin Zeyi came here, grandma felt that he cared about Luo Tianran, and her attitude softened a lot. Dean Jin accused Jin Ze of getting married tomorrow but even the girl never planned to bring her to her family. Does he still have this home in his eyes? Because of the discord between the father and the son, the last time I saw the parents still broke up.

Jin Zeyi told Luo Tianran: This is how her father speaks, so please don’t worry about it. Luo Tianran said that he and his father were carved out of the same mold. Luo Tianran felt that Jin Ze’s attitude to his parents should not be so bad. Jin Zeyi was annoyed by her and drove her out of the car.

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