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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 3 Recap

Luo Tianran worked in a western restaurant and took the opportunity to promote the song he had created. He sang a song to the child, but the child cried uncomfortably.

The gossip of Jin Zeyi came out, and Luo Tianran’s photos were on hot search, which directly affected her work. People around her were whispering and commenting on her.

Luo Tianran came to Jin Ze for a theory. At this time, Tiffany came to check on the gun, and Jin Ze could put Luo Tianran into the cupboard. Tiffany was here to ask Jin Zeyi about the scandal and gave some countermeasures, but Jin Zeyi only said that those were just catching the wind and catching the shadows. At this time, Luo Tianran was too bored in the cupboard, so he jumped out and changed his life People look silly at Tiffany.

Because of this “real hammer” scandal, Jin Ze lost 500,000 followers in an instant.

Jin Zeyi’s father is a hospital director and attending doctor. He never understood Jin Zeyi’s pursuit of music ideals, thinking that he was not doing his job properly. Even his colleagues in the hospital never knew that he was Jin Zeyi’s father. Tiffany handed the invitation of Jin Zeyi’s celebration banquet to Dean Jin, and also expressed his hope that he would come to attend Jin Zeyi.

Luo Tianran accidentally saw Zhang Muzhi on the guest list of Jin Zeyi’s celebration banquet. She was very surprised and was so happy that she turned around in circles.

Luo Tianran begged Jin Zeyi to give himself an invitation letter for the celebration banquet. Luo Tianran even offered to cook Jin Zeyi for this, which solved Jin Ze’s urgent need.

The handsome guy who rescued people on the night bus was called Yun Shu. He had been overseas before and only recently returned to China. Dean Jin is Yunshu’s teacher. He arranged Yunshu, who had first returned to this city, to work in his hospital and asked him to go to the celebration banquet with himself.

Jin Zeyi felt that Luo Tianran’s cooking was difficult to swallow, so the plate of potato shreds her father taught her to fry was okay, but no one at home was cooking. He was willing to take himself to the celebration banquet, and directly gave his job to the “Erlang Shen” (pet dog) who was standing by the table.

In addition to Yunshu, Meng Meng has just returned from studying abroad. Dean Jin invited her to attend Jin Ze’s celebration banquet. He hoped that the three people who had known each other when they were young would get together to relive the past. Meng Meng originally thought that he had never seen Jin Zeyi, who had become a big star, and was pleased to attend the appointment after receiving the invitation of Dean Le.

Jin Ze didn’t take Luo Tianran to the celebration banquet alone, but Luo Tianran had the idea to go to the celebration banquet by himself. But because there was no invitation letter, Luo naturally couldn’t enter. In order to see the idol, she went through the green belt without hesitation and finally reached the courtyard near the venue. At this moment, she was noticed by Yun Shu, who realized that she was eager to participate in the celebration party. , Proposed to take her into the venue by herself. After that, Luo Tianran finally asked Zhang Muzhi to sign, but at the same time he was driven out of the venue by security.

Jin Zeyi’s mother called Meng Meng over to introduce him, but Jin Zeyi no longer remembered Meng Meng’s friend, and he saw that his mother had brought the two together, so he didn’t want to stay and continue talking. Just as Jin Zeyi was about to turn around and leave, Dean Jin went on to say that his ultimate goal of opening the hospital was to let his son inherit his father’s business, but Jin Zeyi has been indifferent to hospital affairs for the past ten years, thanks to Lin Che helped himself. Dean Jin thought that Jin Zeyi should learn more from Yunshu.

Jin Ze always asked Tiffany whether he could sing his favorite song at the next concert, but although Tiffany said that he understood his desire to prove his strength, he still didn’t tell Jin Zeyi the exact time, but changed the subject.

Even if it was a celebration banquet, the media still flocked to them. They were scrambling to interview Jin Zeyi’s latest scandal, and Sasha took Jin Zeyi’s arm and announced the status of his true girlfriend. Jin Ze thought of the layers and layers of restraint that his agent and parents had imperceptibly put on him, and also thought of Luo Tianran’s care when he was ill and the thoughtfulness of cooking for himself. He got rid of Salsa and brought the crowd into harmony. Luo Tianran, who was standing together, pulled over and announced in front of the media that he was his fiancée.

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