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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 2 Recap

Although the two had already lived in a villa, they didn’t find each other, but Luo Tianran wondered how the faucet he had turned on was turned off again, and Jin Zeyi also suspected that he had hit the evil. In the evening, gluttonous Luo Tianran went to the kitchen to get snacks and hummed a nursery rhyme. Jin Zeyi, who was awakened in the middle of the night, was so frightened that he almost thought he had heard some yin music.

Jin Zeyi finally plucked up the courage to go downstairs to check. He really found the passive things on the table. He shuddered more and more. On the other hand, Luo Tianran was also frightened by Jin Zeyi’s movements, and took it. A toy dog ​​to ward off evil spirits. Luo Tianran finally found Jin Zeyi in the living room. The two felt that each other had broken into their home. Jin Zeyi was 100% sure that Luo Tianran was a crazy bastard.

Luo Tianran asked Jin Ze to take a look at the decorations in the room and proved that this was indeed her house, but as soon as Jin Ze was still dubious, Luo Tianran told him that he had a music score for his father. Unfortunately, his father died before finishing writing. She also said that the music score was outside the door to let Jin Ze go out to read it, but she closed the door of the house and shut Jin Zeyi outside, with the nickname: to treat his body by his own way.

There was heavy rain in the evening, and there was lightning and thunder again, but Luo Tianran did not feel soft. Poor Jin Ze, a big celebrity, spent the night in the doghouse outside the door, and developed a high fever the next day. Luo Tianran could not contact Jin Xiaoqin. She had just settled in Jin Zeyi who was sick, and a arrogant beauty walked in, and she ignored her and only talked to Jin Zeyi. It turned out that this beauty was Jin Zeyi’s agent, Tiffany. , Tiffany did not argue with Luo Tianran about the ownership of the house, but neatly took out the house transfer contract with Jin Xiaoqin’s signature on it. Only then did Luo Tianran know that the home he lived in since childhood had been sold by Jin Xiaoqin.

Jin Zeyi learned that Luo Tianran mortgaged the house to Jin Xiaoqin, and Jin Xiaoqin sold it to Tiffany, so it turned out to be Luo Tianran’s home. Jin Xiaoqin has always avoided Luo Tianran because of her guilty conscience. Luo Tianran called Lin Che and asked him to call Jin Xiaoqin for himself. It turned out that when Luo Tianran was drunk, he mortgaged the house to Jin Xiaoqin, who was crying about her lack of money. Luo Tianran called Jin Xiaoqin to the boxing ring and gave a lesson, but this could not change the fact that she was homeless afterwards. Luo Tianran unconsciously recalled the happiness when his father welcomed himself into a beautiful new house when he was a child.

Luo Tianran remembered that one of his father’s tapes had been forgotten in the villa, but Jin Zeyi felt that she was selling the poor, not letting her in, and told Luo Tianran that everything was in the trash can in order to send her away. After seeing that Luo Tianran was really not too dirty, he searched carefully before finally allowing her to enter the house. Jin Zeyi was looking at the decoration design drawings, and Luo Tianran told him after discovering that his father designed and decorated this home for his mother himself, and he could not touch the design.

Jin Zeyi told her that the house now belongs to her. Luo Tianran proposed that he could make money by composing and pay back the house money as soon as possible. However, Jin Zeyi dismissed her previous manuscripts and drove her out of the house.

Luo Tianran found the spare key in the flower room. In order to stay in the house not to move out, Luo Tianran took out the photos of Jin Ze sleeping dog kennel that she had secretly taken before threatening. Jin Zeyi looked like when she was fighting for the mobile phone. It fell to Luo Tianran, and this scene was filmed by the gossip reporter hiding in the trash can.

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