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Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 Episode 1 Recap

When the two met for the first time, they celebrated the festival, Luo Tianran vowed to be incompatible
Luo Tianran’s family lives in a sea-view villa on the beautiful seashore. She often dives into the sea to listen to the movements of nature.

Luo Tianran has a unique musical talent. She is more sensitive to natural melody than others, so ordinary people think it is ordinary But the sound of nature can converge into a gorgeous melody in her ears.

On this day, best friend Jin Xiaoqin helped Luo Tianran get her favorite composer Zhang Muzhi concert tickets.

The popular superstar Jin Ze has a lot of popular rights and wrongs. He has been scandalized and has been questioned about new songs and hype. The house has been exposed by the media, so he has to move into the hotel.

However, he just got up and received news that the hotel has also been chased Media found. Jin Zeyi made a trick for these crowds of media-stealing the beams and changing the posts, making assistant Artest put on the secret world and pretend to attract the reporter’s attention, while Jin Zeyi pretended to be a worker and escaped.

Luo Tianran went to the shooting location of the photo album. The younger sister Sa Sa had been waiting for a long time. Sa Sha was very gracious to invite Jin Ze to dinner, but Jin Ze refused. Luo Tianran, who was looking for the concert venue of idol Zhang Muzhi, happened to come here. Luo Tianran walked behind Jin Zeyi, who was undergoing filming, and affected the work process. Jin Zeyi also thought she was an illegitimate meal.

After being driven away, Luo Tianran found a poster of Zhang Muzhi’s concert. He was surprised that he didn’t go to the wrong address, but found that the concert time on the poster was six days ago. It turned out that Jin Xiaoqin actually lied to himself.

Luo Tianran took out the recording transcript and recorded the call from the tree, but was called by Jin Zeyi, who was calling her agent not to cp herself and Sarah, and mistakenly thought she was following herself.

Jin Zeyi took the recorder, and Luo Tianran had to come to his fan meeting in order to retrieve the recorder. Luo Tianran pretended that the fans wanted to get the recorder back, but was kicked out again by the security guard. She was angry but scolded Jin Ze casually, which almost caused public outrage.

Jin Xiaoqin’s friend Lin Che, Nuan Nan, opened a car mobile tea shop.

When Jin Zeyi participated in the live reality show, he had to pretend to be a taxi driver, and in order to prevent passengers from recognizing it, he deliberately disguised himself. Unexpectedly, Luo Tianran got in this taxi. After she got in the car, she never took care of the driver and made the show very unattractive.

So Jin Ze started looking for a topic and asked Luo Tianran’s opinion on the star Jin Zeyi. Luo Tianran said a lot of bad things about him. The most annoying thing was that he let Jin Ze shut down his new song, complaining that it was too ugly. Anxious Jin Ze took off his sunglasses, and the two quarreled. The scene lost control and almost had a car accident.

The two were surrounded by reporters in the hospital, but Jin Ze forgot to find the recorder in the taxi. Luo Tianran wanted to find the recorder, but was pulled by Jin Zeyi. Luo Tianran told him that the recorder contained everything he had recorded. The sound material is very important. Jin Ze called and asked Artest to help him retrieve the recorder, but Artest had already cleaned up the car and threw it into the trash can.

In the end, he took back all the odds and ends of the car. When Luo Tianran was looking for it, he didn’t expect that Luo Tianran’s painstakingly searching for the recorder was finally broken by Jin Ze.

The recorder was given to her by Luo Tianran’s father before, because it was an old model that couldn’t find accessories and could not be repaired. Luo Tianran swears that he and Jin Ze are incompatible.

On the evening bus going home, a passenger fainted. At this time, the handsome guy on the same bus expertly rescued the passenger, so that the passenger escaped the danger and was sent to the ambulance in time. The handsome guy thought that Luo Tianran had reacted very enthusiastically just now, so he had a few more conversations with her.

After a tiring day, Luo Tianran finally returned to her seaside villa, but she didn’t know that the person she least wanted to see had also moved in.

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