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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 9 Recap

When Concubine Shu Gui saw that Ji Yan was playing the piano, she was afraid that Ji Yan had killed his child before. She wanted to punish him by the Queen Mother. Unexpectedly, Ji Yan only wanted to keep the guqin left by Shi Boyin.

Long Yue and Long Teng discussed that Yun Qingxian was known by the emperor about using jade pendant as a mortgage, so he deducted his salary, but I don’t know who made the report. I didn’t expect the third child to be smart this time and said it might be Kun. The man of the temple. Ben was discussing Yun Qingxian’s problem, but he didn’t expect the topic to turn to the second and third. Xiaobao went out to play with his friends, but he did not expect to encounter bullying from other friends on the road, saying that he has no father, but he did not expect that this was stopped by Long Fei. It happened that Feng Wu ran over and Feng Wu said Mu The child was gone, Long Fei told her not to look for it, he knew where it was.

Miss Ding and her father discussed Yun Qingxian, saying that Yun Qingxian’s pledge of Yu Pei would involve them. But at this time, Ding Yanxiang asked Yun Qingxian for good, saying, “Now that the Shu family is overbearing in the court, the emperor can rely on ministers who choose stocks like Ding Sheng, and Yun Qingxian was born in Qingliu and did not work with others. , Just to make a name for the Ding family. If Ding Sheng helped him this time, he would definitely use it for the Ding family.” When Ding Xian heard that his daughter was interested in Yun Qingxian, and decided to say something reasonable, so Go out to meet Yun Qingxian.

Erlong came to the room to see Mu’er. Mu’er was very angry when she saw Long Yue and asked him to return the jade pendant to him. When the two of them were arguing, they were heard by the youngest man and Feng Wu who had eavesdropped outside the door, and Feng Wu gave it to him. Mu’er said that since his master was arrested, he has been accompanied by Erye Long, and he has never thought of harming him, but Yun Qingxian is not necessarily anymore. Mu’er feels that he has done a little too much. Jumped out to return the jade pendant to him.

The Long family and Mu’er went to spring by the stream. In order to make private space for Muer and Long Yue, the three of Long Fei and Feng Wu went to other places. The three of Long Fei’s family were having fun playing, Long Fei Playing games with Xiaobao, the third child and Feng Wu looked at each other, and the two suddenly realized that they felt an electric shock.

Here, Yun Qingxian and Miss Ding were walking by the stream. Yun Qingxian extended her hand to thank Miss Ding. Miss Ding also accepted the feeling. Suddenly Miss Ding Er appeared and told them that they were outing. The place was occupied by Young Master Long Er. Yun Qingxian and Miss Ding came to Mu’er and the others, and Mu’er returned the jade pendant to Yun Qingxian and the source of the jade pendant. Miss Ding Er kept talking bad things about Mu’er in front of Long Yue, but she didn’t expect that Long Yue would not eat this set, and instead insulted him, Xiaobao and Feng Wu pushed Miss Ding Er down the river.

Feng Wu told Mu’er and Yun Qingxian that they had gone into the woods. Long Yue said he didn’t care, but his eyes were looking straight at the woods. Yun Qingxian thought that the Jade Pei matter was reported by the Long Family Goshen, and said that he would have nothing to do with him in the future, and he did not want Miss Ding to misunderstand it. So he left, when Long Yue appeared, Mu’er squatted on the ground and cried in pain, and Long Yue had to stay with her.

In the evening, Long Yue blindfolded his eyes and wanted to feel what would happen if he couldn’t see what he was doing. He didn’t expect that after half an hour, he was not used to it. Asked Feng Wu if he could just change one eye, Feng Wu teased Long Yue and said no, but Finally, I told Long Yue that there are other ways to treat Mu’er’s eyes. Long Yue asked Feng Wu to heal Mu’er’s eyes, and Feng Wu agreed. But Er refused to cooperate with the treatment, Long Yue persuaded her not to give up lightly, he would always be with her.

Dragon Habitat Mu children before putting the cream ready to leave, do not want to bathe children, catching him, saying he is actually afraid of disappointment, fear once again disappointed their eyes incurable, Dragon promised to always be with her. The next day, early in the morning, Long Yue woke up and found that Mu’er was missing. He looked around and found that Mu’er was in the garden, but he found that Mu’er’s eyes were still not optimistic. The eyes can see.

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