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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 8 Recap

Feng Wu and Long Sanye were chasing in the courtyard. Long Sanye refused to recognize his son Xiaobao and his wife Feng Wu. When Long Yue saw that he had come to persuade Feng Wu to be anxious, he had to give Long Sanye some time, and told Erlong that if he wanted to heal Muerguliang’s eyes, he could choose to change his eyes. Mu’er played the piano alone in the room, remembering what happened before, then Xiaobao appeared and came to comfort Mu’er and said that he would also play the piano, and Muer agreed to teach Xiaobao to play the piano in the future.

Feng Wu walked in to thank Ju Mu’er for her acceptance, and told her that the second master had a deep affection for her, but Mu’er didn’t know what Long Second master wanted, and always felt that Long Yue was so kind to her because of the piano score. Mu’er chose a piano score for Xiaobao. Feng Wu told Mu’er that Long Yue was afraid of what would happen to her. He specifically asked Xiaobao to follow her. After sending her home, she suffered a serious illness. After Mu’er heard it, she was moved. , Muer wanted to go to Longfu to thank him in person.

Mu’er and Fengwu happened to meet Yun Qingxian when she was choosing the piano score. Mu’er was afraid that Yun Qingxian wanted to leave. Unexpectedly, Yun Qingxian tried to lie to Mu’er and said that she was forced to do this before. He must She would treat Mu’er well, Mu’er didn’t want to listen anymore, Feng Wu made an excuse and took Mu’er away. When Long Yue was walking in the mansion, he suddenly thought of Mu’er, but he did not expect that Muer would come to see him in the Long Mansion. He thanked him for the help before, and then talked about the situation of the Fengwu mother and her son. Let Fengwu mother and son live in them. Family.

When Mu’er returned home, Mr. Ju told Mu’er that Yun Qingxian had given him a very valuable piano. Mu’er turned his face instantly and asked to be sent back immediately. Father Ju was busy persuading Master Yun that he cares about Mu’er. Suddenly the piano sounded outside and Yun Qingxian was playing outside the window. Xiaobao and his mother were discussing the sound of the piano. Xiaobao asked when his father would come to pick him up, but he felt that his father was inferior to his second uncle in all his abilities.

Long Yue asked Long Teng to drink, with the purpose of seeing the mother and son Fengwu for the third child. Miss Shu was stealing food, Shu Qing’s maid rushed to say that she heard that the marriage of the three young masters of the Long family was introduced by the matchmaker. Although the young master of the Long family is old, he has never had the favorite mushroom, Shu The young lady prepared to sneak out while her father was not present.

Long Yue and Long Teng brought gifts to Mu’er, thanking her for taking in Fengwu’s mother-child love, but he didn’t expect Long Brother to tell Erlong’s true thoughts, and it was embarrassing. Suddenly Mu’er was dizzy and Feng Wu was just It was said that Long Yue would exchange his eyes for Mu’er’s eyes, and a shopkeeper rushed to ask for the jade pendant from the client, and Muer took out the jade pendant. Long Teng was very confused when he wanted the jade pendant. The shopkeeper said that Yun Qingxian bought the piano and silver pair yesterday and it was not enough for mortgage.

Long Teng said that the jade pendant was given by the emperor, and it was a big crime to take out the jade pendant. Long Yue took the jade pendant away. When Long Teng and Long Yue were drinking tea, she talked about changing her eyes. Miss Shu was suddenly chased while she was dressed as a man. She hid in front of Long Teng and escaped the catastrophe. Erlong saw the relationship between her elder brother and Miss Shu and kept asking, which made Long Teng. I’m sorry to have to leave.

Long Teng took Miss Shu to the stream and gently wiped off the dust on her face. Ding Yanshan and the maids were swinging on the swing. At this time, her sister Ding Yanxiang told her to be careful not to fall. The sister advised her to be more dignified. The sister didn’t listen to the deadlift. The sister got on the swing, and the handkerchief dropped by accident. Yun Qingxian happened to be passing by. Pick up. When Long Yue played the piano, Mu’er came to see him.

Long Yue thought that Mu’er was doing it for Yun Qingxian, but Mu’er came to get the piano score. Together, Long Yue picked up Muer and locked it into the room. When the Queen Mother was walking in the garden with Concubine Shu, she always thought that there would be no concubine to open up the branches and leaves for the emperor. However, Concubine Shu suggested that she could draft. Suddenly, she heard a sound of piano, she was very familiar with it, but Ji Yan did not expect it to be.

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