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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 10 Recap

Miss Ding Er brought a group of guards to the home hotel, saying that she had all the wine for today, and that she wanted Mu’er to move the wine to the house with her alone. Mu’er didn’t eat this set. For Miss Ding Er, it would cost a few thousand taels of silver to buy all the wine, and the wine will never be returned after it has come out. Miss Ding Er knew that she didn’t have that much money, so she asked the guard to make an excuse that her father was called back.

The three young masters of the Long family are preparing to redecorate the restaurant, but they didn’t think that the old third looked sleepy. The shopkeeper joked that it must have been because Fengwu Mushroom Liang didn’t sleep well last night. Saved, Erlong said it was for the dance forest meeting after the third child, and also wanted to start the career of Zhenlong’s house. At this time, someone reported that Zhu Fu had bought the shipping company and the water gang, and they were not allowed to pick up the dragon’s business. Long Yue and Long Fei led the Long Family’s own water transport team to set off. He was most uncomfortable with such bullying.

Muer came to the wine cellar and found the wine that the previous master likes to drink. In order to avenge Ju Muer, the second lady of the Ding family reported that the home wine jar was blown to pieces. She did not expect that the torch fell to the ground in a panic, causing it to ignite. Just on the ground. Miss Ding Er ran out, but Mu’er was trapped in the fire. Long Er learned that he rushed into the fire to rescue Mu’er. Miss Ding Ding and Yun Qingxian in Ding’s house are playing the piano.

But at this moment, Miss Ding Er suddenly ran back, and Yun Qingxian asked Miss Er about the unique taste of the home hotel. She thought it must be an accident at home, but at this time Master Ding asked Yun Qingxian to see him and said He did not report the matter of his previous memorial to the emperor, telling Yun Qingxian that the person who knew the current affairs was a good man. Miss Ding Er told her sister about this matter. Miss Ding Er was very scared because of this. She was afraid that Ju Muer would die, she would commit a murder. Her sister told her not to mess around. Only they knew about this. At this time, Yun Qingxian came out of the study. Ding Yanxiang saw him coming out of the study with a bad face and stepped forward to show concern. Yun Qingxian trapped her by the pillar and kissed her fiercely, and told her that he wanted to marry her.

After Mu’er woke up, she learned that Long Yue had saved her, thinking that he had rescued herself from the sea of ​​fire twice, she had to sigh that fate was really wonderful. Dad Ju and Long Yue discussed that Mu’er should stay in the Long’s house to recuperate, and Sapo said that Mu’er’s eyes were blinded by Lord Long, and people outside are now discussing the relationship between Long Yue and Mu’er. Rumor has it that the relationship between the two is shaky, and it is not safe to go back now.

Upon seeing this, Long Yue pretended to reluctantly agree, and Ju Sheng smiled upon seeing this, saying that as long as Long Yue was willing to take responsibility, he would be his good son-in-law. But Mu’er repeatedly refused, making an excuse to say that his father was too old to do things inconveniently. Long Yue refused to listen to the explanation, and took Mu’er into the room and gave Mu’er medicine. Mu’er felt that Long Yue was good at this time, and thanked him for helping her before.

Speaking of arson, Ding Yanshan must have done it on Mu’er, but Long Yue didn’t think that was the case. At this time, Xiaobao sent Mu’er the decoction. When Long Fei and Feng Wu went out to do errands, someone came and said that this month’s martial arts conference was held on the first floor of the world. When Long Fei was about to get angry, Feng Wu stopped him and said that the top priority now is to go back quickly. At this time, Zhu Fu and his subordinates are discussing how to defeat the Long Family.

Miss Ding Er was uneasy and wanted to go to the residence to see how Mu’er is now. Unexpectedly, when she met Yun Qingxian, Yun Qingxian taught Miss Ding Er. Xiaobao went to comfort Mu’er and showed Muer to avoid death. gold medal. Miss Ding Er went to Long’s house to explore Mu’er’s current situation, but she didn’t expect that Mu’er would take off. Miss Ding Er’s rogue asked Long Yue for comment, and she didn’t want to be washed away by Erlong.

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