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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 28 Recap

Chen Zixin had been arrested for a case before. Su Wenli turned to the newspaper many years ago. Chen Zixin was sentenced for failing to catch her husband by performing a flying trapeze. But then the court found that Chen Zixin had epilepsy during the trial, so Chen Zixin was acquitted. . Su Wenli believes that Chen Zixin is not the murderer. She came to Luo Qiuheng with the newspaper. Chen Zixin is not the murderer, and she has currently locked the criminal suspects on Xie Jiajun, Jiang Weimiao and Feng Yingxia, and she is now in the circus. She invited Luo Qiuheng to watch her performance.

Su Wenli came to the prison to visit Chen Zixin. Chen Zixin mentioned that she had taken epilepsy medicine after quarreling with Qiu Aiping. She was afraid that she was sleepwalking and killed Qiu Aiping. Su Wenli relieved Chen Zixin that people with epilepsy would not have the ability to hurt others. At the same time, she also learned from Su Wenli that Qiu Aiping had a son before, but her son was seriously ill. Qiu Aiping kept saving money. Take the child to Hong Kong for surgery. Although Chen Zixin knew that Qiu Aiping had other ways to make money, Qiu Aiping did not tell Chen Zixin in detail. Su Wenli thought it was most likely that Qiu Aiping wanted to protect Chen Zixin.

Old man Hu came to Luo Qiuheng crazy and said that the people from the Qinggang rushed to the door of Haoxuan’s stolen money. Hu Haoxuan was the son of Old Man Hu. He was imprisoned for bank robbery five years ago, but Old Man Hu kept saying that his son was not guilty. Looking at the crazy appearance of Old Man Hu, Luo Qiuheng only thought that Old Man Hu was very drunk, and asked Shen Xiaoan to send Old Man Hu home.

After Shen Xiaoan sent Old Man Hu home, he found that there was a man in black at Hu’s house, and he stepped forward with Black. People fight but accidentally hurt his leg. Old man Hu went back to the room and saw the wine on the table. He accidentally discovered that the man was his son Hu Haoxuan. Later, under the leadership of Luo Qiuheng, Su Wenli saw Qiu Aiping’s body. Qiu Aiping was strangled to death by a rope. Su Wenli believed that this extremely deep scar was most likely like a murderer warning someone.

Su Wenli and Xie Jiajun took the stage to perform the flying knife show. Su Wenli mentioned Qiu Aiping during the performance. Xie Jiajun almost killed Xie Jiajun with a flying knife. After she stepped down, she approached Xie Jiajun and deliberately mentioned the relationship between Xie Jiajun and Qiu Aiping. He wanted to know who gave Qiu Aiping money secretly, but Xie Jiajun left without saying a word.

Old man Hu took the injured Shen Xiaoan to the police station. He held the pot of wine and said that his son had gone home to pick up things. He took the family portrait before leaving. Luo Qiuheng was surprised by this. How could Hu Haoxuan go home before his sentence expired. Looking at the drunken appearance of Old Man Hu, Luo Qiuheng asked him to send him to the detention room overnight. His home is currently unsafe.

Originally, Luo Qiuheng was only to protect Old Man Hu and staying behind him, but Inspector Wang started a prank and deliberately locked Old Man Hu and Chen Zixin together, and Xiao Taozi learned that Shen Xiaoan was injured. She was worried that she would come to find Shen Xiaoan anxiously, but when she saw that she was fine. After that, she relaxed and left, and before leaving, she secretly gave Shen Xiaoan a sweet kiss.

Deng Siyuan helped Su Wenli distract Jiang Weimiao. Su Wenli took the opportunity to sneak into the room and search. She found a password box. With the help of Deng Siyuan, she searched the password box and found a batch of brand new silver dollars and some tranquilizers. Is such a brand new silver dollar a huge wealth, or it came from the bank? Su Wenli asked Deng Siyuan to take the silver dollar to the patrol room to find Luo Qiuheng. Luo Qiuheng found out that the silver dollar was the money Hu Haoxuan robbed the bank, and Luo Qiuheng called The prison received news that Hu Haoxuan had died.

Luo Qiuheng told Old Man Hu of Hu Haoxuan’s death. Old Man Hu was sad and cried. Not only did he not believe that his son was not dead, but he did not believe that his son would rob the bank. He asked Luo Qiuheng to find out the truth for him. Old man Hu and Chen Zixin were locked up together. Chen Zixin saw the photo of Old Man Hu’s son, and she recognized him as Ajie at a glance. Luo Qiuheng inferred that Hu Haoxuan was not dead at all. He was the clown of the circus, Ajie, but he was puzzled about how Hu Haoxuan escaped from prison.

After listening to Luo Qiuheng’s words, Su Wenli sent someone to search Hu Haoxuan’s coffin and found that the coffin was empty. He had previously found anesthetics in Jiang Weimiao’s password box. An overdose of anesthetics can cause death, but if the amount is appropriate, it will cause death. Su Wenli hurriedly asked Luo Qiuheng to send the anesthetic to Luo Qiuheng after a short-lived suspended animation. However, Luo Qiuheng received the news of Ding Rushan’s death at this time, and he was suspicious of this.

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