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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 26 Recap

Su Wenli and Xiaojuzi asked about the deceased Jenny. In Xiaojuzi’s impression, Jenny was a very good person, but she was a little bolder. She couldn’t guarantee whether Jenny knew Director Jia. Luo Qiuheng checked the register that he had obtained from the proprietress, but that register did not help the case at all. Now Luo Qiuheng is under great pressure. Su Wenli knows that Luo Qiuheng’s heart is uncomfortable, so she shaved Luo Qiuheng’s beard and let him Relax and relax. The two continued to talk about the case. The wine in the glass was mixed with anesthetic. As for whether Jenny had drunk the glass of the anesthetic, it will not be known until tomorrow morning.

When Su Wenli returned home, Little Taozi remembered Little Orange’s work in the club. From the bottom of her heart, she was angry, but Su Wenli enlightened Little Taozi. Everyone’s opportunities are different. Little Orange only needs to rely on her own ability to eat. Even the youth meal is understandable. On the other side, Luo Qiuheng was assassinated on the street. When Shen Xiaoan arrived, Luo Qiuheng had already driven away the people with one to three, but Luo Qiuheng still wanted to conceal Su Wenli the next day.

Su Wenli had already left. Shen Xiaoan knew that she couldn’t help reminding Luo Qiuheng to be careful about everything in the near future. The two learned from the forensic doctor that Jenny had not drunk the wine mixed with anesthetics, and there were some skin tissues in her fingernails, indicating that Jenny had struggled.

Luo Qiuheng came to the hospital to look for Director Jia. He saw that Director Jia’s left arm had obvious scratches. Now all the evidence points to Director Jia. Luo Qiuheng had to routinely arrest Director Jia. On the other hand, Su Wenli came to look for Little Orange. She accidentally ran into a scene where Little Orange and Xue Jialiang were affectionate. Little Orange said that they were ready to get married. Su Wenli congratulated Little Orange and asked about Jennifer’s belief in Buddha. Jenny mentioned Boss Guo of Jingchen Bookstore, he is a vulgar monk.

Su Wenli told Luo Qiuheng the news immediately, and Luo Qiuheng found Boss Guo. The two met at the club at night. Luo Qiuheng said that the bookstore owner Guo had been persuading Jenny to leave the club from Liang recently, but Jenny was the club’s top card. Luo Qiuheng guessed that Dong Anna was dissatisfied that Jenny was leaving. She killed Jenny and blamed the police. While talking and dancing, Su Wenli kissed Luo Qiuheng softly when she left. Luo Qiuheng’s mouth was smiling, and her heart was full of sweetness.

Sister Hong was chatting with Shen Xiaoan at the police station. Luo Qiuheng heard that Sister Hong said that the electric meter in the house on the day of the accident was not broken, and the electric company did not send anyone to the door. However, someone came in to repair the electric meter that day. The spare key is missing, and a new suspect in this case appears. Luo Qiuheng and Su Wenli checked the scene again and found a scratch on the door, but there was a magnet on the ground. This magnet was the murderer’s tool of crime. Use a rope to attach it to the door, and then use the magnet to close the door, so that the door is locked from the inside, and the magnet on the ground and the traces on the door are the best evidence.

Su Wenli came to find Xiaojuzi and wanted a real VIP list. Xiaojuzi said that there was no list at all. There was only a big box containing things that passed from the guests to identify the customers. Su Wenli learned of the whereabouts of the box, she went into the room to search, but Dong Anna had already noticed that she took a gun at Su Wenli. Fortunately, Luo Qiuheng came in time. He was very angry at Su Wenli’s unauthorized actions. An accident would happen if Su Wenli didn’t come. Su Wenli obediently listened to Luo Qiuheng’s words. Luo Qiuheng took the gun from Dong Anna and learned that Dong Anna’s box was stolen by Jenny.

Dong Anna mentioned that Jenny was close to Mary. Luo Qiuheng came to interrogate Mary and learned that Jenny had met Boss Guo before her death, and there were traces of ink on her fingernails, but according to Boss Guo, he was not the murderer of Jenny. , And there were no scratches on his hands, and he was not the one who came to Jia’s house to repair the meter. The case is getting closer to the truth. Little Taozi found a letter in the book Xiaojuzi sent her.

It turned out that the book belonged to Jenny. It was Director Jia who asked Jenny to meet in the letter. Luo Qiuheng approached Director Jia for this reason. Director Jia said that he took a call. A girl on the phone said that he wanted to give him a copy of information, but he didn’t know the girl’s name, nor had he seen that girl. As for Luo Qiuheng His letter was not written by him himself.

Su Wenli learned from Xiaojuzi that Xue Jialiang’s brother had just died a while ago. She saw in the newspaper Jiaqi, a criminal who sells opium. He was quite similar to Xue Jialiang and was also from Jiujiang. Su Wenli believed that Xue Jialiang was talented. He is the most suspicious person in this case.

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