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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 21 Recap

Zhao Pei and Soviet porcelain hiding in the room to hear Liang Cheng said to be buried quickly to Liang Feng, Liang Cheng also came to this room seems to be looking for something Liang Feng is not found on the left. Both Su Ci and Pei Zhao believed that Liang Cheng was anxious to bury Liang Feng. Su Ci said that he had seen turmeric on the horseshoe before, and he still needed to open a museum to know the cause of Liang Feng’s death, and Liang Cheng was responsible for it.

Xie Beiming prepared a box made of extremely hard and profound iron, and wanted to use this to trick Liang Cheng into saying that this was Liang Feng’s relic, and it was full of treasures. Dong Rushuang and Xie Beiming came to the outside of Liang’s mansion. Dong Rushuang fed the housekeeper a candy pill, deceiving it as poison. The housekeeper was afraid, and promised to give the box to Liang Cheng. Xie Beiming kept boasting that he was smart. After the two of them finished their affairs here, they went to find Su Ci and Pei Zhao to worship Zhang Yuhua together.

Along the way, Pei Zhao talked about Zhang Yuhua’s past on the battlefield. Pei Zhao couldn’t help but recall the war. A group of four came to worship Zhang Yuhua’s tomb. At this time, Mrs. Zhang and the maid also came and wiped Zhang Yuhua’s tombstone. I arranged the bouquet sent by Rushuang to express my gratitude to Pei Zhao for taking care of him for many years. My husband died for the country, but others stepped on his bones to enjoy the glory. In the end, I did not continue to say it. Thank you everyone for visiting Zhang Yuhua. After leaving, she coughed suddenly. Madam Zhang seemed to be allergic to flowers, and the maid began to apply medicine to Madam Zhang’s hands.

At night, Liang Cheng pushed open the coffin. It turned out that he was looking for the key to the box. At this time, Pei Zhao and the others rushed over. Su Ci began to examine the body and compared what caused the scar on his forehead, and three places were smashed. Pei Zhao also said that this trace was left by something on the murderer’s body. Su Ci noticed the finger on Liang Feng’s hand and directly pointed out that Liang Feng was killed by Liang Cheng, the turmeric from Horseshoe Mountain, but it had been raining for a few days, and the farmers had put away the turmeric.

Liang Cheng admitted that he had returned home a day earlier, but had just dealt with some of his estate. Su Ci also speculated that the murderer was left-handed, and Liang Cheng was exactly the same. The trigger from Liang Feng’s hand was Liang Cheng, and Liang Cheng also admitted that he killed Liang Feng, and said that he didn’t mean it and didn’t want it. The housekeeper asked Dong Rushuang for an antidote, but Rushuang told him it was just a sugar pill.

Su Ci returned to the coffin again. Su Ci noticed that a blood suit was worn by Liang Feng when he died, but there was a little blood that was particularly red. Rushuang smelled the scent of Baizhi, but Liang Feng was not sick during his lifetime. At this time, Mrs. Zhang came and asked them why they had taken Liang Cheng, and also interceded for Liang Cheng. Pei Zhao noticed that Mrs. Zhang had scars on her hand.

While in prison, Su Ci was interrogating Liang Cheng. Liang Cheng recalled that he had a dispute with his father, and he accidentally smashed Liang Feng, and he was sure he had only smashed Liang Feng once. Pei Zhao took out the previous secret letter and showed it to Liang Cheng. Liang Cheng said that this was a secret between Liang Feng and Lei, and he didn’t know it.

King Yun already knew that Pei Zhao had arrested Liang Cheng, and he was afraid that Pei Zhao would have to eliminate the roots of the battle against Honggu.

Su Ci told everyone that Liang Feng’s forehead had three marks of being smashed. When he hit the corner of the table, he was smashed once, with at most two wounds. Su Ci suspected that there were two murderers. Pei Zhao asked about antipruritic drugs, and one of them was Angelica dahurica.

Su Ci decided to go to the Liang Mansion to find Mrs. Zhang again. Rushuang said that Mrs. Zhang’s sachet included Angelica dahurica. Su Ci took out the blood suit. The powder was in Mrs. Zhang’s sachet. Su Ci said it was in. After Liang Cheng injured her father, Mrs. Zhang went to Liang Feng’s room again and hit Liang Feng with a brave. Mrs. Zhang admitted that she had smashed Liang Feng. It turned out that she only noticed the blood book left by Zhang Yuhua a few days ago.

It turned out that Zhang Yuhua was necrotic. It turned out that the reinforcements did not move. The reinforcements were led by Liang Cheng and Liang Feng. Also involved, Liang Feng abandoned Zhang Yuhua in order to save the thunderous struggle with the enemy. Mrs. Zhang begged Pei Zhao to make the murderer pay the debt. Mrs. Zhang also said that she went to show everyone, she went into the room and committed suicide.

When Pei Zhao came to the cell, Liang Cheng had been killed. Pei Zhao noticed a red mole between the eyebrows of the murderer who died next to him. Pei Zhao and his party once again came to worship Zhang Yuhua. They blamed themselves for failing to protect Zhang Yuhua. Su Ci also blamed himself because his accusation made Mrs. Zhang suicide. Pei Zhao comforted her not because of her, but Su Ci still doubted. Yourself. Pei Zhao worried that Su Ci would be dangerous to get involved, but Su Ci said that he wanted to do something for Pei Zhao.

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