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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 20 Recap

Xie Beiming came to the yard to find Dong Wushuang, and he deliberately boiled the ginseng soup. If Shuang was worried that it would be unpleasant, Xie Beiming tasted the ginseng first. The result was too much ginseng and he got a nosebleed after one sip. Xie Beiming also accused himself of Can’t handle things well. Rushuang kissed Xie Beiming’s cheek after listening. Under Rushuang’s guidance, Xie Beiming finally confessed to Dong Rushuang. Dong Rushuang hugged Xie Beiming. Xie Beiming promised to take care of Dong Wushuang for the rest of his life.

Su Ci and Pei Zhao were still locked up in the room. The outside was locked. They were in this room, lying on the floor to sleep, and they hugged each other to sleep.

When Pei Zhao woke up the next day, Su Ci was already reading the letter. Su Ci said that she was instructed to poison Yunchuan during the thunder dispute, and she would definitely find out the truth. Su Ci also took out the letter from Liang Feng and Lei Zheng, the former Shangshu from the Ministry of War. In the letter, Liang Feng asked Lei Zheng to bless Liang Cheng’s promotion. Both thought that these two people had something to do with their own things back then, and both thought that they were going to find Liang Feng.

Xie Beiming was giving out red envelopes to everyone. Fei Yuan took the most. Pei Zhao and Su Ci also returned to the mansion. Xie Beiming also gave them one of them, declaring that today is the day Xie Beiming and Dong Rushuang are together.

Su Ci and Pei Zhao’s group soon set off to find Liang Feng. King Yun was still concerned about Lei Zheng’s case and asked about Pei Zhao’s whereabouts. King Yun began to doubt Su Ci’s identity and asked people to check it carefully.

Su Ci, Pei Zhao, Xie Beiming and his party arrived and found that the family was going through a funeral. It turned out that the wife of the late General Zhang Yuhua, who had been with Pei Zhao, was her father who died, and her father was Liang Feng. Asked about the cause of Liang Feng’s accident and wanted to investigate it, Mrs. Zhang agreed.

Madam Zhang said that her father had hit the desk, but Su Ci felt that the distribution of blood stains was incorrect, especially on the brave. Su Ci directly said that Liang Feng’s death was not simple. At this time, Liang Cheng also came back. Su Ci asked the housekeeper when Liang Feng died. The housekeeper replied that when it was about to dawn, when he came to see him, he was already dead and no one saw him. Liang Cheng came back and knelt in front of the mourning hall and cried very sadly. Dong Rushuang said it was too fake.

Su Ci wanted to examine the corpse, but Liang Cheng refused because the coffin was already inconvenient. Su Ci bluntly said that Liang Feng was a homicide, but Liang Cheng refused. However, Su Ci insisted that he still wanted to examine the corpse. Liang Cheng was immediately angry and said that this was a violation of Liang’s family unless Su Ci could bring in the investigation document from the Department of Spiegel. Pei Zhao couldn’t help but Su Ci expressed his apologies. Pei Zhao asked Liang Cheng for Pai Yao, and Liang Cheng agreed.

Su Ci and Pei Zhao were about to leave. Madam Zhang said that she was sorry for what had just happened. At this time, the horse yelled, and Madam Zhang asked to move the horse that Liang Cheng had just returned to the backyard. Su Ci noticed something wrong with the horse’s hoof.

Xie Beiming and Feiyuan bluntly said that the murderer was Liang Cheng, because they just stopped the autopsy. Su Ci speculated that it was this brave who smashed Liang Feng, and even started an experiment on the spot, letting Pei Zhao act as Liang Feng, using the irrigated sheep intestines to test the distribution of blood stains. Pei Zhao’s last clothes were wet, and everyone thought that Pei Zhao was angry, so Su Ci went to coax.

Pei Zhao asked Su Ci to wipe himself. Su Ci found that Pei Zhao had many scars on his back, all of which were left during the war. He even asked Su Ci to dress him, but Pei Zhao still said that he did not calm down, so Su Ci took the initiative to kiss him.

Xie Beiming discovered that Feiyu had brought a lot of things. Xie Beiming noticed the turmeric, which reminded Su Ci that he had just seen the horse’s hooves and there seemed to be turmeric. He decided that Liang Cheng would not be able to get rid of the relationship, and planned to visit Liang’s house at night to find relevant clues.

In the evening, Pei Zhao also came to Liang’s Mansion, and Su Ci also came to Liang’s Mansion, and they both found each other. The two began to look for clues. Su Ci discovered that Liang Feng was hiding a lot of fake name stickers. The two were finding a list and were about to look closely when they heard someone passing by outside.


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