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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 19 Recap

Fu Ziyou stayed outside the door of Princess Yunchuan. Because of Li Yu’s escape, Fu Ziyou stayed outside for fear that Yunchuan would be disadvantaged.

On the street, Su Ci and Pei Zhao, Su Ci said that he had seen Liyu’s paper early in the morning, but because of the traces of smoke oil on the paper, Lei struggled to smoke leaves all year round. But I can’t say it directly, because everyone doesn’t believe it. Therefore, it can only prove that the forgery of the document convinces everyone. And Pei Zhao said that he promised to be married is just a stopgap measure, as long as the princess’s poison is solved, he will find a way to break the marriage contract. At this time, only the last medicine is left and I don’t know what it is, and Rushuang is still trying blindly.

Pei Zhao speculated that this bureau was set up for himself since Shuomu wanted to propose a marriage, and the last place where the poison was read was Prince Qi’s mansion, so the last poison must be the mansion, or Bei Rong’s food, Pei Zhao said The three kinds of Beirong food prepared at the time.

Back in Fuzhong, Dong Rushuang began to try these three foods, together with Xie Beiming and Pei Zhao. In the evening, Xie Beiming was still working hard on medicine. Dong Wushuang was very moved when he saw it, and he was a little bit happy.

Rushuang still tried the poison, and successfully learned the fourth poison. The maid boiled the antidote to Yun Chuan. Yun Chuan said he was going to thank Su Ci and Dong Rushuang. The maid said that during this time, Fu Ziyou was watching during the day and night, and thanked him too. After that, Yun Chuan asked Fu Ziyou into the house to express his gratitude. Fu Ziyou said that he was responsible and left.

The emperor began to promote the female official system, and everyone was discussing that Su Ci was a detective. In the Department of Der Spiegel, colleagues all know that Su Ci is a woman and admire her. Su Ci also said that it was not intentional to conceal it.

The Director of Der Spiegel brought Su Ci to look at the confidential files in the reference room, because Su Ci has been promoted and has the authority to access it. Su Ci found that Bai Liang was destroyed because of collusion with the enemy, but Su Ci realized that this was not his father’s notes, and that the case was handled by Lei Zheng. Luo Xin let Su Ci handle the closing of Lei Zheng’s case personally, saying that he had other cases to handle, and also told Su Ci that Lei Zheng’s body also had square burn marks.

Fu Ziyou accompanied Yun Chuan on the street. Yun Chuan said that he liked Fu Ziyou, and he was serious, and he did not like King Qi. Fu Ziyou said that he would never like others anymore. During this period of time, he was just doing his duty, and he was not worthy of Yun Chuan’s liking.

Pei Zhao and Shumu drank together. Pei Zhao deliberately pretended that he was a idle prince. He was also targeted and often abused. He also emphasized that if he had the support of Bei Rong, he would be safe. After hearing this, Saki thought thoughtfully.

Sakumu went back and told Yunchuan that Pei Zhao and Yunchuan were not suitable, and he was afraid Yunchuan would be in danger. Yun Chuan said that it would be a good idea to divorce, Sakumu also agreed. Yun Chuan also said that she has someone she likes, and she does not want to marry someone she doesn’t like.

Sakumu met the emperor in person, Sakumu said that he would leave for Beirong, and the marriage of Pei Zhao and Yunchuan asked the emperor to cancel the marriage contract. Pei Zhao expressed regret, and the emperor agreed. Shumu also asked the emperor Fu Ziyou to resume his post on behalf of Yunchuan.

Yun Chuan came to Fu Ziyou, congratulated him on his reinstatement, and gave him the sword spike he made by himself. Yun Chuan also said that he would return to Bei Rong with his brother. In fact, he came to leave.

Su Ci was checking Lei Zheng’s residence. Su Ci turned to a secret room and Pei Zhao also came to find Su Ci. The two inadvertently touched the mechanism and the secret room door suddenly closed. The colleagues who searched outside thought that Su Ci had left early, and everyone locked the door and went back to rest. Pei Zhao said that he had dissolved his marriage with Yunchuan and that he would marry Su Ci. Su Ci was very happy. The two struggled to stand up and hug each other, and Su Ci took the initiative to kiss Pei Zhao.

In the evening, Dong Wushuang recalled his experience with Xie Beiming on the road. Fortunately, Xie Beiming’s encouragement and support for him was annoying why Xie Beiming didn’t confess.

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