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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 59 End Recap

If Yuen Long commits injustice, he will die

Seeing that the Hongmeng furnace was beginning to fall, Si Feng rushed forward and carried the Hongmeng furnace with his body. When Yuen Long saw Si Feng wanted to ruin his good deeds, he pierced his chest with a sword.

Seeing Si Feng slowly falling to the ground, Luo Houji turned into Xuanji’s appearance again, with a worried look on his face. When Yuen Long stabbed Sifeng again, Xuanji stopped him and fixed Sifeng. Pulled out from below the furnace of Hongmeng.

Sifeng was very happy when he saw Luo Houji turned into Xuanji. He told Xuanji to guard the Three Realms, because there was their memory in it. He vomited a few more mouthfuls of blood. Xuanji hurriedly helped Yungong help. He is treated.

Taking advantage of Xuanji’s efforts to cure Sifeng, Yuen Long once again hit the Hongmeng Furnace with his palm. Xuanji treated Sifeng with one hand and used mana with the other to stop Yuen Long.

Seeing the Hongmeng furnace began to fall, Yuen Long suddenly laughed wildly and said that now the primordial spirits of the Demon Realm are in the Demon Realm. If the Hongmeng Furnace is overthrown, only the Demon Race will survive in this world. At that time, he will be The real Lord of the Three Realms.

As soon as Yuen Long’s words fell, Ruoyu was holding two daggers in his hand, and suddenly jumped up and plunged into Yuen Long’s body. With a roar, Yuen Long bounced Ruoyu into the Hongmeng Forge, and then slapped again. Turn the Hongmeng furnace upside down.

Seeing furious, Xuanji beat Yuen Long to death with her hand, and then tried to help Hongmeng Furnace, but Hongmeng Furnace was already upside down. She obviously couldn’t do well to right it, so she asked the Emperor for help. The weather only smiled and straightened it.

Si Feng told Xuanji that his heart had been pierced by Yuen Long, and he could no longer accompany her in this life. Seeing Sifeng’s breath weak, Xuanji cried and begged the emperor to save him. The emperor asked Xuanji not to worry. Someone had already helped him. She was.

When Si Feng was injured just now, Xuan Ji was so sad that Luo Huji was shot out of her body. Luo Huji couldn’t bear to see her sadness, so he walked over and stroked Si Feng’s chest, and put half a glass of glass. Planted in his heart.

The emperor told Xuanji that as long as the half of the colored glaze had protected the hero’s heart, and as long as there was bloody flesh, Si Feng would be able to resurrect. Xuanji would feel better after hearing this.

Luo Houji took out a glass of wine and handed it to Bo Lin, to continue the wine bureau with him. Bo Lin knew that it was poisonous wine, but he knew that he was sinful, so he still took it and drank it. After drinking, he and Luo Huji all disappeared at the same time, entering the crossing road to re-cultivation.

Brother Liu asked the emperor to release Yu’er, and the emperor told him that Yu’er was now at home. Brother Liu returned home and saw Yu’er. After this tribulation, Yu’er was more well-behaved than before.

I wish to know the whereabouts of the purple fox, and wanted to reconnect with her, the emperor told him that the purple fox was preparing to cross the country, and he would drink the water of Wangchuan in half a day. I prayed for nothing, and hurried after it. In the past, she was found in Duerdao as expected.

Xuanji was taking care of Si Feng. As the Emperor said, Si Feng soon woke up. After Si Feng woke up, the two came to the Shaoyang School together. The head of Chu did not stop him this time, but happily agreed. The wedding was celebrated and a grand wedding was held for them.

Sifeng and Xuanji’s lover finally got married. The two of them cherished each other for ten times, and they were accompanied by their father and Linglong, so there is no need to say more about the happiness of life.

During this period, the emperor had looked for Xuanji twice. The first time he told Xuanji that she was a created existence a thousand years ago, so every step she took was not in the number of days, and she became a demon or an immortal. A mortal, it is her own choice.

Xuanji finally chose to be a person; the second time after Xuanji chose to be a human, the Emperor came to ask her again, how it feels to become a mortal, Xuanji picked up the jug, took a sip of wine, and then told the Emperor to be a human that’s nice!

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