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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 58 Recap

Bo Lin repented of self-sharpening his godhead and dispersing from God Faluo. He plans to overthrow the Hongmeng furnace and reshape the Three Realms

Linglong and the others saw the emperor. The emperor was indifferent to what they said. In desperation, Linglong destroyed his endgame with black ink. Unexpectedly, this would solve the endgame. Then, the Emperor of Heaven promised them to take them to the heaven.

In the memory of the God of War, Luo Houji saw the medical officer of the heavens, Yuren, treating her wounds. She asked Yuren inexplicably why the King Shura wanted to say that she was a traitor and why everyone called her the God of War, but She didn’t call her name, she didn’t know where she came from, she didn’t know…

Regarding her series of questions, the shark only shook his head, indicating that he did not know. Later, she remembered that Wuzhiqi hit the heavens, stole Juntian Cehai, and told her that King Shura wanted to invite her to the Demon’s Palace.

When the God of War came to the Demon’s Palace, the remaining demons of King Shura showed her the mural on the wall. Only then did she realize that she was transformed by the Demon Star. After returning to the heavens, she heard two more The priest talked, and then she knew the truth of the matter.

So she approached Bo Lin and asked him why he was doing this to him. At first, Bo Lin pretended to be confused. Later, God of War revealed his wounds. He had to admit that he took out Luo Hou Jidu’s heart and soul and gave it to him. He reshaped his new body and became what she is today.

The God of War wanted to kill Bo Lin to avenge himself, but Bo Lin held the glass cup that sealed her heart and soul, easily subdued her, and ordered her to be transported to Luoxiantai, and Xuanji used to think of it often. , Is the angry and helpless scene of God of War when he was held in Sendai.

Luo Houji thought of all this, opened his eyes uncomfortably, and grabbed Sifeng beside him, jumped out of the Wangchuan water, and the heavenly soldiers guarding the sea of life and death. When he saw Luo Houjidu, he swarmed up. Luo When Ji waved his hand gently, he knocked them all down.

After defeating the heavenly soldiers, Luo Houji collected the water from the sea of life and death into the jade bottle. Seeing the water of the Dead Sea receding in Yuen Long, he gave an order to take the demon soldiers to the heaven.

Seeing that Luo Huji had been killed, Bolin took out the thirty-six Tiangang precious mirror to surrender him. Because Luo Huji was too angry, the Tiangang mirror was shattered by him a few times, but Luo Huji did It is almost impossible to kill Bo Lin, because Bo Lin is protected by the laws of heaven and he cannot find Bo Lin’s true body.

Luo Houji told Bo Lin not to be proud, the law of heaven was also set by Hongmengchu, as long as he overthrew the Hongmeng furnace and reshaped the rules, Bo Lin would not be able to escape.

Bo Lin originally held a trace of luck, thinking that Luo Houji couldn’t find the Hongmeng Forge. He didn’t expect that when Luo Houji was the God of War, he knew the heavens well, so he became like a God of War. The Hongmeng furnace appeared.

The God of War was about to overthrow the Hongmeng Furnace. When Bo Lin was going to stop him, he was knocked to the ground by the God of War. At this time, the Hongmeng Furnace began to tilt. The liquid inside, like magma, dripped into the world like big fireballs falling from the sky. The ground also began to shake like an earthquake.

Si Feng stood in front of the God of War and told him to stop the crazy behavior in front of him, but the God of War had been dazzled by the hatred and would not listen to him at all. Si Feng had no choice but to try his best to stop him, but was defeated by the God of War.

After Si Feng was injured, he looked at the God of War desperately, not knowing what to do, the Emperor and Linglong arrived. After the Emperor of Heaven came, he first rebuked Bo Lin, in the name of being the common people of the Three Realms, and ended up doing wrong things repeatedly, killing many innocent lives.

It is precisely because of the evil causes he planted that today’s evil results can be achieved. The words of the Emperor of Heaven poked into Bo Lin’s heart, making him ashamed, so he decided to cut off his godhead and remove his own gods, as a right Own punishment.

After Bo Lin’s self-punishment, the black hair all over his head turned white, but Luo Huji was still not satisfied with it. The Emperor of Heaven created an illusion and showed him the tragedy after the Hongmeng Forge was overthrown. .

Seeing Linglong, Xiaoliuzi and his father died one by one, tears flowed from the eyes of God of War. Sifeng was secretly happy when he saw it. He didn’t expect Yuen Long to instigate another one, but this time, Luo Huji did not. Listening to him, he also pointed out his conspiracy and let him decide on himself.

Yuen Long has been in business for thousands of years, and finally waited until today, but he would stop there. Seeing that the god of war did not listen to him, he laughed wildly and hit the Hongmeng melting pot with a palm.

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