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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 27 Recap

Qin Wentian took Mo Qingcheng to the riverside where he met Mo Qingcheng last time and expressed his heart to Mo Qingcheng. Mo Qingcheng agreed to him and said that no matter what happens, I will never leave you. The two were about to kiss by the river, when the Primordial Demon Sword worshiping Sword City suddenly changed. Mo Tianlin , who was reading a book, noticed an abnormality, and Mo Qingcheng suddenly fainted with heartache. Qin Wentian hugged Mo Qingcheng to find Mo Shang .

After Mo Shang’s examination, it was discovered that Mo Qingcheng’s heartache had recurred, which was inseparable from the shock of Bai Jiancheng. Mo Qingcheng woke up and asked her why her heartache had happened again? Mo Shang told Mo Qingcheng that it was not a major problem, but that he was tired and not a major problem. Just a few days’ rest would be fine. He also told Qin Wentian that the Junlin Banquet was coming soon, so he could practice hard.

Mo Tianlin came to see Emperor Cang Ren Qianxing and Mo Shang, saying that the barrier of worshiping sword city suddenly loosened, and the demon sword seemed to be broken, but the barrier of worshiping sword city Mo had just strengthened the seal with lifelong cultivation. Sword City’s barrier should not be so prone to problems, it must have moved his hands and feet. Said to Chang, our time is running out. Mo Tianlin said that a King’s Landing banquet might be held in two days. I hope Qin Wentian can step up his practice, get the top spot at the Junlin Banquet, and fight Luo Qianqiu. Mo Shang told him that without Mo Tianlin, Mo Qingcheng was affected by the sword city, and his heartache relapsed. Emperor Qian instructed Mo Tianlin to keep an eye on the King’s Landing Banquet, which must be held for up to three months.

Senior Sister Ruo Huan ran into Yi Wuwei and Qin Yao when she walked out, and left after a few words, but Ruo Huan ‘s complexion was not very good. Qin Yao told Yi Wuwei that Senior Sister Ruohuan was injured to save you, and you should not let her down. Yi Wuwei said he was the only one in his heart. Qin Yao asked Yi Wuwei to talk to Senior Sister Ruohuan clearly.

Yi Wuwei found Ruo Huan and told him about his love for Qin Yao. Senior Sister Ruo Huan was very sad and told Yi Wuwei to go first, she wanted to be quiet. Xiao Lu asked Qin Yao to meet at the inn, and wanted Qin Yao and him to return to Xueyun State, saying that Yiheng would not keep his promise, and only Xueyun State had the strength to fight against Yi State.

When Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng were practicing, Mo Shang and Ren Qianxing came and said that if Qin Wentian could find a suitable weapon, combined with the power of the star soul in his body, the odds of winning would be even greater. There is a wild beast halberd on the fifth floor, which records some ancient gods. But if you want to enter the fifth floor of the Tianxing Pavilion, you still need to turn in merit points to enter, and you will definitely not be able to enter by ordinary methods.

Qin Yao was thinking about what Xiao Lu said to her. At this time, Yi Wuwei came and said that the king’s banquet Qin Wen had really won. Will Yi Heng really let Qin Chuan go? Fanle saw Ruohuan who was sad at Weiyi Wuwei, and Fanle wanted to find Yi Wuwei to settle the accounts, but Ruohuan stopped him. Fanle wanted to show Ruohuan, but Ruohuan refused.

In the evening, Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian led away the guards, went to the Tianxing Pavilion, found the wild beast halberd method, found a ring in the box containing the wild beast halberd method, Qin Wentian fainted after wearing it. Mo Qingcheng guessed that the wild beast halberd technique was practiced through the ring. Qin Wentian got Fang Tian’s painted halberd after fighting in the ring space.

Ye Mo and Ye Wuque found that all the stars were heading towards the Jiuhua Gate. They suspected that it was Qin Wentian, and Ye Mo asked Ye Wuque to investigate. Ye Mo told Yi Heng what happened last night, and wanted Yi Heng to identify the killing of Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian saw Mo Qingcheng planting the Youqing Flower, so he wanted to draw a picture of the gods and give it to Mo Qingcheng. Halfway through the painting, Mo Qingcheng saw it. Yi Wuwei was chased by the Knight League and beaten by the Knights League. After a fight, I ran into the dark night tribe. At the same time that Qin Wentian sent away the dark night tribe, the thing that Qin Wentian gave to Mo Qingcheng was also thrown on the ground. It was picked up by Bai Qiuxue. Bai Qiuxue said that a few days would be her birthday. , I wanted Qin Wentian to give her the god pattern picture. At Bai Qiuxue’s begging, Qin Wentian had no choice but to send the god pattern picture to Bai Qiuxue. Qin Wentian’s general Bai Qing had been at Jiuhua Gate. The matter told her.

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