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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 15 Recap

Ye Angtong was scolded miserably by Xu Jiaxiu. Lu Jia and Lin Jiaojiao were discussing this matter. Lin Jiaojiao felt that Ye Angtong would have to stay for a few more nights. After that, Lu Jia felt that this would not work anymore. Lu Jia felt that As the invisible proprietress of the old company, I have to think of a way. I have to take care of this. Later in the evening, Lu Jia brought a supper to his colleagues and a supper to Ye Angqi, Ye Angqi I was frightened, so the pen broke again. Lu Jia asked Ye Angya why he didn’t take it for repairs. Ye Angya said that he had just been broken by Xu Jiaxiu today and he couldn’t find the original parts. Lu Jia and Ye Angya could not find the original parts. Go shopping together at the mall.

Ye Angyao was very grateful that Lu Jia bought so many things with him today. When Lu Jia was about to leave, Ye Angya called Lu Jia but didn’t say anything, so Lu Jia quietly entered the password and was about to enter the house. Inside, Xu Jiaxiu went out to ask Lu Jia at this time, where did Lu Jia go tonight? Lu Jia said that he went to run at night, Xu Jiaxiu did not believe Lu Jia, and then said that he went to run at night. Xu Jiaxiu said, did you throw the body? Then Lu Jia said that he went to eat just now. Xu Jiaxiu asked, he was full, and then asked where he went.

Lu Jia just sneaked into the door of the room at this time, Xu Jiaxiu was helpless. The next day at work, Lin Jiaojiao did not go to work with Lu Jia. Xu Jiaxiu was very surprised. Then he drove to the company and saw Lu Jia and Ye Angjin in the office. So he became jealous. Ye Angjin asked Xu Jiaxiu to make changes. Xu Jiaxiu said, “No, let Ye Angji change it again, then returned to the office, and went out again after seeing Lu Jia. After a while, Ye Angjin came to Xu Jiaxiu again and gave the picture to Xu Jiaxiu. Xu Jiaxiu was also very dissatisfied after seeing it. Then Ye Angjin went back to change the image. Ye Angtong changed more than a dozen times, and finally the two of them quarreled. Lu Jia couldn’t make it through.

Lu Jia went to Xu Jiaxiu. Lu Jia felt that Xu Jiaxiu was avenging his personal revenge. Lu Jia said to Xu Jiaxiu, “Don’t be like this, Ye Ang. If something happened to him, Xu Jiaxiu said afterwards, how could he tolerate his girlfriend being with other men when looking at the cartoon character drawn by Ye Anggu, Lu Jia wanted to laugh after seeing it. Afterwards, Lin Jiaojiao told everyone that maybe Boss Xu had come to her uncle, and at the same time, she said that the boss never cared about supper only reimbursement, but this time Lu Jia bought supper for everyone, except that Xu Jiaxiu’s supper was not available. , Xu Jiaxiu admitted to everyone that Lu Jia was his girlfriend. Lu Jia said that he didn’t know what to say to everyone for a while. At this time, Ye Angjin was very surprised, so everyone left to work.

Ye Angyu was very sad when he knew that Xu Jiaxiu and Lu Jia were together. Ye Angyu thought that the two of them were sweet, and only he was making wedding gowns for them. In the evening, everyone went to the hot pot restaurant to eat hot pot, Zhong Jin saw that After learning the feelings in Ye Angyu’s heart, Zhong Jin told Ye Angyu that Lu Jia had written love letters to Ye Angyu before. Ye Angyu didn’t know, but Zhong Jin said that Lu Jia had actually written love letters to Ye Angyu. Ke, maybe this is fate, so the two of them drank. The next day, Ye Angyu went to the company and rushed directly into Xu Jiaxiu’s office. Ye Angyu asked Xu Jiaxiu to pay back his love letter, because Lu Jia wrote it to him.

Lu Jia said that he had not written a love letter before, maybe it was him. I remembered it wrong, and then Xu Jiaxiu said that he did take the love letter away. Xu Jiaxiu asked Ye Angtong how much milk he gave Lu Jia at the beginning. Lu Jia didn’t know. Then Ye Angtong said that he gave Lu Jia milk willingly. , So Xu Jiaxiu and Ye Angqi quarreled. Lu Jia went to find her best friend Tiantian, but Tiantian was not at home. Then Ye Angyu and Lin Jiaojiao were chatting. Ye Angyu told Lin Jiaojiao that he was the first one to like Lu Jia, and he liked Lu Jia. I also told Xu Jiaxiu at that time, but Xu Jiaxiu is not doing well now.

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