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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 14 Recap

Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu came to the hot pot restaurant of their girlfriends, so they told Xu Jiaxiu that Lu Jia was a very simple person, and she would always take her to eat hot pot. After that, Lu Jia still wanted to save Xu Jiaxiu’s money. Then the girlfriend said Lu Jia I turned my elbow out, and I was with Xu Jiaxiu for a few days. I don’t know if Lu Jia was looking for a boyfriend for the card or helping her boyfriend save money. Then Lu Jia said that both the card and the boyfriend would need it.

So Zhong Jin and his girlfriends and Xu Jiaxiu and Lu Jia were eating hot pot together. Zhong Jin congratulated them on being together. The girlfriends said, I invite you for this meal today. Xu Jiaxiu laughed, and then Xu Jiaxiu said that you would be welcome. Then my girlfriend said that there is no Mandarin Duck Pot today, it has been ordered, and now only the spicy pot is left, so Xu Jiaxiu can see what the girlfriend wants to do, and then said that it’s okay, so Xu Jiaxiu started eating, choking very badly, Lu Jia I was very worried.

Then my girlfriend told Xu Jiaxiu that he had to calculate the account of the photo wall. Afterwards, my girlfriend showed Xu Jiaxiu the photos on the photo wall. Xu Jiaxiu pretended not to understand. The girlfriend said that the photo wall was empty. Xu Jiaxiu said that the photos of his girlfriend could not be exposed to everyone. Then the girlfriend said that the identification passed, that is I identified Xu Jiaxiu as a person and hoped that Xu Jiaxiu would continue to be the king of East Asian vinegar. Then my girlfriend told everyone that she was pregnant. Lu Jia was surprised. Lu Jia felt that Zhong Jin and his girlfriend were going to be parents.

At this time, Lu Jia’s express delivery had arrived. Dad Lu signed for Lu Jia’s express delivery. Then Dad Lu opened the express delivery. He saw two books and saw that Lu Jia bought the Baodian for Husbands. Dad Lu thought Xu Jiaxiu thought It’s really not easy to send her husband, so Dad Lu felt that he should have a chat with Xu Jiaxiu. Then Lu Jiajia and Xu Jiaxiu went home together, and met Ye Angjun halfway, so the three of them went upstairs together.

Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu were about to go home. Xu Jiaxiu was not nervous about Lu Jia, so the two of them returned home. Lu Jia distracted Lu Jia and asked Lu Jia to buy wine, so Lu Jia felt that it was too far, Lu said. After that, Dad Lu and Xu Jiaxiu drank a small wine at home, saying that Xu Jiaxiu hadn’t had a face after drinking for so long. Xu Jiaxiu said that he was okay with his drink. After that, the two continued to drink. Dad Lu said that Xu Jiaxiu was here.

The school is a student that makes teachers the most worry. The other students have been arrested several times by themselves, but Xu Jiaxiu has never been arrested, but Lu Dad said that seven years ago, he and Yang Shanni were arrested by himself once, and he was arrested with Lu Jia a few days ago. Father Lu said, don’t let himself catch Xu Jiaxiu and other girls in the grove in the future, otherwise he won’t let Xu Jiaxiu go, and Xu Jiaxiu agreed. After a while, Dad Lu and Xu Jiaxiu were sitting on the sofa. Dad Lu gave Xu Jiaxiu a list, which is the rule that Xu Jiaxiu must abide by. I hope that Xu Jiaxiu will not bully Lu Jia or disappoint Lu Jia in the future.

Lu Jia called Dad Lu and said that the store was closed, so Dad Lu asked Lu Jia to come back. Lu Jia came back and saw that Xu Jiaxiu was drunk. So, Dad Lu asked Lu Jia to help Xu Jiaxiu back into the room to sleep. Later, Lu Jia asked Lu Jia to rest, and he could take care of Xu Jiaxiu by himself, but Lu Jia still kicked Lu Jia out of her room. Lu Jia laid out the bedding on the sofa, and Lu Jia asked Lu Jia to sleep well. Also went back to the room.

Lu Jia tossed and couldn’t sleep. Outside the room where Xu Jiaxiu was staying, he kept calling Xu Jiaxiu, but Dad Lu heard it, so he let Lu Jia rest well, or she would sleep in her room, so Lu Jia stopped. Xu Jia corrected himself so he woke up and looked at Lu Jia’s room. Xu Jiaxiu walked out of the room and saw that he was asleep on the sofa while Lu Jia was pretending to sleep. Everyone is deciding on the animated characters for the new project, but Xu Jiaxiu is dissatisfied and thinks he is green.

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