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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 13 Recap

Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu came to the bookstore to have a drink. After Xu Jia corrected an American coffee, Lu Jia felt that the years were really not a pig-killing knife for Xu Jiaxiu. Xu Jiaxiu was still so handsome. The young ladies passing by felt that Xu Jiaxiu is very handsome. Lu Jia remembered what happened in the small forest back then, and wondered if Yang Shanni had not been disabled, would she be fair and beautiful with long legs now. So Lu Jia turned her head and saw Yang Shanni, so she rushed out and pulled Yang Shanni away. Lu Jia and Yang Shanni always avoided Xu Jiaxiu, preventing Xu Jiaxiu from seeing Yang Shanni, and then Lu Jia asked Yang Shanni to try on clothes.

Xu Jiaxiu could not find Lu Jia, so he wanted to go to the radio to find Lu Jia, and then gave up, because the radio was not for children, so Lu Jia and Yang Shanni went to the cosmetics store, and Lu Jia asked the waiter to help Yang Shanni draw her eyebrows. After a while, Lu Jia took Yang Shanni and left. Whoever wanted to go out saw Xu Jiaxiu.

The three met together. Lu Jia felt embarrassed. Xu Jiaxiu and Yang Shanni were talking. Lu Jia watched from the side and Lu Jia was anxious. Afterwards, Xu Jiaxiu came over and took Lu Jia’s shoulder. Yang Shanni smiled and said goodbye to the two people. Xu Jiaxiu and Lu Jia returned to the coffee shop. Lu Jia said that the coffee is cold. Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia how it was cold. Xu Jiaxiu gave Lu Jia one minute to explain, and Lu Jia gave Xu Jiaxiu five minutes to explain what happened in high school five years ago.

Xu Jiaxiu told the Lu family about five years ago. Xu Jiaxiu told Lu Jia that five years ago, his classmates told him that it was the class flower of Class 9 who asked for him. Then Xu Jiaxiu said that he thought the class flower was the most beautiful, and that should be Lu Jia After that, Lu Jia realized that Lu Jia was very happy, and the two of them were naming the new project, so Xu Jiaxiu said that the new project should be called Shiguang, and the two agreed. After a while, Aunt Jiang came and bumped into Xu Jiaxiu and Lu Jia’s father.

Dad Lu knew that Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu were together. The next day they went to school to work and met the students. The tone was also very peaceful. Dad Lu also met other teachers. Dad Lu told the other teachers that his daughter Lu Jia was already I found my boyfriend, and the teacher told Dad Lu that when many love letters were sent to Xu Jiaxiu back then, Lu Jia had already taken them down. Dad Lu was very angry when he heard that, he fell the ball and left. The next day, Lu Jia was in a meeting with everyone. Xu Jiaxiu said that Lu Jia had inspired him to choose the name of the new project, so he said that he would give Lu Jia a bonus. Then Lu Jia said that it was not his own credit, so he wanted to share a dividend with Xu Jiaxiu. , The two were paying dividends, and then Lin Jiaojiao looked at the state of Xu Jiaxiu and Lu Jia, like a couple.

During a break, Lu Jia and Lin Jiaojiao were in the pantry. Lu Jia was looking at the shopping cart. Then Lin Jiaojiao said that Lu Jia was really rich and the clothes and shoes she looked at were very expensive. Then Xu Jiaxiu came over and saw it. I couldn’t afford it, and then Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia to come to his office. After that, Xu Jiaxiu took Lu Jia’s mobile phone to help Lu Jia place an order for her shopping cart. Then, Lu Jia said that all the things he ordered were sent to her father. When I went, Xu Jiaxiu was surprised.

Later, Lu Jia and her girlfriend made a video. Lu Jia told her girlfriend that Xu Jiaxiu had emptied her shopping cart. Later, her girlfriend said that Xu Jiaxiu had emptied her photo wall, so she sent the video to Lu Jia. Lu Jia was surprised when she saw it. , My girlfriend said, Xu Jiaxiu is an East Asian vinegar king. Lu Jia remembered that in the past, her best friend said that if she found her boyfriend, she would give her the VIP of the hot pot restaurant.

Later, Lu Jia wanted to let Xu Jiaxiu go to the hot pot restaurant with herself. Lu Jia pestered Xu Jiaxiu to go to the hot pot restaurant. Xu Jiaxiu refused at first. He said that he could not go to the hot pot restaurant twice a week to be careful of acne. Then Lu Jia became angry. After get off work, Xu Jiaxiu went to the hot pot restaurant with Lu Jia. When Xu Jiaxiu and Yang Shanni met that day, Yang Shanni invited Xu Jiaxiu to have a wedding wine.

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