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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 24 Recap

Shen Xiaoan questioned Nie Dahai about Xiao Yuexian, Luo Qiuheng and Su Wenli found Yi Yongmei’s body at night, and learned that there were traces of confetti in Yi Yongmei’s throat, and the fork at the scene was obviously prying. After moving the traces of hard objects, the two came to the radio station overnight to search for clues and found that there were traces of being pried in a cabinet, and the cabinet contained nothing else, it was newspapers, but there was still a missing piece. Five-page newspaper. When the two were investigating, a man in black set a fire on the radio. Luo Qiuheng chased him out, but he let the man in black escape. A cigarette case fell on the man. Luo Qiuheng recognized the cigarette case at a glance. Zi is exactly the same cigarette smoked by Nie Dahai.

The next day, Shen Xiaoan found the body of Nie Dahai. Nie Dahai died in his own store. The direction of the case is that Nie Dahai wanted to destroy the radio station but was killed by others. The only possibility is that Nie Dahai saw the murder of Yi Yongmei. The real murderer, and a pearl was left at the scene. Su Wenli saw that Du Xiaoman had worn that pearl. Luo Qiuheng and Su Wenli believed that they were not far from the truth, so Luo Qiuheng announced his true identity on the radio.

Ask Du Xiaoman and Tang Weichen to go to the patrol room for interrogation. Luo Qiuheng gave out Du Xiaoman’s pearl. Du Xiaoman said that the pearl in her eardrop was lost yesterday. It is absolutely impossible that she will kill Nie Dahai. It was strangled by a wire object. Luo Qiuheng confessed that Shen Xiaoan first found out the contents of the lost fifth edition of the newspaper, which would help restore the truth of the case.

Su Wenli found new evidence on the radio. Xiao Taozi sent the dead goldfish and fish tank to the patrol room to test the water quality according to Su Wenli’s request. At the same time, Xiao Taozi also mentioned the results of her consideration to Shen Xiaoan. She likes Shen Xiaoan. She also wanted to live with Shen Xiaoan, but if Shen Xiaoan insisted on choosing one, she still decided to stay with Su Wenli to work, so she returned the bracelet to Shen Xiaoan. After leaving the patrol room, Xiao Taozi cried into tears at home. Su Wenli came home and learned about Xiao Taozi’s situation. She was very moved by Xiao Taozi’s decision for her, but they all knew how much Xiaoan loved Xiao Taozi. She thinks Xiao Taozi should go and get back the bracelet from Shen Xiaoan first, so she can’t hurt Shen Xiaoan’s heart.

Luo Qiuheng found the fifth edition of the newspaper. He gave the newspaper to Xiao Taozi and asked Xiao Taozi to find out the clues that were helpful to the case. He also inspected the water in the fish tank yesterday and found that the water is poisonous. If it is If you can control enough weight, hair loss will not be fatal. Su Wenli thinks of Du Xiaoman’s hair loss and knows the reason. At this time, Xiao Taozi found a case in the newspaper. It was Yongle Telecom’s female anchor He Lina who died at that time. This name was exactly the same as the name of the heroine of the script written by Yi Yongmei. Su Wenli believed that there must be a clue between the two. .

Du Xiaona came to Su Wenli’s house. She apologized to Su Wenli for her attitude the other day. She was very uncomfortable, so she hoped that Su Wenli could help her live broadcast again. Su Wenli responded promptly. Du Xiaoman talked, and then learned that the ticket Yi Yongmei was holding was ordered by Du Xiaoman to help. Du Xiaoman was going to Peking to be the chief female anchor. She trusted Yi Yongmei very much and planned to take Yi Yongmei. Train to become the next female anchor. Taking this opportunity, Su Wenli asked about Yongle Telecom. Du Xiaoman didn’t understand this, but he knew something about the twilight melody in Su Wenli’s mouth. The work is on their radio display rack. .

Su Wenli came to the radio station to listen to the Twilight melody. Gao Zhiqing invited her to dinner. She refused, but after listening to the radio, she saw Gao Zhiqing’s body. She also knew the truth about everything. The murderer was not someone else. It was Tang Weichen, also Huang Jiehui of Nanjing and the husband of He Lina. At this time, Tang Weichen came to Su Wenli with a gun. Su Wenli knew that she was in danger. She secretly turned on the broadcast and also revealed the identity of Tang Weichen. He was Huang Jiehui. He killed the first in Nanjing.

A wife, He Lina, later met Du Xiaoman incognito in Shanghai. Tang Weichen discovered that Du Xiaoman was very talented, so he kept training her and turned her into the second He Lina, but Du Xiaoman had ideals and she wanted To escape, Tang Weichen kept poisoning her in order to prevent her from fleeing, so that Du Xiaoman could not leave him.

Yi Yongmei is a loyal fan of He Lina. She has been pursuing the truth about He Lina’s death. She heard Tang Weichen’s Voice, so I came to the radio to apply and saw Tang Weichen poisoning and was killed because of it. After Tang Weichen killed Yi Yongmei that night, he took Du Xiaoman to the party, but it happened that Du Xiaoman was unwell. He used this time difference to deal with Yi Yongmei’s body, and the reason why Nie Dahai died was that he accidentally revealed that he knew the murderer, which led to Tang Weichen’s killing.

Tang Weichen noticed that Su Wenli was on the radio, and he wanted to kill Su Wenli fiercely. Su Wenli fought him while he turned off the radio, but the physical strength of the two was too great, and she was still held by Tang Weichen. Live, Tang Weichen is ready to hit Su Wenli ruthlessly.

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