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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 23 Recap

Luo Qiuheng met with Su Wenli on the radio station. He knew that Shen Xiaoan could not handle the case alone, so he whispered to Su Wenli to help Shen Xiaoan solve this case. He is now a radio anchor and must be lurking on the radio to find out this The reason why the radio station has been suppressing it in depth for six months is with the messenger behind the scenes. Su Wenli and Shen Xiaoan started investigating, and the two asked Gao Zhiqing for questioning.

Gao Zhiqing said that he and Xiao Yuexian were in the live broadcast room last night, while the Tang couple left the radio station at 6 o’clock and went to a party. Gao Zhiqing had previously worked for another radio station, but after he moved to Asia Sound, the previous radio station encountered a fire, but Gao Zhiqing tried his best to explain that this matter had nothing to do with him. The matter returned to the murder case. Gao Zhiqing revealed The relationship between Du Xiaoman and Yi Yongmei is not compatible. Yi Yongmei has been scolded by Du Xiaoman recently, and he suspects that the new anchor Luo Qiuheng is the murderer. He has always been sneaky, like an undercover agent. .

Su Wenli told Luo Qiuheng what Gao Zhiqing had said, and Luo Qiuheng asked Su Wenli to find Xiao Yuexian for questioning as soon as possible, and he himself heard the name Nie Dahai from Tang Weichen, thinking that Nie Dahai was also very suspicious. Luo Qiuheng came over and got close to Nie Dahai. Nie Dahai said that he really wanted to chase Yi Yongmei, but Yi Yongmei didn’t like him.

He didn’t see Yi Yongmei come out on the night of the accident, only Gao Zhiqing followed Xiao Yuexian. Come out together. When Gao Zhiqing was interrogated before, he emphasized that he and Xiao Yuexian left one after another. This shows that Gao Zhiqing was lying. Luo Qiuheng calmly observed Nie Dahai and noticed the cigarette box in his hand, and Su Wen While investigating in the yard, Li also found a cigarette box exactly like Nie Dahai.

Tang Weichen and Du Xiaoman called for help in the room. A group of people hurried over and found that the wires in the room were deliberately damaged. Tang Weichen and Du Xiaoman were almost killed. Su Wenli is now investigating this case. She turned to Yi Yongmei’s little book and found out that Yi Yongmei had bought a ticket to Peking, and that the script written by Yi Yongmei was finally awarded by Du Xiaoman.

Du Xiaoman’s blow to Yi Yongmei was obvious, and Su Wenli decided to ask Du Xiaoman for questioning the next day. After that, Su Wenli left first. Shen Xiaoan and Xiao Taozi talked about the future. Shen Xiaoan hoped that after marriage, Xiao Taozi would not continue to work as a servant with Su Wenli. When she noticed that Shen Xiaoan’s words meant to belittle herself, Xiao Taozi was angry. After leaving, she never thought about not working for Su Wenli, and Su Wenli treated her as an assistant, never let her work as a servant.

The next day, Tang Weichen came to Su’s house in place of his wife. He handed over the program list to be recorded to Xiao Taozi, who asked Xiao Taozi to temporarily replace Yi Yongmei on the radio. Su Wenli asked about the popular radio play “Laughing Karma”. Tang Weichen said that the play was an adaptation of a novel. Du Xiaoman was responsible for the oral creation, while Yi Yongmei was just a transcript. She was mediocre in terms of work performance. Wenli couldn’t ask any useful clues from Tang Weichen. She simply brought up her thoughts and thought of the radio to help. Tang Weichen agreed without saying a word.

Su Wenli came to the radio to help. Her broadcast effect was good. Du Xiaoman was jealous and lost her temper with Su Wenli, but Su Wenli did not take it seriously. She went back to the patrol room and shared her findings with Luo Qiuheng She saw that Nie Dahai gave Gao Zhiqing a newspaper, and the newspaper specially circled a horse race, and Luo Qiuheng also saw that Nie Dahai once gave Gao Zhiqing money. The two suspected that Gao Zhiqing and Nie Dahai had a shameful deed. , Sure enough, the horse circled in the newspaper ran first, but none of the horses recommended by Gao Zhiqing on the radio scored. Su Wenli guessed that it was Yi Yongmei who knew the two of them. .

Shen Xiaoan could not find Xiao Yuexian, and the clue was interrupted again. Shen Xiaoan and Su Wenli approached Nie Dahai the next day. They learned that Nie Dahai and Nie Zhiqiang in the racecourse are uncles and nephews. Nie Dahai will update the latest ones in advance. The horse racing news is marked in the newspaper and handed over to Gao Zhiqing. Gao Zhiqing will broadcast it on the radio in some way. Those who bet on the horse race will use a small amount of money to lure him into some inside information, but the news is not 100%. Accurate, and sometimes inaccurate. Su Wenli learned this secret, she approached Gao Zhiqing. It turned out that Gao Zhiqing’s advertising time during the broadcast was the latest news about horse racing. If those who won the horse racing at a big price would give Nie Dahai a rake. Nie Dahai was divided into him again.

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