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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 22 Recap

Su Wenli and Xiao Taozi were anxious to find Lulu’s whereabouts. The two learned from Xu Hongchen that Lulu liked to go to the Suzhou River. They found Lulu who committed suicide by taking sleeping pills at Yufang’s residence. Lulu also left one behind. After sealing the letter, Luo Qiuheng immediately asked Shen Xiaoan to send her to the orphanage.

Fortunately, they were one step earlier, and the hospital washed Lulu’s stomach and intestines, and Lulu finally turned her distress into peace. Su Wenli asked Xiao Taozi to stay and take care of Lulu, while she went to Su Wenli’s whereabouts. Seeing Su Wenli anxiously, Luo Qiuheng comforted him. He learned of Su Yun’s mother’s whereabouts, so he went to Su Wenli without a word. Find Su Yun and let Su Wenli stay in the office to have a good rest.

Suyun’s mother was ill. She became unconscious when she fell ill. Not only did she forget about Su Wenli’s adoption of Suyun, she closed the window and set a coal stove in the room. The neighbor next door rushed to find her mother and daughter Fortunately, Luo Qiuheng arrived in time and Su Wenli rushed in in time. She hugged Su Wenli tightly and apologized to Su Wenli. She knew that her mother didn’t want to lose herself. She sneaked out in the middle of the night just to see herself. Mother.

Su Wenli felt sorry for Su Yun. She took her mother and daughter back to the villa, but the investigation of the case continued. Before Shen Xiaoan found out that Xu Hongchen was expelled from the Youth Self-Government Association, Lu Junqing had been helping Xu Hongchen to reinstate, just in the crucial evening of the voting meeting.

Lu Junqing was absent on the night of Yufang’s accident. Before Lu Yongyuan, perhaps Luo Qiuheng confessed that what he said at the police station that day was false. The school badge was given to Yufang by him. That night, Lu Junqing was in a meeting with the self-government council. Did not go to Lu Junqing. Lu Yongyuan has only known Yufang for more than a month, but Yufang is three months pregnant. The medicine in Yufang’s residence was also bought by Lu Junqing. All of this is self-evident.

When Lulu woke up, Su Wenli asked if the person who killed Yufang and forced her to write a desperate book to take sleeping pills was Lu Junqing. Lulu admitted everything. Lu Junqing had long been unkind to her. Her father asked Yufang to replace her. After Lu Junqing’s lover, Lu Junqing placed Yufang in that hut, and Yufang couldn’t bear such a day and wanted to report on Lu Junqing. The two quarreled about it that night. She would regret it very much.

If she listened to Yufang’s If you tell Lu Junqing earlier, maybe everything won’t be like this. At this moment, Xu Hongchen heard that Lulu was hospitalized. He hurried over to find his daughter. Su Wenli reprimanded Xu Hongchen for ruining the two girls. Xu Hongchen knew that she was wrong, so she only knelt on the ground and confessed to Lulu. .

The Miss Daffodil contest is going on as scheduled. Lu Junqing presides over the competition, Su Wenli shows up on the scene, and Luo Qiuheng formally arrests Lu Junqing. That night, Lu Junqing saw Yufang fainted and dragged her to the riverside to drown Yufen. He also tried to blame Lulu for the incident, but the truth would come back to him. Lu Junqing must accept the punishment of the law.

Su Yun returned to Su Wenli. She handed her mother’s agreement for adoption to Su Wenli, but Su Wenli tore up the agreement. She knew that Su Yun’s mother needed Su Yun, and Su Yun could not do without. Mother, so she couldn’t selfishly keep Suyun by her side. She let Suyun return to her mother’s side, and she was willing to help Suyun all the time. At any time, this was Suyun’s second home. Seeing Su Yun leaving behind, Su Wenli couldn’t help but tears down. Luo Qiuheng put Su Wenli in his arms and hugged her distressedly.

On Yasheng Radio, a young girl, Yi Yongmei, was murdered. She called for help, but no one could hear her. The radio station continued. As a radio host, Gao Zhiqing’s voice fascinated many viewers. , Du Xiaoman and Tang Weichen even performed a story about his cousin and uncle on the radio. The story was in full swing, but Gao Zhiqing’s “Yi Yongmei is dead” brought the story to an abrupt end. Taozi heard the news of Yi Yongmei’s death on the radio. Yi Yongmei is Xiao Taozi’s little sister, and she hurried to the radio station.

Su Wenli checked the scene of the crime and found that Yi Yongmei had been strangled to death. Everyone on the scene watched the excitement and felt sorry for Yi Yongmei. Nie Dahai passed by and shook his head. Yi Yongmei’s watch was broken and stopped at 7:30. Su Wenli concluded that Yi Yongmei died at 7:30 last night, and there are Yi Yongmei’s handprints and jacket in the radio room.

This room is the first The scene of the crime. Tang Weichen and Du Xiaoman were interrogated. Du Xiaoman said that the radio station had been receiving threatening calls from the newspaper in the past few days. The newspaper asked them to turn off the radio, otherwise they would make them look good. He did not expect that Yi Yongmei would have an accident at this moment.

Luo Qiuheng went undercover on the radio. Su Wenli heard Luo Qiuheng’s full magnetic voice on the radio. She was deeply obsessed. Tang Weichen explained to her that this was a new radio anchor.

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