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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 21 Recap

Luo Qiuheng found out that Yufang didn’t call Lulu at all. He interrogated Lulu again. Lulu admitted that Yufang did not call her, but they arranged to meet at the moat every Wednesday night. In recent days, Yufang has been in a bad mood. She quarreled with Yufang by the moat the night before Yufang’s accident. She accidentally pushed Yufang, and Yufang fell on her, so she went out and called. People, but there was no one around. When she came back, Yufang was also nowhere to be seen. She thought that Yufang was leaving with her angrily, but she never thought that Yufang had fallen into the water.

Shen Xiaoan found a bag 100 meters away from Yufang’s death. There was a dilapidated key in the bag. Luo Qiuheng regarded the key as a proof, and there was a torn note in the bag. Luo Qiuheng asked Shen Xiaoan to splice the note together. Guess this is a movie ticket, and also an extremely important clue.

Su Yun’s mother came to the door, and Su Wenli was quite angry about it. She thought Su Yun was an orphan. If she knew that Su Yun was not an orphan, she would never interfere with Su Yun’s life rashly. Although Suyun is unwilling to return to her mother, if her mother wants to take Suyun away, Su Wenli must also give in legally. She wants to talk to Suyun about her future life plan, but Suyun refuses Don’t talk about it.

With the help of Xiao Taozi, Shen Xiaoan spelled out the movie ticket. It was a movie ticket for the movie premiere. There were several names behind. Su Wenli remembered that Yufang fainted once during a dance. She loosened her skirt, and she and Xiao Taozi guessed that Yufang was pregnant before she died. Everything was as expected by the two. Yufang’s autopsy report showed that she was pregnant. The wound that Lulu pushed her down was not fatal.

She did drown in the water, but there was a male footprint on her back. This man is most likely the murderer in this case. At the same time, there was a school badge of Guanghua University in Yufang’s bag. Su Wenli followed this clue to check and found that Lu Yongyuan not only lost the school badge, but also watched the premiere that Yufen had seen. .

Lu Yongyuan was invited to the detention center for questioning. He claimed that he gave the school badge to Xiao Min, but he did not know why the school badge fell on Yufang. He only knew that the relationship between Xiao Min and Yufang was not good, and he also did not. I don’t like Yufang, on the contrary, Yufang has been relying on him. The night before Yufang’s accident, he invited him to meet by the moat, but he didn’t go. He only listened to the drama at home with Lu Junqing. Lu Junqing did absent for Lu Yongyuan. It proved that Lu Yongyuan didn’t know about Yufang’s pregnancy beforehand, and the clues stopped here again.

Shen Xiaoan found out the approximate residence of the key. Luo Qiuheng asked Shen Xiaoan’s family to try and found Yufang’s residence, and found that Yufang’s residence contained expensive medicine and a men’s razor that did not belong to Lu Yongyuan. Lu Yongyuan’s school badge was given to Yufang, but he asked Xiao Min to help him conceal the truth. Xiao Min asked Lu Yongyuan to be her boyfriend, but Lu Yongyuan couldn’t let Yufang go. He only rejected Xiao Min. Min slapped Lu Yongyuan and decided not to help him hide the truth.

At night, Su Yun stole an adoption document and some money to find her mother. She stayed at her mother’s place, but Lulu suffered an accident that night. Su Wenli could not find Su Yun the next day, she heard Yesterday Suyun said she was going to find Lulu, so she thought that Suyun had gone to find Lulu.

Luo Qiuheng went to Lu Yongyuan again. Lu Yongyuan confessed that he and Yufang were in a relationship, but Yufang wanted to marry him, and he could not give Yufang a promise, so he did not go to the appointment that night. After asking, Luo Qiuheng patrolled the house, and Shen Xiaoan also revealed the clues he found. The medicine in Yufang’s room was bought by the servants of the Lu family, and the house where Yufang lived was Xu Hongchen’s. Luo Qiuheng came to find Xu Hongchen, Xu Hongchen claimed that he did not know about this, and since he was removed from the Youth Self-Government Association, he and Lulu are usually not very talkative.

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