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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 20 Recap

Su Wenli deliberately went to the clothing store to reveal that she had a set of ruby ​​jewellery, and also revealed in front of everyone that she would go to Tianmu Mountain for a holiday in the past few days, attracting thieves to steal gems. That night, only Luo Qiuheng and Su Wenli were left in the villa. The two squatted to the person who stole the gems according to the plan. They worked together to capture the thief. That person was not someone else, but Li Xinrui. It turned out that Li Xinrui was the culprit in this murder. She was a habitual offender when she was a model in Hong Kong.

She had been staring at the jewelry of wealthy people. She also knew that Ah Wah had plagiarized the design, so she threatened Ah Wah to steal her. When the jewelry was sewn to the clothes, Ah Hua worked for Li Xinrui until Li Xinrui took out Mrs. Wang’s pearls. Only then did Ah Hua realize that the murder was related to Li Xinrui. Li Xinrui also killed Ah Hua in order to kill the people, and she did so. The reason for Mrs. Wang was that she mistakenly thought that Mrs. Wang knew about her theft and impulsively killed Mrs. Wang on the spot.

The criminals have been arrested, and the Zhao sisters also forgive each other. Su Wenli is ready to regain the reputation of the fashion store. She held a catwalk, Xiao Taozi is the model of the show, and Su Wenli also wore the clothing store. The evening dress designed for Miss Hu Die astounded the audience and also astounded Luo Qiuheng. At night, Shen Xiaoan praised the beauty of Xiao Taozi today. He not only gave Xiao Taozi like Yunifang, but also gave Xiao Taozi a precious bracelet, saying that it was his mother asked him to give it and it was the most precious in his family. Xiao Taozi smiled, and forgave Shen Xiaoan’s straight man before. At the same time, Luo Qiuheng put on a ruby ​​necklace for her at Su Wenli’s request. He and Su Wenli danced together in the living room, and the two of them only looked at each other.

The Miss Narcissus contest is coming to an end. The whole Shanghai is expecting who Xiaoxian won the first prize, but the woman washing clothes by the river found the body of a woman and screamed. Su Wenli sponsored four girls in the Miss Daffodil competition. In addition to Suyun, there were three other girls. Suyun and Min came to the villa on time to practice their homework, but Lulu was late. She claimed that she could not wait for Yufang by the river at the appointment, and when Su Wenli was very upset about Yufang’s lateness, news of Yufang’s death came from the patrol room.

Yufang is familiar with water. She is unlikely to drown. Luo Qiuheng interrogated three girls in the villa. The last time Lulu saw Yufang was last night. She didn’t know where Yufang lived, so she made an appointment today. We met by the river in the morning, but she didn’t wait for Yufang. Xiao Min also didn’t know Yufang’s place. She only knew that Yufang was a helper in someone’s house. But looking at Yufang’s clothes, she was not rich but not rich. Poor, she also vaguely learned from Yufang that she has a boyfriend. After questioning the two, Luo Qiuheng asked Suyun. Suyun believed that Yufang would never find short-sightedness. She worked very hard to participate in the finals, and she would definitely not give up at this juncture.

Luo Qiuheng has found out where Yufang lives. He followed Shen Xiaoan and found out that it was Lulu’s home. Lulu said that Yufang had been helping with the housework at their house, and she had moved out half a year ago, if not because They won’t have any contact with Miss Narcissus. Last night, it was Yufang’s Lulu. Luo Qiuheng met Lulu’s father Xu Hongchen. Xu Hongchen did not provide any useful information, but Luo Qiuheng noticed that Xu’s phone line was Broken, if the telephone line was broken long ago, it proves that Lulu is lying.

Su Wenli came to the Youth Self-Government Association. She asked Lu Junqing and Lu Yongyuan about Yufang’s abnormality. The two did not notice any abnormalities in Yufang. Su Wenli was deeply afraid that Yufang’s thing would happen to other girls. She wanted to postpone the final party, but Lu Junqing refused, thinking that only the party as scheduled would be the best tribute to the dead. Lu Junqing insisted that Su Wenli was not good to say anything. She only changed the teaching of the dance class and learned the girls’ self-defense martial arts, fearing that the girls would encounter accidents.

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