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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 19 Recap

Luo Qiuheng came to Mr. Wang’s home. He asked about Mrs. Wang’s death and said that Mr. Wang had a major suspicion. Mr. Wang mentioned that everyone in the clothing store didn’t like Mrs. Wang, and he was not the only one who claimed to be suspect. A person. At the same time, Shen Xiaoan found a payment check for the shop in Mrs. Wang’s bag. He and Luo Qiuheng came to investigate and found that it was not Mrs. Wang who came to see the shop that day, but Zhao Yafang.

Su Wenli thought that Xiao Taozi made tailor-made clothes and came to the clothing store to investigate. She went to the tailor A Hua’s room and found that A Hua’s words and deeds were very strange. She opened her mouth when she lied, so Su Wenli asked Lao Song to talk to Xiao Tan. Following Ohua, everyone in this store has many secrets hidden in him.

Su Wenli asked Zhao Yafang to come to the villa. The two asked about the relationship between Zhao Yafang and Mr. Wang. Zhao Yafang claimed that she and Mr. Wang were only a business relationship. She had a different design concept from Zhao Yali, and Mr. Wang admired it very much. Her design works, so she decided to buy a shop, he contributed her money. Zhao Yafang has always denied that she had quarreled with Mrs. Wang, and she also believed that Mr. Wang would not kill Mrs. Wang, but Mr. Wang did leave the room before. Now the clue came back to Mr. Wang. Luo Qiuheng asked Mr. Wang to come for questioning. Mr. Wang said that he was with the little tailor A Hua at the time, but he was just playing with the little tailor, and he was not crazy enough to kill himself. Mrs.

Lao Song and Xiao Tan stopped the parcel Ahua was going to send. Inside the parcel was a dress. The recipient signed Qiu characters. Su Wenli decided to ask Zhao Yali to come to the house for questioning. She gave the dress to her. Zhao Yali saw that Yue Yali was very surprised that this dress was copied from her own design, but there were only two design drafts. One was locked in the store and the other was at home. She believed all the employees in her store, and before No design drafts have been circulated, but Ms. Hu Die has recently cancelled all the dress customizations in her shop, which is quite a headache for her. After questioning, Su Wenli sent away Zhao Yali. She did not disclose too many details of the case to Zhao Yali, after all, the suspect was still in the clothing store.

Shen Xiaoan came over to please Xiao Taozi. Xiao Taozi asked about Shen Xiaoan’s impression of her clothes. Shen Xiaoan straightforwardly said that he really liked the servant outfit Xiao Taozi wore when she first met. When Xiao Taozi heard Shen Xiaoan’s words, she left with anger. Unexpectedly, in Shen Xiaoan’s eyes, she was only suitable for maid outfits.

At night, Su Wenli visited the clothing store at night. She found the hidden pearl in the tailor’s room, and Ah Hua also died in the tailor’s room. After checking the scene of the crime, Su Wenli left the window along the rope, Luo Qiuheng At this moment, she and Shen Xiaoan came to the tailor’s shop. Luo Qiuheng looked at Su Wenli helplessly and learned of Ahua’s death. The two sent Ahua to the Korean forensic doctor for an autopsy overnight. They learned that Ahua was stunned by an iron, but died from suffocation. Judging from the ledger found in Ahua’s room, Ahua has been plagiarizing the design works in the store. , And some people paid a big price for Owa’s handicraft.

The next day, Su Wenli and Luo Qiuheng visited the store. The Zhao sisters learned of Ah Hua’s death, and the two quarreled. Zhao Yafang wanted to open a clothing store by herself. Zhao Yali never thought that her sister would want to become a competitor. People were quarreling extremely fiercely, Zhao Yafang asked Yuehuan to bring her bag, and Yuehuan accidentally knocked the camera over while taking the bag. The camera fell to the ground, and the pearls hidden in the camera frame were spilled on the floor. And that pearl was the one worn by Mrs. Wang before her death. Zhao Yafang was taken to the police station. It turned out that Zhao Yafang knew Qiu Jingwei. She had been secretly sending the dress she designed to a clothing store in Hong Kong. The dispute between the two sisters had reached the point where it was out of control.

Su Wenli checked up the women who had been in the clothing store before, and found that most women had lost jewelry in the clothing store. Su Wenli decided to find out the jewelry thief herself.

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