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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 18 Recap

Sakumu told his subordinates that Dong Rushuang had solved Yun Chuan’s poison, and Princess Yun Chuan was okay, and she could immediately discuss the matter of marriage. Su Ci began to pretend to be Yunchuan. Su Ci said he should stay in the palace, Pei Zhao said that he wanted to see Su Ci. Advise Su Ci to take care of her body first.

At this time, another person came to eavesdrop, and Pei Zhao told Su Ci. Su Ci began to play the piano, and after a while, told others that she had left. Su Ci deliberately didn’t understand the rhythm because Yun Chuan didn’t. Su Ci excused that she was going to rest, and asked Pei Zhao to leave.

In the evening, Cha Yan came to the princess’s room, trying to kill Yun Chuan, but was caught by Shumu and Pei Zhao who had ambushed here early. Dong Rushuang is still equipping Yunchuan with an antidote. Currently Rushuang doesn’t know if he can solve it. Rushuang found that the isolated poison was wrong and hurried out. Shumu is still interrogating Cha Yan, asking him why he is like this, but Cha Yan said he can’t let his wife and children be younger than his death. Shumu asks Che Yan to hand over the poison. Che Yan said that he didn’t inflict the poison, and he also acted on orders. This person is a leader.

After listening to Su Ci, she felt that she had been stunned and fainted. Dong Rushuang arrived in time and asked everyone to go out.

The next day, Su Ci woke up, but she was also poisoned. It is speculated that the insect repellent paint and thyme in Yunchuan. Rushuang means that this is the soul-stimulating Siwei San, the mutual growth and mutual restraint, and there must be four flavors that cause the poison, only one The species is not poisonous. Rushuang said that he had only seen it in medical skills, and now to detoxify, he must know the specific four.

Dong Rushuang began to check whether everyone in the room was poisoned, but none of them were poisoned. Everyone is in the same room, but some people are poisoned and some are not.

King Yun learned that Pei Zhao had gone to the post house and immediately went into the palace to see the emperor. Su Ci was still studying why everyone was poisoned in the same room, but she suddenly thought of the pillow. Feiyuan came to look for Pei Zhao, but it was Jiang Xiwen who told Jiang Xiwen that the emperor was coming to see him. Xiwen said to look for Pei Zhao soon.

Su Ci called the maid for questioning. It turned out that this pillow was new. Because she couldn’t sleep well, Yun Chuan mentioned that she wanted to change to a new pillow. Li Yu told Yun Chuan that the xylophone was also made by Li Yu. Now Li Yu has a big one. Suspicion. Sakumu took everyone to find piano master Li Yu, but Li Yu had already left.

Li Yu came to a room and knocked on the door and someone came to open the door for her. Su Ci still searched in Liyu’s room, and found a secret compartment on the bed. Inside it was a booklet of the reception arrangements of the North Rong Kingdom. Li Yu forgot to take it away when he hurriedly ran away.

When the emperor came to Pei’s mansion, King Yun accused Pei Zhao of not coming to pick him up. Xiwen said that Pei Zhao was changing clothes. The maids brought the tea, and the emperor said that this tea was not a light and elegant one, so let people re-infuse it, and wanted to change a cup, but was blocked by King Yun, saying that King Qi was not in the house and he was not respectful. At this time, Pei Zhao just arrived, and Su Ci also brought evidence to prove Pei Zhao’s innocence, pointing out that the real culprit who poisoned Princess Yunchuan was the piano master Li Yu, who was being arrested throughout the city. He also brought the documents received by the mission, with the seal of the Ministry of Rites. Not many people have this document. The emperor ordered the court officials to bring the documents.

The ministers submitted their documents one by one, but they were all missing. Su Ci asked for a nearby inspection, but was blocked by King Yun and asked to scramble to check the documents, and the emperor agreed. Su Ci began to examine the documents that were shuffled.

With his amazing eyesight, Su Ci guessed which minister belonged to the clerk. It was discovered that Lei Zheng’s document was forged, because the ink hadn’t dried out yet, and there were differences in paper. The father-in-law’s experimental paper is indeed different from everyone else. Lei Zheng shouted that he was about to assassinate the emperor, but was attacked by King Yun from behind and died on the spot.

King Yun lost a cron, but saved Liyu. King Yun is still investigating a mysterious person, and he wants to find him immediately.

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