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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 16 Recap

The next day in the court hall, I began to announce the promoted personnel. There happened to be Su Ci in it. In this life, an official stood up and said that Su Ci is a female companion in men’s clothing, and took out the picture of the beauty he saw on the street. The official said that the last page found in Qu Linjiang was Su Ci, and that Qu Linjiang drew a portrait of Su Ci in prison and brought Xiao Junhao, the son of Yongan, as a witness. Xiao Junhao reversed black and white and gave false evidence.

The court officials proposed to verify their identities in the court. Both Pei Zhao and Liu Xuan defended Su Ci. Pei Zhao was a little excited and was caught by King Yun. Su Ci also understood that King Yun was actually going to deal with Pei Zhao, so he admitted to himself. Her identity as a woman, and said that Pei Zhao did not know.

Su Ci was taken to the cell, and Xiwen also pleaded guilty to Pei Zhao. The person he sent out to guard Xiao Junhao did not perform his duties. Pei Zhao said that for the present plan, he can only persuade the emperor to implement a female official system. , And asked the people to petition to release Su Ci and Taixue also request the emperor to allow women to go to school.

King Yun felt it was a pity that Su Ci pleaded guilty first and did not involve Pei Zhao. Plan to use Su Ci as the game, and bring Pei Zhao into the game. Dong Rushuang was also worried about Su Ci here, and Xie Beiming was anxious to save Su Ci on his own.

An official came to the cell to interrogate Su Ci. The name was Lei Zheng. He said that Su Ci was deceiving the monarch and asked her for the purpose of mixing with court officials. Su Ci said that she would only settle the case in order to make a living. Seeing this, he ordered people to beat Su Ci with a whip.

Xie Beiming had already begun his prison robbery plan, and Su Ci had been beaten to blood, but he still refused to say. Pei Zhao came to Su Ci’s room, secretly determined that he would save her.

The next day, officials in the court said that a woman would become an official. Pei Zhao came to see the emperor. Su Ci was still being tortured to extract a confession. Su Ci pretended to surrender and asked her to tell her what to say so that she could follow suit. It turns out that these people have no other tricks, only Su Ci. Lei Zheng used a false confession to force Su Ci to be in custody. And Su Ci found that the guards inside had changed a group.

Pei Zhao also said to the court that women had good political achievements and countless military merits. He talked about the negligence of most male officials in the court in previous cases. He also took a petition from the people and asked the emperor to allow women to be officials. King Yun bluntly said all this is for Su Ci. At this time, Lei Zheng came to the court and took the false testimony, saying that Su Ci’s going to the Mingjing Office was the arrangement of the King of Qi, and that King Qi was about to commit trouble.

Speaking of some time ago, Pei Zhao was suspected of paving the way for Su Ci’s promotion. Lei Zheng expressed that he would severely punish Pei Zhao and Su Ci. Liu Xuan said he was guilty of oversight, so please think twice. The emperor said that Su Ci’s bullying of the emperor was to confirm the fact, and he asked about it after the envoy of Beirong left Beijing.

Dong Rushuang approached Xie Beiming and said that he would rob and rescue Su Ci with him. Pei Zhao came to the prison of the Criminal Ministry to see Su Ci, but was stopped by someone, and left when he saw that the guards were all fresh faces.

Xie Beiming refused to let Dong Rushuang participate in the robbery, but Rushuang insisted on going together. Xie Beiming went into the cell. At this time, Pei Zhaoye came, and Su Ci told him to leave. Pei Zhao said that he knew that all this was a game, and Su Ci also told Pei Zhao to be careful. Su Ci once again asked them to go first. They were all skin traumatized. Pei Zhao also thought it was inappropriate to take Su Ci away and said that he would definitely save her.

Xiwen talked about this and suggested that if Pei Zhao had the power of Beirong, Pei Zhao had no choice but to go to the emperor and said that he was willing to make a relationship. The condition is that on the day of his wedding, he can amnesty the world and release Su Ci. The emperor expressed his hope that his brother would be happy, but Pei Zhao had made up his mind as long as he could save Su Ci.

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