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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 15 Recap

Pei Zhao is here in order to talk to the man who has just been staring at. The man’s name is Sha Du, and he offered to pay for him. Shadu became interested in him and offered to drink together. Pei Zhao agreed and asked him if he was from the Western Regions. Pei Zhao said that his father was in business before. Shadu told Pei Zhao that he would choose a dancer tomorrow and invite Pei Zhao to come, and Pei Zhao responded.

Xie Beiming is still explaining to Dong Wushuang here that Pei Zhao forced him to go, worrying that Dong Wushuang would be disappointed. Su Ci is painting makeup in the room here to participate in the selection of dancers in the evening.

At night, Su Ci came to Shadu’s room, and Pei Zhao was there. Shadu asked Su Ci to take off the veil, but Su Ci said that he was not in a hurry, and began to dance. Shadu was very happy, because Su Ci danced from the Western Regions. Su Ci picked up the bottle of wine and put the medicine in it while dancing, and then continued to dance if nothing happened, pouring Shado wine, Shado did not have the slightest doubt, and took the wine and drank it. However, Pei Zhao just saw that Su Ci puts drugs on it, Su Ci then came to pour the wine for Pei Zhao, Pei Zhao picked up the wine glass, smelled it and did not drink it. When Sha Du saw Su Ci dancing, he liked to come over and molested Su Ci. At this time, Pei Zhao also came to molested Su Ci and noticed the red mole behind Su Ci’s ears.

After a while, Sandu was fainted and fell, and then Pei Zhao also fell. Su Ci began to search for things in the room, and found a locked box, but there was nothing in it that she wanted to find. At this time, Su Ci noticed that the bottom of the box was very thick, and there was a dark hole on the bottom of the box. He found a ledger and was about to look closely. Pei Zhao suddenly snatched the ledger from behind, and the two started fighting. Pei Zhao took the opportunity to remove Su Ci’s veil, but Su Ci put it on in time and left. People outside heard the sound of fighting coming into the room. Pei Zhao still pretended to faint and lay on the ground, beginning to suspect that the woman just now was Su Ci.

Su Ci returned to the room and was angry at Pei Zhao’s just molesting behavior. After a while, Fei Yuan knocked on the door and told Su Ci that Pei Zhao was drinking with Sha Du, but Sha Du died, suspecting that Pei Zhao was the murderer. Su Ci, Xie Beiming and Dong Wushuang arrived. Dong Wushuangbiao saw that Sandu was not poisoned and had no wounds, but he found Golden Leaf. If he chewed too much, he would die suddenly. Su Ci noticed a small red dot on Shadu’s eyebrows. At this time, Pei Zhao also found a red mole behind Su Ci’s ear, and already knew that Su Ci was a woman disguised as a man. Su Ci said that Shadu was not a sudden death, but a murder, and that the murderer was still at the scene.

Everyone unanimously identified Pei Zhao. Su Ci said that the murderer used ice needles. At this time, Su Ci noticed that there was water in the boss’s pipe. The boss said that it was OK. At this time, someone suggested that the boss came to toast and Shadu died. At this time, the proprietress calmly picked up the pipe and shot an ice needle at Su Ci, and everyone ran away in fright. Xie Beiming came up and restrained the lady boss, who committed suicide by lying on the ground.

Xie Beiming, Pei Zhao, Wushuang and Su Ci came to the proprietress’s room. Su Ci smelled the rosin powder, but there was no clue. After the group came to Shadu’s room, Su Ci directly opened the secret compartment at the bottom of the box and saw that the ledger was gone last night. Pei Zhao asked Su Ci why he was so familiar with this secret grid. At this time, a woman came to tell Su Ci that the lady boss here had a close friend, and she had accidentally seen that the man had a square burn mark.

Feiyuan and Pei Zhao went back to the room and asked how Pei Zhao got the ledger, which had a lot to do with the official bank they lost recently. At night, Su Ci quietly sneaked into Pei Zhao’s room, trying to take the account book during the day but couldn’t find it, but made a noise when leaving. Pei Zhao knew that it was Su Ci and deliberately asked her if she was sleepwalking. Pei Zhao took the initiative to mention the dancer of that day, Su Ci directly admitted that he was the dancer of that day, and said that he was a man disguised as a woman.

Pei Zhao also said why he would drink with Sadu that day, in fact, he also went to investigate the case. Then they discussed the case together in the room and concluded that the silver should still be there, but it was hidden in a warehouse, which should be at the foot of the mountain in the northeast, because the terrain is high and the woods are dense. Su Ci found this room smoothly based on the rosin mark. There were many boxes in the room. After opening it, it was full of relief silver. The relief silver was finally found.

In the evening, everyone made a very hearty meal to celebrate their work. Pei Zhao also blocked the wine for Su Ci. Su Ci gave everyone a thank you with tea instead of wine. Everyone had a very happy dinner together. Su Porcelain ate a piece of drunk and drank Pei Zhao’s glass in desperation.

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