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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 14 Recap

Pei Zhao dreamed that he had been on the battlefield before, and he was a little emotional, and everyone came to heal him. Dong Rushuang said that there is no danger now.

The next morning, Su Ci took off Pei Zhao’s eye veil. Pei Zhao’s eyes had recovered and everyone was very happy. Pei Zhao took Su Ci and hugged him. Everyone consciously left when they saw it, leaving only the two of them in the room.

Pei’s house was decorated with lights, Su Ci also changed into women’s clothing, and had dinner with everyone by the lake. It was the first time that Xie Beiming saw Su Ci wearing women’s clothing. He was shocked that Su Ci was actually a woman. Xie Beiming was a little angry but only Not knowing it alone, Su Ci also expressed apology and took the initiative to drink with Xie Beiming and respected everyone. Dong Rushuang also said that he forgave Su Ci and was willing to be sisters with her.

At night, Dong Rushuang said that he had eaten enough and wanted to go for a walk. He also took Feiyuan and Xie Beiming away, leaving only Su Ci and Pei Zhao. Pei Zhao gave Su Ci a hairpin. This hairpin was made from the previous Ye Mingzhu grinding. Pei Zhao asked Su Ci if he would let him stay with Su Ci with this beam of light, but Su Ci said that he was used to one. People, Pei Zhao said she is not alone, he still has friends and himself. Shu Su Ci said many of his shortcomings, but Pei Zhao said that he was willing to accept them. Pei Zhao put the hairpin on Su Ci’s head, and the two were officially together. Pei Zhaoqing couldn’t help stabilizing Su Ci. In this way, the two kissed by the lake. Xie Beiming said with emotion after seeing it, it turned out that it’s okay if he was drunk. Then he went to Dong Rushuang to drink, but Dong Wushuang drank and fell down. .

The next day, Pei Zhao sent Xiwen to investigate the government’s attitude toward women in school and military service.

In the Department of Der Spiegel, the director is announcing that it will proceed soon. The promotion of officials includes literary and martial arts examinations, and emphasizes that there is only one promotion place. Su Ci recalled that he wanted to check the royal secret files, but because of insufficient positions, he was not qualified to check. So Su Ci secretly made up his mind to reach the promotion quota and clear the grievances of the Bailiang clan. Colleagues are also discussing that this time the promotion of Su Ci and Luo Shaohui has the greatest opportunity.

Dong Rushuang had already prepared the food, and when everyone came back to eat together, Feiyuan told everyone that Su Ci came out of the martial arts training ground and did not plan to come over for dinner. Pei Zhao came to look for Su Ci and found that Su Ci’s feet were not right, so he picked Su Ci onto the bed and applied her own medicine. Su Ci said that these were all minor injuries, saying that she was okay, but she was still afraid of pain. Pei Zhao said that she should take care of herself just for promotion. Xie Beiming said that he would teach Su Ci martial arts and wish her a helping hand.

The next day, Xie Beiming began to teach Su Ci martial arts. Su Ci’s martial arts was still a shortcoming. Xie Beiming also practiced Su Ci every day, and Dong Rushuang was also with him. During this period of time, Pei Zhao made a jade stick with organs, called the heart porcelain stick, and began to teach Su porcelain how to use it.

Su Ci started archery, but he didn’t shoot well. Pei Zhao came to teach him personally. Everyone came to watch the excitement. After all, it was King Qi who taught him himself. At this time, more and more rumors came out. Luo Shaohua said that Su Ci has a big backing, and his friend maid also talked about Qi Wang’s broken sleeve with him.

Su Ci started contacting again this day, but seeing someone, in order to avoid suspicion, he wanted Pei Zhao to go back to rest first. Pei Zhao said that he was born in the royal family, and many rumors were destined to have him. At the same time, he would cherish every day with Su Ci.

Xiwen brought a reaction to the women who Pei Zhao asked him to investigate before joining the army. Most of them were sent out of the barracks. Pei Zhao ordered someone to write a picture book. Please tell the storyteller to tell the story of these women joining the army.

On the day of the exam, Wushuang and Feiyuan both gave Su Ci gifts, and Xie Beiming’s parrot couldn’t say the words of teaching, everyone was happy.

The literary test began. Su Ci handed in the paper just after half of the incense stick. The martial arts test began. Su Ci’s first arrow shot very well.

Xiwen tells Pei Zhao that the martial arts test has started, and Pei Zhao said that he will go, Xiwen is worried about the rumors that he will sit down, and Pei Zhao said that he does not need to worry about this.

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