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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 57 Recap

No support, pray and others to find the emperor for help, Bo Lin once again treached. Si Feng questioned Bo Lin, is he really regretful and worthless for what he did to Luo Hou Ji? Bo Lin forced his composure and deliberately changed the subject and said that Si Feng asked him this question whether he was the son of the Emperor of Heaven or As a golden-winged bird demon under the command of the evil star.

Bo Lin told Sifeng that ten thousand years ago, the demon king offered his beloved daughter to show his favor to the emperor, so he gave birth to Sifeng. When the fairy and demon fought, his mother actually returned to the demon clan and went against the heavens. He was the same as his mother, because the evil spirit star had cut off the bones, and now he questioned the emperor of the heavens for the evil spirit star.

Si Fengyi said righteously that the Three Realms had no distinction between high and low. As the emperor of the heavens, he placed the heavens above the human and demon realms. This kind of thinking was originally wrong. Of course, everyone has to seek justice for themselves.

Bolin believed that he created the God of War to give Luo Hou Jidu an opportunity to do good. He did not owe Luo Hou Ji anything, but Si Feng pointedly pointed out that he did it only to control the God of War and make the God of War become. His puppet came to maintain his glory in the heavens, and all he did for the God of War was just for peace of mind.

Bolin reminded Si Feng that Luo Houji was not Xuanji at all, and asked him not to love the house and Wu, and pity Luo Houjidu, but Sifeng thought that Luo Houji was born with Xuanji, and he only needed to help Luo Houji to be happy. Knot, Xuanji will definitely be back.

When he was a human, Xuanji was also emotional, why should he kill her now, but Bo Lin denied that he was moved by Xuanji, and vowed to say that everything he did was for the Three Realms.

Sifeng took advantage of the situation. Since everything he did was for the common people, he should be for the common people and let Luo Houji come to the heavens to resolve his grievances with him alone.

Bo Lin was worried that if Luo Huji all came to the heavens, Luo Huji would take the opportunity to overthrow the heavens. Si Feng made a bet for Bolin. If Luo Huji all came and he really wanted to do that, then he would lose. , He is willing to fall into the Demon Realm together with Luo Houji, and be wiped out together.

But if Bo Lin loses, Si Feng hopes that Bo Lin will publicly apologize to Luo Houji for everything he has done, and from then on, let Luo Houjidu or Xuanji go, and stop appearing in their lives. , Bo Lin thought for a while and made this bet with him.

After Sifeng went back, she explained that Bolin had promised to meet Luo Houji. In order to prevent any accidents, she asked Linglong and Xiaoliuzi to find Wuzhiqi, and Wuzhiqi took them to Kunlun Mountain to find the Emperor. Among the Three Realms now, the only one who can control the situation is the Emperor of Heaven. When Bo Lin sees the Emperor of Heaven, he will surrender his hands.

After arranging all this, Si Feng went to see Luo Hou Jidu and turned into a gold-winged bird, letting Luo Hou Jidu ride on his back and flew to the other side of the Sea of Life and Death.

Brother Liu, Linglong and others found Wuzhiqi. Ruoyu heard that they were going to Kunlun Mountain, and took the initiative to join them. When the water was weak, he took the initiative to pull out the feathers of the gold-winged bird and made a boat. .

Wuqiqi is worthy of being the right envoy of the devil world. The gods guarding Kunlun Mountain are not his opponents, but he accidentally fell into Wu Peng’s way and fell into a dream, thanks to Linglong’s control of Wu Peng. Helped him solve the dream,

Si Feng was carrying Luo Hou Jidu, flying over the Sea of Life and Death, and suddenly heard the call of a phoenix. The phoenix is the king of birds and is born with a golden-winged bird. The call of the phoenix penetrated Sifeng’s internal organs. It made him feel uncomfortable.

Not only that, in front of Tianmen, the Heavenly Soldiers and Generals were already standing by. As soon as Si Feng and Luo Huji appeared, rows of arrows shot over. Seeing that the situation was not good, Si Feng spread his wings to block Luo Huji. In front of both.

After Sifeng was injured, both Luo Houji and Luo Houji fell into the Wangchuan River. In the Wangchuan River, Luo Houji became the God of War again, and recalled her being the God of War.

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