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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 56 Recap

Bo Lin designed to kill Luohou Jidu Sifeng went to heaven to resolve the grievances between the two

During these three days, Si Feng accompanied Luo Hou Jidu, deliberately telling Luo Houji everything about him and Xuanji, including Xuanji’s favorite color, Xuanji’s favorite food and drink, and Xuanji’s Those loved ones.

When talking about this, Si Feng saw Luo Hou Jidu’s expression, and he obviously became more gentle, especially when he talked about the situation where he and Xuanji hang wind chimes together, Luo Hou Jidu’s expression was obviously a little excited. , But when he asked Luo Hou Jidu if he was tempted, Luo Hou Jidu denied it.

When the three-day deadline was up, Luo Houji saw that Sifeng refused to admit defeat, so he pretended that he was Xuanji and tricked Sifeng into telling the whereabouts of the golden-winged bird tribe.

Si Feng discovered that Luo Houji was not Xuanji, so he scolded him for being despicable and shameless. Luo Houji was furious and pinched Sifeng’s neck again, but because Xuanji was constantly struggling in his body, he couldn’t kill him anyway. Si Feng, Xuanji also got rid of Luo Hou Jidu’s control for a while, making Luo Hou Jidu look like Xuanji again.

Si Feng wanted Luo Houji to admit defeat, but Luo Houji thought he did not lose and sealed Sifeng’s meridians. Sifeng was trying to find someone to tell his people to escape, when Teng Snake suddenly came to him. And is willing to run for him.

Tengshe handed Liulizhan and a medicine bottle to Sifeng, and told him that the medicine contained Tianyingcao. He eavesdropped on the conversation between Bo Lin and Suzaku. As long as Luo Hou Jidu’s heart and soul were sealed again, Xuanji would do it. Can be saved.

Bolin also said that as long as a drop of Luo Hou Jidu’s blood is dripped into the glass lamp, Luo Hou Jidu’s heart and soul can be sealed again, and that bottle of Tianying grass juice, if Luo Houji is allowed to drink it, Can make him fall asleep.

Before Teng Snake came to inform, Yuen Long had found the hiding place of the Golden Winged Bird Clan and captured them all. Si Feng pleaded with Luo Hou Ji Du, but Luo Hou Ji turned a deaf ear.

In order to save those tribesmen, Si Feng secretly put the Tianying grass juice into Luo Hou Jidu’s wine. After Luo Hou Jidu fell asleep, Si Feng took out the colored glass cup, but hesitated to put it down again.

Luo Houji all saw Si Feng put down the glaze lamp, and then opened his eyes. It turned out that when Teng Snake came to the Demon Realm, Luo Houji had already noticed him. Luo Houji told Si Feng that this was Bo Lin’s again. Trick, if he did what Teng Snake said just now, then they would be burned to ashes by the golden flames of the sun in the glass cup.

Linglong, the head of Chu and others came to the demon, they called Xuanji’s name, hoping that Luo Houji would become Xuanji and go back with them. Although Luo Huji was angry, but because of the struggle in his body, Xuanji couldn’t harm them in the end. , Just sent them back to Shaoyang Mountain, and gave them the fire in the heart of the earth, let them use it as a barrier, so that he can protect themselves when he destroys the Hongmeng Furnace and reshapes the Three Realms.

From these things, Si Feng had discovered that Xuanji was affecting Luo Hou Jidu, so he persuaded him to let go of his hatred. Luo Houji became Xuanji’s appearance and showed Si Feng the scar on her body and told him Sifeng, all of this is given by Bo Lin.

Luo Hou Jidu and Bo Lin were originally friends with each other, but Bo Lin was poisoned by wine. He dug out his heart, sealed it with a glass lamp, and made a heart for him with a corner of his glass lamp. , To reshape his body into a god of war, to slaughter his family.

After listening to Luo Hou Jidu’s words, Si Feng believed that these were personal grievances between Luo Hou Jidu and Bo Lin, and Luo Houji shouldn’t, so he went to hurt innocent people and offered to go to the heavens to find Bo Lin. To resolve this grievance for him.

Luo Houji didn’t believe that Bo Lin would face him alone, so he agreed with Si Feng that if Si Feng succeeds, she will no longer imprison Xuanjing, and if Si Feng does not have his life to return, then he will kill Bo Lin as Si Feng revenge.

Si Feng flew across the sea of life and death to the heavens. When the soldiers blocked him, Teng Snake pretended to help the heaven soldiers, brought Si Feng into the heavens, and told him where Bolin was.

Seeing Si Feng’s arrival, Bo Lin wanted to trap him with the Zhongtianzhen Ewen, which was specially designed to deal with demons, but was accidentally cracked by Sifeng, because only people in the heavens could unlock the Zhongtianzhen Ewen, Bo Lin In astonishment, he opened his eyes and carefully checked the origin of Si Feng.

It turned out that Sifeng was actually Xi Xuan, the son of the Emperor of Heaven. He was really a golden-winged god bird. He was shaved off because of the imprisoned God of War. For what Bo Lin did, the Emperor of Heaven felt ashamed of the God of War, so he let him Xi Xuan will accompany the God of War in the next term, and then return to the heaven.

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