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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 53 Recap

Chu Xuanji and Yu Sifeng watched that Ganoderma was about to mature, and finally relieved. But the ganoderma suddenly disappeared, and Yuen Long appeared beside them. These are all Yu Sifeng’s use of Xiao Yinhua to make Yu Sifeng hopeless. Chu Xuanji was very angry, but this was not Yuen Long’s real body, and Yu Sifeng told Chu Xuanji to leave him alone. Yu Sifeng said that in addition to her, Chu Xuanji had a father and sister, and they couldn’t do it alone for him.

At this time, Yuen Long said that Yu Sifeng was not hopeless now, as long as he opened the glass cup, Yu Sifeng would not die. Yu Sifeng told Yuen Long not to talk nonsense, but Chu Xuanji believed a little bit. Xiao Yinhua told Yu Sifeng that she didn’t know this was Yuen Long’s plan. Yu Sifeng said that they were no longer masters and servants, and now he just wanted to live in peace with Chu Xuanji. Xiao Yinhua still wanted to follow. Chu Xuanji said that if she followed, she would kill her. Xiao Yinhua was very sad, because she was like this Yu Sifeng.

Chu Xuanji took Yu Sifeng away, and Teng She told her that the four sacred beasts of the heavens had chased her. Chu Xuanji said that I would kill every one of them, and Chu Xuanji let them out. The four sacred beasts in the heavens said that they were all here for Chu Xuanji, as long as Chu Xuanji went back with them. The four sacred beasts and Chu Xuanji are about to fight, and Teng She helps Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji asked Teng Snake not to fight with them, but Teng Snake was unwilling, and Chu Xuanji took it in. Chu Xuanji fought with the Four Saint Beasts , Xiao Yinhua and Ruoyu saw the bloody smoke and wanted to go in and save Yu Sifeng . Ruoyu and Xiao Yinhua entered, but they were injured by the Four Saint Beasts. Chu Xuanji fought with the Four Saint Beasts alone, but he was not Chu Xuanji’s opponent.

Wuzhiqi also rushed over, Xiao Yinhua woke up and went to find Yu Sifeng. Xiao Yinhua was seriously injured, she may be running out of time. Xiao Yinhua slept beside Yu Sifeng, and Ruoyu was holding Xiao Yinhua’s body and wanted to take her to the place where they first met. Yu Sifeng got up, ready to give a little silver flower as a gift. Liu Yihuan’s daughter Yuer was still not found, Wuzhiqi was also very angry. Chu Xuanji asked Ting Nu Yu Sifeng how was it, and Ting Nu said that Yu Sifeng might have been out of help. Chu Xuanji asked him if he opened the glass cup, Yu Sifeng said that he would be saved. Ting Nu said that this is indeed possible, but once the colored glaze cup is turned on and the evil spirit star is resurrected, the world will be in chaos.

Chu Xuanji fed Yu Sifeng soup, and Chu Xuanji said he would get better soon. Yu Sifeng guessed that Chu Xuanji wanted to open the glass cup and wanted to persuade Chu Xuanji, but Chu Xuanji was unwilling to give up Yu Sifeng and told Yu Sifeng that she would definitely defeat the evil star. Yu Sifeng asked Chu Xuanji to promise him that he must not do that, and Chu Xuanji promised that Yu Sifeng would not do that. Chu Xuanji said that she still had to go back to the Shaoyang School because her father’s birthday was approaching. Teng She told Chu Xuanji that he was leaving, and Chu Xuanji asked him why he was leaving suddenly.

Teng She said that he didn’t bother to be his spirit beast, and said a lot of cruel things. Before Teng She left, she told her not to open the glass cup. Wuzhiqi told Chu Xuanji that they should talk about what to do next, and Chu Xuanji told Wuzhiqi that she thought these things should be related. Chu Xuanji decided to open the glass cup so that he could save Sifeng Yu. Yu Sifeng was afraid that Chu Xuanji would be involved, but Chu Xuanji didn’t care about it. They were ready to return to the Shaoyang school and get married. Yu Sifeng took out the eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrows to Chu Xuanji. They remembered the first time that Yu Sifeng drew the eyebrows to Chu Xuanji. Yu Sifeng and Chu Xuan were about to leave. Alan asked Yu Sifeng where he was going and would he come back. Yu Sifeng said he would not come back in the future.

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