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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 24 Recap

If Huan senior sister apprentice, and Qin Yao came to Qin asked the day to discuss his father behead thing tomorrow, Qin said he had asked the day and flat seal a good discussion, and tomorrow outside the prison, hands to save his father, but without If it succeeds, it can only rob the execution ground, but Senior Sister Ruo Huan thinks this may be a conspiracy and asks him todiscusswith Mo Qingcheng . But Qin Wentian and Qin Yao had to insist, and Senior Sister Ruohuan could only go with them.

Mo Qingcheng asked Mo Tianlin to save the Qin family. Mo Tianlin agreed and asked Mo Qingcheng to go with him to see the regent tomorrow. Ye Wuque escorted Qin Chuan to the execution ground in the street. Bai Qiuxue told Bai Qingsong that Qin Chuan asked Qin Chuan today, and then Bai Qiuxue went to the execution ground to send Qin Chuan the last time.

Mo Tianlin and Mo Qingcheng went to meet with the regent in the early morning. First, they said that the sword city barrier was loose, and a King’s Landing banquet will be held next year to select talents. The second was to appeal to the Qin family. When the Qin family was executed, no one in the Ye family could check and balance. The Ye family controlled the military power. Now it has a close relationship with the imperial city guards. The regent is very angry, but he said that he has ordered the Qin family to be executed. Taking it back, Mo Tianlin said he had a way, and the regent agreed to him.

Qin Wentian and others came to rescue Qin Chuan who was escorted by Ye Wuque. After a fight, he discovered that it was a trap. This is not the real Qin Chuan. It is true that Qin Chuan was escorted by Ye Zhan and others on a parade. The crime was Qin. The family was full of private pockets, the Qin family colluded with the dark night clan, and destroyed the Chimiao Sky Wall, and Qin Chuan pleaded guilty.

In the dynasty, Mo Tianlin and Mo Qingcheng said that they wanted to appeal to the Qin family. They said that the Qin family’s corruption case would be decided without evidence, and it was difficult to stop the public, and the Qin family had no reason to destroy the red milled sky wall. The regent withdrew the death sentence.

In the execution ground, Qin Chuan still said that he was guilty and broke the red milled sky wall. The Feng Ping person outside the execution ground found something wrong. Qin Chuan seemed to be under control, his eyes were dull, and he kept repeating that sentence. At this time Qin Yao also came to the execution ground, and Bai Qiuxue also rushed there, but Qin Wentian hadn’t arrived yet.

When the regent wanted to withdraw the death penalty order, Ye Mo said that Qin Wentian had killed Ye Lang, and he was defiant and cruel. But Mo Qingcheng said that Qin Wentian was a member of Jiuhuamen, and the two were arguing. The regent asked them to take a step back. It was the time limit for the banquet. As long as Ye Mo can produce evidence, if no evidence can be produced, Qin Wentian was able to win the top spot, he immediately released Qin Chuan, and the official was restored to his post, but he couldn’t, so he could only continue to imprison Qin Chuan in the imperial city, and then retired.

When the execution was about to be executed, Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng rushed to bring the regent’s decree. With the help of Feng Ping, Qin Wentian released Qin Chuan’s control.

If Huan senior sister apprentice to tell where the music of Qin asked tragedy execution ground of things, Mo Qin told Allure day, who asked, Regent said to the monarchs feast for the period, if ye silent people can not come up with evidence, just ask can win the day If you are the leader of the King’s Landing Banquet, you can release General Qin and reinstate the officer. If not, he will continue to detain General Qin until the truth is found out. Due to the loosening of the Sword City barrier, the King’s Landing Banquet was to be held in advance, and Yi Heng of Xueyun State also agreed. Qin Wentian said that he would surely come out on top.

After Mo Qingcheng and others left Qin Wen’s Kaaba, they said they would save Yi Wuwei trapped in the palace. Ruo Huan asked Qin Yao and Fanle to stay at Jiuhua Gate, and she and Mo Qingcheng dived to save Yi Wuwei. But Qin Yao asked Mo Qingcheng to stay and take care of Qin Wentian. She and Senior Sister Ruohuan went, and Mo Qingcheng agreed.

Yi Wuwei was thinking of a way to leave in the palace, and thought of a way, but there was some risk, so he decided to take a chance. Xiao Lu learns that Qin Yao and Ruo Huan have left Jiuhua Gate and went to the palace to save Qin Yao’s sweetheart, Yi Yi. Xiao Lu was very angry, and let Sikong Mingyue sneak into the palace to kill Yi Wuwei.

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