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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 23 Recap

The flower seeds broke open, and a little sacred beast came out. It was very curious when it saw Qin Wentian lying motionless. It asked Mo Qingcheng who he was. The sacred beast saw Qin Wentian’s injury, and Mo Qingcheng asked it to save Qin. Asking the heavens, the sacred beast agreed, saying that the injury was so serious and the star soul was suppressed, and it might not be able to save it, so you can try. In the dream, Qin Wentian was fighting with the heart demon. In reality, he suddenly vomited blood. The animal found that Qin Wentian’s blood was a treasure.

Mo Qingcheng asked if it could save him. The animal said that he was injured so badly. It may be cured casually. Mo Qingcheng asked what to do. The beast said that his star soul is now dissipated because of the heart demon. He thought he was too injured and could not wake up, but found that he himself did not want to wake up. , I have no way. Mo Qingcheng asked it to make it clear. The animal said that there were two villains in its body fighting. Mo Qingcheng was very anxious and asked it to quickly find a way. The animal said that its heart disease still needs heart medicine. The individual brought him out of the demons.

In the middle of the night, Yi Wuwei came to the palace to visit Emperor Yi . He realized that Emperor Yi’s coma was related to the father and son Yiheng . He wanted to take Huanghuang away. Suddenly the king regent brought people in. The two had a fake greeting, and the king did nothing. The cronies dragged out and killed them, and ordered them to take Yi Wuwei back to the East Palace. Ye Wuque came to Tianlao and asked General Qin whether he was willing to admit the crimes of the Qin family, so that he would be saved from prison and could enjoy his old age. General Qin refused. Ye Wuque said that he had to parade him and beheaded.

Yi Tianjiao said that they fell off the cliff together that day. Since Yi Wuwei was not dead, then Qin Wentian must have not died either. Qin Yao was also rescued. It might not be easy to want his life anymore. The regent reminded Qin Chuan The day of questioning and cutting was approaching, and Yi Tianjiao understood and said to make arrangements immediately. Yi Tianjiao learned that Qin Wentian had returned to Jiuhuamen and said that the day of Qinchuan Wenzhan was their last chance to catch Qin Wentian. Qianqiu said that he would persuade Jiuhuamen to give it to him, and Ye Wuque worried that Qin Chuan would talk nonsense when he was parading. , Qian Qiu took out three silver needles and said that he was not afraid of not pleading guilty

Qin Wentian finally woke up. Mo Qingcheng cried happily. He saw the beast and asked who it was. Mo Qingcheng said it was a little bastard, and the beast said that he was not a bastard. Qin Wentian had a good rest, she took the little beast away.

Qin Wentian was in the yard. Bai Qing saw that he was sad and hugged Qin Wentian as he apologized. Qin Wentian went to see Master and learned that Qin Yao had been brought back by Master, and told Qin Wentian about his heart demon. , Mo Qingcheng told Qin Wentian that Qin Chuan would be slashed tomorrow. Qin Wentian was very anxious. Mo Qingcheng said that he went back to the Mo family to find his father for help. Qin Wentian was very grateful.

Ye Wuque and the others were discussing dealing with the Qin family and dealing with Qin Wentian. Bai Qiuxue was heard by the side. Bai Qiuxue was planning to leave but was discovered. Mo Qingcheng told Qin Yao that Qin Wentian was awake and Qin Chuan was about to be killed. After that, she learned that Yi Wuwei was trapped in the palace and was very anxious. Mo Qingcheng asked her to discuss with Qin Wentian, and she went back to the Mo family to find her father. After Bai Qiuxue had an argument with Ye Wuque, Ye Wuque left.

Qin Wentian and Feng Ping discussed the route of the prison car. Feng Ping said that he would definitely help him. Qin Wentian drank at the top of the Shenbing Pavilion and met the drunk fairy. The two agreed to have time to taste wine and discuss swords together. Very wasteful, and when the eyeliner left, he dismissed everyone. Fanle practiced the Five Dao Talisman. Thinking of the master’s words, he devoted himself to the practice, and finally succeeded. He was very happy, and suddenly found that he could not get out.

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