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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 8 Recap

Zhang Zhizhi was forced to drink second-child drugs, Gu Xiaoling was cheated by debt collection company.

Mr. Lu looked through the bidding documents made by Liu Yang and found that there were many low-level mistakes. He said that he had been giving Liu Yang for a week, and that he would replace him if he failed. After Liu Yang went back, he found Lao Wu, but Lao Wu assigned the job to the intern Wei Yayun. Lao Wu told Wei Yayun that he still wanted to get regular, but Liu Yang asked him to go down first. Old Wu said he would help, but Liu Yang said he should do it himself.

Zhang Zhizhi was helping to set up this children’s party, but Miao Miao’s mother said that Doudou often bullied kindergarten children and asked if he had ADHD. Miao Miao’s mother proposed to let the kindergarten expel him and prepare to write a joint letter with other mothers. They all said that the layout of the exhibition hall was really beautiful this time, and mothers would wear the most beautiful dresses to the party. Miao Miao’s mother asked Zhang Zhizhi to buy a textured dress, and the bag should be changed. Zhang Zhizhi went home and asked if Doudou in Yuwei kindergarten often bullied her classmates.

Yuwei said Doudou likes to harass classmates. Today he threw the kindergarten weeds on Yuwei, and then the kindergarten teacher criticized him, Doudou also apologized to Yuwei. But after a while, she started to harass other students again. Zhang Zhizhi asked Yuwei if everyone hated Doudou. Yuwei said that some hate some and some are not. Because Doudou can learn little animals, Yuwei likes to watch him learn little animals.

Here Liu Yang came back and was still busy with work. Zhang Zhizhi had just put Yuwei to sleep. When she came out, her mother called her to drink medicine and drank the Chinese medicine that could give birth to her son. Zhang Zhizhi didn’t want to drink it. After pushing it, her mother was scalded. Zhang Zhizhi didn’t want to make trouble, and then drank it again.

Zhang Zhizhi kept getting up at night and didn’t sleep well at all. Gu Xiaoling borrowed one hundred thousand from a company because of lack of money, but failed to see the contract clearly. He wrote six thousand repayments per week, and one day overdue is six hundred. Gu Xiaoling couldn’t get the money, and the family was messed up by the debt collection company.

The next day Zhang Zhizhi got up and her mother bought her favorite Xiaolongbao. Just as Zhang Zhizhi thanked her mother, he brought out a bowl of medicine to Zhizhi. Zhizhi said that she had been running the toilet yesterday and didn’t want to drink it anymore. This medicine was used to detoxify them several times. Zhang Zhizhi asked Liu Yang for help, but Liu Yang ignored him at all, and left home after eating hastily.

Zhang Zhizhi had no choice but to drink the medicine. When he arrived at the company, Liu Yang saw Wei Yayun crying, so he went to comfort her and told her that he had spoken so hard yesterday, so that he should not take it seriously, as long as he worked hard and didn’t make low-level mistakes, it would be fine.

Li Siyu and Wang Ziru went to a university to listen to a new energy lecture on membraneless batteries. Li Siyu told Wang Ziru that he and Yuan Huizhong were at war. When they asked if they could go back to the past, Wang Ziru said that everything is possible.

In the lecture, Professor Gao criticized the membrane batteries currently on the market, saying that once his products were launched, those companies would go bankrupt, including Pan Zhiyong’s Emerald. After the end, Li Siyu asked Professor Gao about the membrane battery. Professor Gao was furious and said that he was playing the piano to Niu. At this time, Li Siyu received news that Gu Xiaoling had an accident and left in a hurry. Wang Ziru approached Professor Gao and expressed his interest in his products.

When he arrived at Gu Xiaoling’s house, the debt collection company sent all Gu Xiaoling’s address book friends the news of selling themselves to pay back the money. At this time, the debt collection company came again and forced Gu Xiaoling to find another company to borrow money to pay them back. Zhang Zhizhi told Gu Xiaoling not to do this.

At this time, Li Siyu was in trouble and closed the door and said that he would report and warn them of attempted rape and intentional harm. The person in charge of the debt collection company had to bow his head and confessed his mistake when the situation was wrong, and sent a clarification text message. Li Siyu let them leave.

Li Siyu learned that Gu Xiaoling borrowed 100,000 yuan to participate in art appreciation, and he berated him if he could not take a shortcut. As a result, the two broke up unhappily. Li Siyu still paid back the money for her with a soft heart. As a result, Gu Xiaoling would pay the money by himself, saying that he never wanted to see him again, Li Siyu angrily blacked Gu Xiaoling.

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