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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 7 Recap

Zhang Zhizhi and Gu Xiaoling were both worried about Li Siyu, butneitherLi Siyu nor Chen Yiming answered the phone. Two people came to play a VR shooting game. During the design process, Li Siyu killed Chen Yiming’s teammate. After taking off her glasses, she told Chen Yiming that she could not distinguish between good and bad.

When the two of them were resting, Chen Yiming asked Li Siyu if he was willing to talk. Li Siyu said that he didn’t want to do it anymore and asked Chen Yiming if he would raise her. Chen Yiming said he would, and he would definitely do so. Yiming asked if Siyu would like to say the reason, Li Siyu leaned on Chen Yiming’s shoulder and remained silent.

At this time, Chen Yiming received a call from Mr. Mao from the job-seeking company, asking him to interview now. Chen Yiming said that if he wants to support him, he must have at least a job. I hope Li Siyu can understand him. Gu Xiaoling sent a message to ask if Chen Yiming was with her. Chen Yiming asked Gu Xiaoling to come and accompany her quickly, and then left after sending a position. Li Siyu was alone in VR, squatting on the ground very depressed.

Zhang Zhizhi and Gu Xiaoling came to find Li Siyu, who was drunk. Said that from the beginning of this incident, Sister Yuan thought that overtime reimbursement was too troublesome, so she put it directly in the reimbursement voucher and asked her to sign it. Now she turned her face and refused to recognize anyone. The Supervision Department said that she had falsely reported more than 7,000 in these years and asked her to resign, but Li Siyu quit and said that the police would investigate, and the company and Li Siyu were in a stalemate.

Gu Xiaoling said that Li Siyu must never resign, just like that and consume the company. Li Siyu drank a lot of alcohol at night, and Chen Yiming drove her to pick her home. In the car, Li Siyu asked Chen Yiming what he was talking about at work, but Chen Yiming still did not succeed in the interview. Both of them suffered a major downturn in the workplace, both because the company didn’t talk about feelings and only looked at earnings.

Li Siyu arrived at the office the next day and wanted to find a staff member to prove that their sales department had been reimbursing overtime in this way, but the male colleague said that his public relations expenses were also watery. This is not a self-investment. What else did Li Siyu want to say, when he received the news and told him to go to the Finance Department. When she arrived at the Finance Department, the female colleague asked her to take these false invoices back and fill in a new application procedure for overtime pay, and the matter was over. Li Siyu hadn’t reacted yet, and told him that Mr. Pan had returned to China early. Li Siyu approached Mr. Pan and told him that he had never falsely reported an invoice. Mr. Pan said that she didn’t need to explain and believed that his character would not be for five hundred yuan. Li Siyu was very moved.

Mr. Pan said that this time the dirty water had been blocked by himself, but he would not be able to keep it clean next time. If you don’t want to be splashed with dirty water, you must stand high enough so that no one can splash it. Li Siyu decided to formally compete with Yuan Huizhong for the sales director, and the war between the two was about to start. Li Siyu returned to the office to celebrate with the members of the second group and called to ask where Chen Yiming was.

After seeing him, she told her the good news, saying that she and Yuan Huizhong had completely broken off. Chen Yiming’s job hunting journey is still difficult. He is very concerned about Li Siyu’s body, but because he has no job now, he can’t raise Li Siyu. Li Siyu said that he didn’t need him to raise him, and suddenly the two of them fell silent. Li Siyu couldn’t be out for too long, so he went back as soon as possible. Chen Yiming sat under the company for a long time, when the sky suddenly rained heavily, he had to leave.

Gu Xiaoling watched the exhibition in an exhibition hall, pretending to be very knowledgeable. As a result, Lei Haowen took down the stage several times. When he came out, Lei Haowen’s friend Xiao Ke struck up a conversation with her, but Lei Haowen dragged him away and said that this person was a copy of Rank. Gu Xiaoling left angrily. Liu Yang stayed up late every day to make bidding documents, but the boss found a few low-level mistakes when he flipped it through. He gave Liu Yang two weeks to make corrections, or he would replace them.

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