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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 6 Recap

Chen Yiming went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, but the price of vegetables sold for 12 yuan a catty yesterday was reduced to 10 yuan today. The stall owner said that he had to cut the price because he couldn’t sell them. Chen Yiming was very angry and did not buy vegetables and went home. Chen Yiming, who was preparing to pass the time by cooking at home, suddenly heard the door rang. It turned out that Li Siyu was bringing things to see Chen Yiming.

But before Chen Yiming told her that he was in a meeting, and looking at the dishes on a table, Li Siyu felt that he was not here at the right time. She asked Chen Yiming straightforwardly who made it for her. Chen Yiming honestly said it was made for herself. Li Siyu said that she still lied to her at this time, dare to show her the phone, Chen Yiming remained silent. Li Siyu threw things down and turned around.

Chen Yiming hurriedly chased out and stopped the elevator. He told Li Siyu that he was unemployed. Although it was impossible, it happened. Li Siyu excitedly hugged Chen Yiming and said that it’s great, it’s not just a change of heart but unemployment. Li Siyu returned to Chen Yiming’s home to eat the food he cooked. At this time, Chen Yiming’s cell phone rang, and Li Siyu called him to check it out. The result was that the interview was rejected. Li Siyu comforted him not to be discouraged. Just like courtship, seeking a job requires the right time and place.

The next day Chen Yiming was decadent watching TV at home, and suddenly received a call saying that their chairman was very interested in Chen Yiming’s resume, and scheduled an interview at Nanjing West Road at 3pm. Chen Yiming dressed up and waited for the interviewer to arrive. At 2:50, she was not seen. Li Siyu showed up. She walked over and said that her company had a suitable position. Chen Yiming told her to stop joking. Li Siyu took it. Hand out an offer to Chen Yiming.

After Chen Yiming opened it, he found that it was a letter from the former husband. Li Siyu said that the salary of this job was 0 but there was room for improvement. He would become a husband, father, and grandfather. If he lived long enough, he might also become Zeng Zui. Chen Yiming was moved. Li Siyu said that she also prepared a present for Chen Yiming, which was an encouragement box made by him. Chen Yiming accepted the job and gift, but he decided to take the post with a diamond ring on the day he got the real offer, and the two embraced.

When Liu Yang returned home that day, he found Yu Wei sitting on the ground alone and playing, Zhang Zhizhi went out again with Miao Miao’s mother. He was about to complain about Zhang Zhizhi when he found his mother was coming home. Mother said that Zhang Zhizhi said she was busy, but did not notify him in advance. At this time Zhang Zhizhi also came back. Liu Yang asked him privately why he called his mother over. Zhang Zhizhi said that her mother had taken the initiative to say that her heart was uncomfortable, so she answered the call and asked her mother to come and see the doctor.

Liu Yang said that he knew her thoughts and wanted her mother to come and help take care of Yuwei, so that he could get together with Miaomiao’s mother every day. Zhang Zhizhi said that he also asked Yuwei about this. Zhang Zhizhi accompanied Miao Miao’s mother to purchase supplies. Miao Miao’s mother spent a lot of money saying that this party is not enough for a family of 1,500. If the budget is three thousand, you can invite foreign children’s organizations. Zhang Zhizhi feels that there is no difference between domestic and foreign. Disagree.

A group of members were in a meeting. Yuan Huizhong ignited his son’s routine to ask about his study. After hanging up the phone, the group members said that the second group is working hard now. Several interns are working overtime until 12 o’clock every day. One group said they It’s time to work hard, Yuan Huizhong remembered his brother’s advice, and was ready to kill Li Siyu. The next day Zhang Zhizhi distributed a new brochure at the company. Li Siyu led the second group in a meeting. A colleague came over and said that Fang always looked for Li Siyu. When Li Siyu arrived at the office, the people in the finance department directly took out her meal ticket as evidence of overtime reimbursement, saying that Li Siyu had embezzled public funds to make false claims.

Li Siyu said that the sales department is like this. President Fang left Li Siyu to talk alone, saying that the finance department checked all her accounts and found that the false statement amount was more than 7,000 and the case could be filed. After listening to Li Siyu, he tried to say that he did not have it. She voluntarily left the company and will not be held accountable. Li Siyu said that she would report the case to the police for investigation.

She couldn’t find Yuan Huizhong. It happened that Mr. Pan was out of the country. This was obviously because someone wanted to discredit herself. The company was rumoring that she had corrupted hundreds of thousands, and the police station immediately arrested people. Li Siyu played a video to Chen Yiming and asked him to take himself to vent.

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