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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 5 Recap

Lin Ling signed an order of 500,000 yuan, Chen Yiming was caught by Li Siyu at home

Li Siyu was chatting with Gu Xiaoling and talked about some strange behaviors of Chen Yiming recently, such as seeing customers but not seeing them. He always secretly looks at his mobile phone, or he doesn’t reply to messages during a meeting. Gu Xiaoling said he wouldn’t have a junior outside, right? It was these behaviors before Rank derailed. Li Siyu said Chen Yiming was impossible, and he proposed to himself.

Gu Xiaoling said that it might not be necessary to propose a marriage, it would be a stubborn heart. Some men have a bad heart, and often just see if they show it. At this time, Xiao Jia called to ask the customer for such an offer. Li Siyu said that it was quoted according to the price of the old customer, and then asked her if Lin Ling was leaving. Xiao Jia said that Lin Ling had gone to Yoyotu. Li Siyu was worried, and bid farewell to Gu Xiaoling and arrived at Yoyotu.

It turns out that Yoyo Rabbit Company is preparing for a company event tomorrow. Who knows that the PR company invited is very unreliable and left a bunch of mess and left. Lin Ling said that she would come over and see if she could help. Li Siyu said that she had been fired, and Lin Ling said that she wanted to prove herself. Until then, only Li Siyu was optimistic about her. Li Siyu called to inform Xiao Jia to call the people in the second group to come and help. After hearing this, one of the group asked Yuan Huizhong, why Yoyotu’s project had clearly given himself to Lin Ling’s.

Yuan Huizhong called Li Siyu. Li Siyu said that Lin Ling had been following up on this project. Yuan Huizhong wanted to play an emotional card with her. Li Siyu said that he was doing what Yuan Huizhong taught him. Yuan Huizhong hung up the phone angrily and drove the colleague out. Li Siyu’s arranging manpower began to arrange the scene. The person in charge of Yoyotu came and told him that his company had no plans to buy batteries in the past six months or even a year. However, Li Siyu said that he just came to help, and continued to work.

Chen Yiming kept refreshing his computer at home, but his email did not respond to the interview. He called Lei Haowen and asked him to send an email to himself, but he received it all at once, not because of the mailbox. Chen Yiming asked Lei Haowen to call himself again, and he received it immediately. All of Chen Yiming’s interviews fell silent, and there was no news. In the evening, he was distressed to revise his job application resume. For the final annual salary expectation, it was originally 400,000, and then changed to 300,000. After thinking about it, it became 250,000, but he felt that he was more than this price and changed it back to 30. Wan, Chen Yiming has been entangled here for a long time, unable to make a decision.

Zhang Zhizhi prepared food at home and waited for Liu Yang to return, but Liu Yang had a project to work overtime. Zhang Zhizhi was going to have a meeting with Miao Miao’s mother, and she was worried that Yuwei was at home alone. He called Li Siyu and learned that she was going to be busy until midnight, so she had to find Gu Xiaoling and hand her to her.

When I came to the high-end restaurant last time, Zhang Zhizhi did not order drinks or food. Miao Miao’s mother praised her for her professional planning. Everyone arranged the division of labor for the party and ended today’s meeting. But Zhang Zhizhi only drank a glass of lemonade, still sharing all the expenses. Zhang Zhizhi arrived at Gu Xiaoling’s house but knocked on the door but did not respond. He called and learned that Gu Xiaoling had taken Yuwei out to play. Zhang Zhizhi was stunned when she was cutting Yuwei.

The child put on rich makeup, and even Gu Xiaoling took her to pierce her ears. It turned out that Yuwei had been messing around in Gu Xiaoling’s house for a long time, and Gu Xiaoling decided to take him out to play. Zhang Zhizhi would never put Yuwei in Gu Xiaoling again. After Liu Yang went home, he was very angry when he saw Yuwei’s appearance. He was even more angry when he learned that Zhang Zhizhi had gone to a meeting. He felt that he didn’t need to drink Miao Miao’s mom all the time.

Li Siyu was finally busy decorating the exhibition, and the person in charge of Yoyotu immediately decided to sign an order of 500,000 yuan as a thank you to friends. In order to reward the sales department for the spirit of not giving up on hard work, the company decided to give the sales team a bonus of 20,000 yuan per person, which made the second team happy.

As a result, the family was happy and the family was sad, and Yuan Huizhong became more deeply hostile to Li Siyu. Li Siyu sent a message to Chen Yiming, but Chen Yiming said that he was in a meeting. Li Siyu brought food to Chen Yiming’s home, and found that Chen Yiming was cooking at home and did not know who to entertain. The conflict between the two was on the verge of breaking out.

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