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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 Episode 6 Recap

Long Yue and Li Ke were surrounded by local government officials at the death of the maidservant, just as Wu Jinwei arrived and took over the matter. After returning home, Ju Mu’er was kept at home by her father, preventing her from interfering in the case. Arrested to Longfu to convey the maid’s autopsy result, Long Yue asked Long Fei to invite Ju Muer to the mansion. It turned out that the deceased was still a virgin, and the identity of the child in the secret room was still a mystery. Shi Zechun wanted to hide nothing. know.

Ju Muer came to prison in an attempt to use the secret room of the Shi family to find clues from Uncle Yin’s mouth, but Uncle Yin insisted that he was guilty. All of this was seen by Shu Bo and Yun Qingxian in the dark. To win Shubo’s trust, he promised that if Ju Muer investigates further, he will kill it himself. Ju Muer didn’t know Yun Qingxian’s true face and was unsuspecting when analyzing the case with him. She didn’t know that Yun Qingxian just wanted to listen to the information she found. In fact, she had already hidden murderous intentions against Ju Muer behind her, but she finally thought and the old love failed to start.

Yun Qingxian took the opportunity to deliberately provoke the relationship between the Long Family and her, alluding to the Long Family brothers’ unwillingness to reverse the case for Shi Bo Yin, causing Ju Mu’er to misunderstand him. However, Yun Qingxian participated in the Longteng book in front of the emperor, which caused him to lose the presiding authority, and the uncle Yinfu Criminal Yi fell into his hands. Although Long Teng was suspended, he still thought the case was suspicious. Long Yue had a plan to make a living and decided to release the false news that he had found the son of Master Shi, so as to lure the snake out of the cave. And Ju Muer also planned to visit Teacher Deng again.

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