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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 12 Recap

Lu Jia told Xu Jiaxiu to give him 100 points for his confession. Then he said, 99 points. The last point was deducted. Xu Jiaxiu was afraid that Xu Jiaxiu would be proud. Xu Jiaxiu was very happy. So Xu Jiaxiu planned to take Lu Jia back. Lu Jia said, When I went back to find Dad Lu, Xu Jiaxiu guessed what Dad Lu wanted to ask about the blind date. When Lu Jia came home, Dad Lu asked if Lu Jia had a blind date with Zhao Linzhi and if there was any drama. Lu Jia said no, and Dad Lu said if it was not. Why is there a bunch of flowers? Lu Jia didn’t care about Lu Jia’s problem, but was playing with the flowers he received. Lu Jia thought Lu Jia was irritated.

Lu Jia called Xu Jiaxiu, but Xu Jiaxiu did not answer. After a while, Xu Jiaxiu called Lu Jia and asked Lu Jia to look out the window. Lu Jia saw Xu Jiaxiu waiting for herself outside, so she found a dress. Lu Jia asked how Xu Jiaxiu came, and Xu Jiaxiu said that he just wanted to come and see her. Lu Jia was very happy, so Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu went to the campus together. Xu Jiaxiu wanted to hold Lu Jia’s hand. Lu Jia said that this is a school. Then the two let go. Xu Jiaxiu said that he wanted to send Lu Jia back to the company tomorrow. Lu Jia said, “No, because there were regulations prohibiting office romances. Lu Jia also asked if he would quit himself if he said that he had made a relationship public.

Then Xu Jiaxiu said no. The next day, Xu Jiaxiu sent Lu Jia back to the company and ran into Jennis halfway. After that, Lu Jia pretended to have a backache, and went back to the company with Jennis. Xu Jiaxiu called Lu Jia to the office and pulled the curtains. When they got up, everyone thought that Lu Jia would have something to do. Then Xu Jiaxiu asked Lu Jia to sit down and said to Lu Jia that her acting skills were good. Lu Jia said that it was. Then the two wanted to kiss, but they didn’t expect Ye Angtong to suddenly open the door and come in. Keeping a distance, Ye Angqi picked up the buns on the table and ate them.

Ye Angjun said that he had no inspiration right now, so Xu Jiaxiu asked Ye Angjun to go back to find inspiration. After Ye Angjun left, Xu Jiaxiu and Lu Jia hugged each other. After a while, everyone was in a meeting to express their views on the new project. After a while, Lu Jia reminded Xu Jiaxiu that it was almost six o’clock, and after six o’clock it was overtime. According to the regulations, the boss should invite everyone to dinner. Then Xu Jiaxiu asked everyone what they wanted to eat, and some wanted steak. Lu Jia sent Xu Jiaxiu WeChat and said He wanted to eat hot pot, so Xu Jiaxiu told everyone that this meal was paid for by himself, and naturally he had to listen to him. So Xu Jiaxiu took everyone to eat hot pot. Everyone went to the hot pot restaurant and saw the last photo of Lu Jia’s pro-Xu Jiaxiu. My sweetheart found that Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu were not right.

After a while, Dad Lu and Aunt Jiang also came to the hot pot restaurant, but Dad Lu saw Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu. Dad Lu and Aunt Jiang left the hot pot restaurant. After eating together, my girlfriend asked Lu Jia sweetly if he was with Xu Jiaxiu. Together, how long have you been together? Lu Jia was very shy, saying that Xu Jiaxiu and Lu Jia went home together after not being together for long. The next day, Lu Jia woke up, Lu Jia’s father sent a message to Lu Jia about meeting at the cemetery, so Lu Jia went out and went to see her mother with Lu Jia, Xu Jiaxiu also came, and said to Lu Jia that he was looking for Lu Jia At the meeting, Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu left.

The coffee shop where Janice and his colleagues went to see if there are tooth marks on the left or right hand of the little brother in the coffee shop. If there are tooth marks, it must be his first love. Janice asked the two colleagues how In order for the little brother to roll up his sleeves so that he can see if there are teeth, Janice thought of a way, that is, let the little brother wipe the floor, so that he can see if there are tooth marks on his hands, but the little brother A bandage was wrapped around his hand because he had been burned before. In the car, Lu Jia asked Xu Jiaxiu whether a man’s true love was only one time. Xu Jiaxiu said yes. Lu Jia was not happy. Xu Jiaxiu asked if Lu Jia was thirsty. Lu Jia did not answer. Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu went to the store to drink, Lu Jia went first Looking for a location, Xu Jiaxiu went to get a drink.

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