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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 Episode 11 Recap

Grandma was about to leave Xu Jiaxiu’s home. Janis and Lu Jia came to see her off. Grandma said that she had forgotten a pair of glasses on the table, so Janis went back to help grandma get it. After Janis left, grandma asked What does Lu Jia think of Xu Jiaxiu? Lu Jia said that Xu Jiaxiu was handsome and filial. Then her grandmother asked Lu Jia if she liked Xu Jiaxiu. Lu Jia was embarrassed at first, and then her grandma was about to leave. Lu Jia said that she liked him, so she gave him a picture. There was a piece of crab paper for Lu Jia, who got in the car and left.

After a while, there was a power outage in Lu Jia’s house. Lu Jia was very scared. So he called Xu Jiaxiu. Xu Jiaxiu changed. Lu Jia gave Xu Jiaxiu all the crabs. Xu Jiaxiu liked to eat. When he was free, the two kissed. Xu Jiaxiu thought that Lu Lu Jia felt very shy when she drank too much. Lu Jia went back to bed, looking helpless, turning over and over again. The next day, Lu Jia returned to the company. Xu Jiaxiu looked cold. Lu Jia took the crab to the company and shared it with everyone. Xu Jiaxiu also came. Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu were in the elevator.

Lu Jia apologized to Xu Jiaxiu for what happened last night. Xu Jiaxiu thought that Lu Jia treated feelings as a child’s play. Later, Lu Jia stopped Xu Jiaxiu and told Xu Jiaxiu that he liked him in high school, but thought he was already I let him go, but I didn’t expect to meet Xu Jiaxiu after so many years. I still couldn’t let it go. So he confessed to Xu Jiaxiu, but Xu Jiaxiu told Lu Jia that the girl should be more reserved, so he entered the house. Lu Jia felt very Sad, feeling rejected, Lu Jia went to sing with his girlfriends at night.

While Lu Jia was singing, Lu Jia’s father called Lu Jia and said that her second aunt had introduced Lu Jia to a blind date, but Lu Jia said she would not go, and then her girlfriend grabbed the phone and asked Lu Jia’s father to send the time and place. Lu Jia said that he did not want to go, and then his best friend said that he could not hang himself on a tree, so Lu Jia decided to go on a blind date. Xu Jiaxiu was very excited at home because Lu Jia confessed to him. The next day, Lu Jia met with the man introduced by the second aunt. Xu Jiaxiu was already dressed up and went to find Lu Jia, but Janice said that Lu Jia went out early in the morning. Xu Jiaxiu asked where he went, Janice said Lu Jia went on a blind date, and Xu Jiaxiu was very anxious, so he hurried to find Lu Jia by car.

At this time, Lu Jia and the man were playing in the playground. Xu Jiaxiu also arrived at the playground. Xu Jiaxiu called Lu Jia, but Lu Jia did not answer. Xu Jiaxiu kept calling, and Xu Jiaxiu found Lu Jia. Xu Jiaxiu said to Lu Jia that she dared to hang up her phone again. Lu Jia wanted to leave, but Xu Jiaxiu held Lu Jia and the man also came. Zhao Linzhi didn’t know what Xu Jiaxiu wanted to do. Then Zhao Linzhi asked if Xu Jiaxiu would be with him. The girlfriend came out, Xu Jiaxiu said yes, but she came out early, and then Zhao Linzhi asked if he didn’t call his girlfriend? Xu Jiaxiu said he had called, but he never answered. Then Xu Jiaxiu said that Lu Jia was his girlfriend. Zhao Linzhi understood that he gave the flowers to Lu Jia and left.

After Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu understood each other’s minds, Xu Jiaxiu took Lu Jia to play entertainment projects. Lu Jia was very happy. Did Lu Jia tell Xu Jiaxiu that he owed himself a confession? Then Xu Jiaxiu confessed to Lu Jia. After a while, Xu Jiaxiu went to the flower shop to buy flowers for Lu Jia. Lu Jia was very happy. At this time, Xu Jiaxiu’s mobile phone was out of power, so Xu Jiaxiu planned to swipe his card, but Xu Jiaxiu didn’t bring his credit card. After a while, Xu Jiaxiu told Lu Jia that he didn’t have a wallet. So Lu Jia paid for it himself. After Lu Jia asked Xu Jiaxiu to pay for himself with the profit, Lu Jia and Xu Jiaxiu got in the car for a while. Lu Jia told Xu Jiaxiu that Xu Jiaxiu had bought it with a crab. Xu Jiaxiu said no, Lu Jia Taking out the crab and the child from the grandmother’s flower, Xu Jiaxiu said that grandmother meant that if a person took a step towards him, then he would walk 99 steps towards him. Lu Jia was very shy.

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