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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 4 Recap

Li Siyu took Lin Ling in the group, and Chen Yiming failed to find a job

Zhang Zhizhi rushed to the hospital, and Yuwei was no longer in serious trouble. She asked Liu Yang what was going on. Liu Yang said that she was working, and Yuwei said she wanted to drink milk, but Liu Yang asked her to open the refrigerator and take out the chocolate. The chocolate contained peanuts, so Yuwei became allergic after eating it. Zhang Zhizhi asked him why he didn’t take good care of himself, but Liu Yang asked Zhang Zhizhi why he didn’t take care of Yuwei. Zhang Zhizhi said that she was going to have a meeting, and Liu Yang laughed at her tossing about her job.

At this time, Liu Yang’s mother called and said that she had sent the traditional Chinese medicine for Nuan Gong from home. The daughter-in-law of the next door took the medicine and gave birth to two fat boys. Zhang Zhizhi told Liu Yang that they would not have a second child and let Liu Yang Tell your mother clearly, Liu Yang said that his mother’s key is not his mother if he listens to him.

Gu Xiaoling lost his rich second-generation boyfriend, Ranke, still desperate to face, took a rose in the flower shop and sent it to Moments to ask who gave the flower. In fact, she is a waiter in a high-end restaurant. As a result, the restaurant is currently in a recession and has launched a lot of cheap set meals. Even the waiters like them have dropped their prices. Zhang Zhizhi found Li Siyu and said that he had a plan on hand and wanted to ask her to help. Li Siyu said that she would send it to Yiming later, and he did this professionally. On the road, I ran into Lin Ling, who had just been fired. Zhang Zhizhi said that her father seemed to have found lung cancer and was in a hurry for money. Li Siyu made a big decision to stay Lin Ling in his group, but Yuan Huizhong would be sensitive to the current Li Siyu.

She thinks that the employees who were fired from her own subordinates were retrieved by Li Siyu again. This was a blatant struggle with herself, and Mr. Pan also opposed her retrieving Lin Ling. Lin Ling did not sign an order for three months, indicating that she was totally unsuitable for sales. Li Siyu said to give her a month and let her leave if she can’t sign an order. Pan said that the company only needs efficiency and money, not feelings. Li Siyu was very entangled. At this time, Zhang Zhizhi came to urge her to help change the plan. Li Siyu called Chen Yiming but did not answer WeChat and decided to go to his company to find him.

At this time, Chen Yiming was preparing for an interview. The interviewer believed that he was born in the 1980s and did not meet their company’s employment standards. Their products were all for the post-90s generation. Then he criticized Chen Yiming’s Qingyun plan before, and Chen Yiming was disappointed. ‘S left. At this time, he saw Li Siyu’s WeChat message and learned that she was going to the company to find herself. He drove quickly to a restaurant, found a location that had not been cleaned up, and pretended to have just finished talking with the customer service. Li Siyu came to her and said that Zhang Zhizhi needed this plan very much and asked him to correct it for himself in the afternoon. This was related to Yuwei’s future.

Gu Xiaoling ran into Lei Haowen on the road, saying that it was not easy to take a taxi in the downtown area and reluctantly agreed to get in Lei Haowen’s car. Lei Haowen had been pretending to be a rich man in the car, which made Gu Xiaoling very upset. After she learned that Lei Haowen was Chen Yiming’s good friend, she decided to leave him a complete body. She straightforwardly told Lei Haowen that the biggest difference between him and the rich second generation was that he had no money. Lei Haowen said that she could not be so superficial, and that she would miss a lot of people just by using money to measure a person like this. Gu Xiaoling said that she was such a person, she liked to make friends with the rich second generation, and got off the car angrily.

Returning to the company, Li Siyu decided to take Lin Ling to Yoyotu’s company, but Yuan Huizhong called out. Yuan Huizhong asked her to drive Lin Ling away, saying that she had promised to run with herself, and now she was slapping herself in the face. The two broke up. Li Siyu went back to the office and considered it for a long time before letting Lin Ling go to the personnel department to leave. Chen Yiming’s interview was eliminated again, and Li Siyu sadly called him, but Chen Yiming said that he was seeing a client and the process was not going well, so Li Siyu hung up. When I arrived at the place where Gu Xiaoling worked, I told her that Chen Yiming was abnormal recently. After listening to Gu Xiaoling, he said that Ranke had the same performance before derailing. Li Siyu said that it was impossible, in fact, he had doubts in his heart.

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