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To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己 Episode 3 Recap

Rank and Li Siyu went to Liang 4s shop to discuss compensation. Li Siyu did a lot of preparations for auto repair. When she got to 4s shop, she directly crossed out some unnecessary warranty costs. The person in charge of 4s shop asked who told him that, he Said it is Master Zhong, Master Liang, Master Zeng, the Big Three with the best car repair skills. The person in charge called the masters over and asked them if they said this. The masters said that this lady is knowledgeable at first glance, and is she not friends with them? Li Siyu said that he made up his own identity set master, and that Li Siyu applied for a card at his company, and the working hours were discounted.

They cut hundreds of thousands of them. Here, Gu Xiaoling found the Hermès store and was going to sell her own bag. At this time, Wang Ziru said that her car was insured, and she was only responsible for the money. Li Siyu sent a message to them that the matter had been resolved, Gu Xiaoling decided not to sell the bag, and changed hands and said that he would put it in Li Siyu’s place as a mortgage. When the money was enough, he would redeem it. Li Siyu said that he could not support this ancestor, so let Gu Xiaoling take it back.

Chen Yiming found the person in charge of the company who wanted to hire him before. As a result, other people said that the company had been shrinking in the past two years in the recession. He really couldn’t find him again. A friend who was suitable for the company would introduce him to him. Li Siyu resolved the insurance issue and had dinner with Chen Yiming in the restaurant. Li Siyu said that Wang Ziru’s car was insured and he did not allow himself to compensate. But Li Siyu said that he couldn’t get the money all at once. Yiming said that this was not good, and asked Siyu to call Ziru and talk about it tomorrow. Wang Ziru said that the compensation is enough, and they decided to send him a message when he had a meal.

Yuan Huizhong called and said that Li Siyu had decided to accompany him on the run this time, but the other side said that he had only verbally agreed that there would be no written evidence in black and white. There was a response in the Yuan Hui Center, and I found Li Siyu and said that she was unwell in the afternoon, but there was a customer in Ningbo who needed to sign a contract. Li Siyu said that she would sign the contract for him, and Yuan Huizhong had already booked the ticket for her.

Li Siyu went to Ningbo to sign the contract smoothly, and Chen Yiming went to interview another company here. The person in charge of the company spoke more directly, saying that his age and salary are not very compatible now, and his annual salary is only about 200,000 yuan. Chen Yiming was very disappointed. At this time, he received a happy call from Li Siyu that he signed the contract smoothly, but Chen Yiming said that he In the coffee shop near the company, he sounded unhappy in his tone. Li Siyu said that he would be back in the afternoon.

Li Siyu and Wang Ziru met for dinner and said that they were very entangled in whether to compete for the sales director. I would be sorry for Mr. Pan’s training if I didn’t compete, and I would be sorry for the training of Yuan Huizhong if I compete. Wang Ziru suggested that he toss a coin to make a decision. The result was that he didn’t want to compete. Li Siyu was disappointed when he saw the result. At this time, Wang Ziru asked him to follow his own heart to decide. Li Siyu finally decided to compete for the position of sales director.

Zhang Zhizhi made a meal at home, and then went to eat with Miao Miao’s mother and the others in a fine dining restaurant. Zhang Zhizhi offered to make a plan by herself. At this time, Liu Yang called him. Miao Miao’s mother said that she used to be the CEO and she didn’t like other people in meetings to answer the phone. Zhang Zhizhi hung up. Zhang Zhizhi ordered a glass of soda, but in the end it spread out and paid more than 300.

Zhang Zhizhi walked down the road and gave Liu Yang a message back, saying that he had just been in a meeting, but Liu Yang said that he was in the hospital and that Yuwei was allergic. After dinner, Li Siyu and Chen Yiming went for a walk and went back to chat. Chen Yiming said that she would tell herself wherever she went in the future and don’t worry about it.

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